The Fastest-Rising Girls' Names of The Year

May 12th 2017

The fastest-rising girls' names of 2016 all sat at the intersection of celebrity and style. They were sparked by famous connections, but they're also perfect fits with the kinds of name sounds parents were already looking for.

#1. Kehlani
The singer Kehlani placed three singles high on the R&B charts in 2016. With her cross-genre musical style, multiethnic background, and eye-catching look heavy on tattoos and piercings, she makes a statement as a baby-name style setter.

But as always, celebrity-driven baby names are as much about name as fame. Three-syllable names ending in -ani are soaring. The #1 fastest riser outside the top 1000 was Yurani (a telenovela character). Meilani was one of last year's fastest risers. And consider, too, how much Kehlani resembles this year's fastest-rising boy's name. Follow the sound.

#2. Adaline
Last year's #1 fastest riser is proving it's a legitimate phenomenon. Boosted by the film "The Age of Adaline," this sweet old-timer is officially back. The spelling Adeline (see #4 below) overtook Madeline in popularity for the first time this year.

#3. Royalty
The name of a daughter of singer Chris Brown, Royalty is just one of a bumper crop of exalted word names climbing the charts. From Amazing to Zeus, any name that puts the baby on a pedestal is a likely hit.

#4. Adeline
(see Adaline above)

#5. Aviana
#6. Avianna

Actress Amy Adams named her daughter Aviana, inspired by the Aviano Air Base in Italy where she lived as a child. It doesn't take a personal connection to see the name's appeal, though. In December when we highlighted Aviana & Avianna as new names to watch for, we said: "With the names Ava, Arianna and Viviana all fresh hits, this name was just begging to happen."

…and the rest of the top 10:

#7. Remi

#8. Ariah

#9. Ophelia



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