Alternatives to the New Hit Baby Names

Nov 1st 2018

You love the name—but it's "taken."

It's an all-too familiar feeling for expectant parents. Perhaps your sister-in-law just named her baby Penelope, the very name you'd picked out for a future daughter. Perhaps you've always planned to name a son Oliver, but now that Oliver's a top-10 nationwide hit, you're afraid it will make too common a pairing with your surname Jones. Whatever your definition of "taken," you're in the market for alternatives. What other names could capture the same feeling and style that you love?

We have potential answers, for two dozen of America's hottest names. Three years ago we rounded up uncommon alternatives to match the top 25 names for boys and girls. Our new list features names that have risen into popularity since then, and ramps up to four suggested alternatives per name. Each of the suggestions is less than one third as popular as the original name, so you should be able to find an option you can make your own.

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Alice:  Beatrice, Edith, Willa, Helen

Aurora:  Ariela, Linnea, Ariadne, Seraphina

Camila:  Valeria, Lucia, Cecilia, Corina

Eleanor:  Marion, Louisa, Harriet, Rosalind

Everly:  Waverly, Bellamy, Ellington, Verity

Hazel:  Astrid, Opal, Beatrix, Maeve

Luna:  Lyra, Rhea, Juno, Anya

Naomi:  Sarai, Ione, Miriam, Liora

Nora:  Lena, Nola, Rose, Ada

Paisley:  Oakley, Landry, Raelyn, Briley

Penelope:  Calliope, Elodie, Clementine, Persephone

Willow:  Marlowe, Ember, Juneau, Sparrow



Axel:  Ajax, Maxim, Magnus, Aidric

Bryson:  Lawson, Bowen, Princeton, Kason

Grayson:  Paxton, Colson, Carver, Sutton

Julian:  Quentin, Raphael, Lucian, Simeon

Leo:  Milo, Hugo, Rex, Arlo

Levi:  Judah, Boaz, Tobias, Cyrus

Lincoln:  Edison, Porter, Shepard, Paxton

Mateo:  Tadeo, Nico, Dante, Emilio

Maverick:  Remington, Deacon, Ranger, Broderick

Oliver:  Jasper, Felix, Julius, Everett

Theodore:  Bartholomew, Frederick, Benedict, Augustus

Wyatt:  Walker, Beckett, Bowman, Cabot




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