The Fastest Rising Boys' Names of the Year

May 6th 2016

Parents look for fresh baby name ideas wherever they can find them, and this year's hottest rising boys' names come from all over the pop culture map. There is a trend, though…see what leaps out at you in the top risers:

#1: Jonael. This name was statistically nonexistent until 2015, when 11-year-old Jonael Santiago won the Telemundo singing competition La Voz Kids ("The Voice Kids"). A little guy with a big personality, Santiago launched the name Jonael (JOH-na-EHL) all the way into the top 1,000.

Image via John Parra/Telemundo/Getty Images

#2: Matteo. This Italian form of Matthew had already been rising steadily, and the Spanish spelling Mateo even faster. Then in 2015, Univision tv host Alejandra Espinoza welcomed a son named Matteo with two t's. Now both spellings are red-hot, especially with Spanish-speaking families.

#3: Riaan. Bollywood stars Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza welcome their first child Riaan just before the start of the year. The name comes from Sanskrit roots meaning "little king."

#4: Adriel. This biblical name, like many -iel names, has been a growing favorite of Latino families. It grew even faster this year, thanks in part to singer Adriel Favela.

#5: Kyrie. The name of NBA star Kyrie Irving has risen year by year along with his basketball career. For non-hoops fans, it's prounced KIY-ree – not KEE-ree-ay, like the Kyrie eleison prayer.

#6: Killian. We tabbed this Irish saint's name as one of our "8 TV Characters Sparking New Baby Name Trends." Killian "Captain Hook" Jones is a pirate made good on the series Once Upon a Time.

#7: Mateo. See #2 above.

That's one culturally diverse set of names, but they all have one thing in common: double vowels. In particular, a pair of consecutive vowel sounds with no consonants in-between looks like the hottest new trend of the year. It's a logical step in the growing dominance of vowels in American baby names. Maybe it's time to update the nursery rhyme: Old MacDonald had a baby, eieio?


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