11 Families Share Sweet Stories of How they Named their Babies

Oct 15th 2018

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It's not a secret that many of today's parents are choosing to steer away from tradition when it comes to naming their baby. But does that mean that the newest generation have little to no meaning behind their names? We don't think so!

Parents have shared the cute, inspiring, and personal connections behind their name choices in our Namipedia. Here are 11 sweet name stories that have us sharing a collective "awww!"

"I named my 3 year old Juliette after my very best friend. My friend, Julianna, and I have been friends since the age of one and we lived next door to each other up until high school. Ever since grade 2 she went by 'Jules' and when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd girl we knew we wanted to honor her. We did not want them to have the same name because she now lives a few streets away and we hang out multiple times a week. So we went with Juliette and we call her Jules just like my best friend."

"During my parents' honeymoon at a lake cabin, they watched the sun come up over the mist on the lake and decided to name their first daughter (my older sister) Misty. I always thought her name was very sweet and romantic because of the beautiful story attached to it."

"My favorite book as a child was The Boxcar Children. I like literary references in names, but I don't really want to use the children's first names (Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny-either nicknames, or I already know young children with the names Henry and Violet). However, their surname is a more subtle nod to all of them; it feels very grandfather-ly and bookish to me."

"In 1948 Mom and Dad named me Evanne by combining the name of my maternal grandmother 'Eva' with my paternal grandmother 'Anne' to form 'Eva-Anne' or Evanne. Evidently a few new parents from my hometown, Seymour, Indiana, liked my name, and so, named their daughters Evanne, a compliment to Mom and Dad's creative naming!"

"I have a daughter named Halyn and her sister's name is Nylah. Halyn is Nylah spelled backwards so both names are the mirror image of eachother."

"I named my son Banjo (born 2012). His father and I decided on the name before he was even conceived because I am a banjo player and his father is a drummer. We are both great lovers of music and both enjoy the newer styles of bluegrass and bands like The Avett Brothers, who use a banjo a great deal in their songs."

"We named our son (b. 2012) Felix, and people keep telling us that they weren't so sure about it when we announced it, but that it's the perfect name for our smiley, friendly little guy. Then we tell them we picked it because it means happiness! It's turned out to be the perfect choice for our family."

"My husband and I always liked the name Bailey. He is a huge fan of the Chesapeake Bay and is a saltwater fisherman. He came up with the spelling on his own because he liked how it had 'Bay' in it and I thought it was sweet."

"I named my son Seneca after looking through a genealogy book from my mother's side of the family. There were several generations of male Senecas. In fact, in the mid to late 1800s, it was popular to name your child after famous Romans. I love the name, though most have never heard it, I know it's historic, not new and trendy!"

"I have a daughter named Delphine! :) I love its soft and tailored sound, and French vibe. I also love that its roots go back to Ancient Greece and Delphi, the place the ancient Greeks believed to be the birthplace of the world. The flower connection with delphiniums is fun. We live by (and love) the beach, so the connection to dolphins works for me too."

"My husband and I named our third child Ceili (with the traditional accents over the 'e' and second 'i') after one of our favorite memories. We were vacationing in Ireland on the lonely Dingle Peninsula at dusk, when we came across two hitchhiking girls. It turned out that they were delightful college-aged girls who were on the peninsula to study. They were trying to get to Dingle Town to a pub in order to attend a ceili, a big folkdance party--and they invited us! That night turned out to be one of the most fun nights we've ever experienced. The ceili was amazing, such a blast! Ceili reminded us of that wonderful night we spent in Ireland on the Dingle Peninsula."


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