The Most Popular Baby Names in America for 2016

May 12th 2017

Meet America's new top names!

The Social Security Administration has released the official rankings of the most popular baby names of 2016. The top of the charts remains unchanged: Noah is the country's #1 choice for boys, and Emma returns as #1 for girls.

The big newcomer in the top 10 is Elijah, which bumped Alexander out of the top 10 for the first time in a decade. That exchange highlights the increasingly smooth sound of today's boys' names, and the dominance of Old Testament names among tradition-minded parents.


The new top 10 baby names in America: 

1  Noah  Emma
2  Liam  Olivia
3  William  Ava 
4  Mason  Sophia 
5  James  Isabella
6  Benjamin              Mia
7  Jacob  Charlotte
8  Michael        Abigail
9  Elijah  Emily
10  Ethan  Harper


As always, the top 10 is just the beginning of the name news. Check out the full top 1,000 name lists (with last year's ranks for comparison). I'll also be reporting on the fastest risers and fallers, surprising pop culture name phenomena and more. Follow here and on Twitter:


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