Aaron Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: A-rən (key)

Origin of the name Aaron:

Derived from the Hebrew aharōn (the exalted one). Aaron was the elder brother and spokesman of Moses, who suffered from a speech impediment, as well as the first high priest of the Hebrews.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Aron, Arron

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Comments and insights on the name Aaron

My Grandpa was called Aaron Cliffton. He is my hero! He was the sweetest, bravest, strongest man I have ever met and I am proud to have had him as my grandpa! He died a month before my nephew was born, he was given Aaron as his middle name after his great grandpa, which I think is a kind tribute! My nephew know all about being named after his great grandpa and is extremely proud to be named after him!

My husband's name is Aaron and I love it because my name is also Erin. The one thing we knew forsure was that our kids would ot be named after us.

My husband's name is Aaron and I love it. It is a name that was good for a young man and I think it will age well with him. It is strong, friendly, smart. The only thing I really don't like about the name is the fact it is so common.

my best friend in the whole entire world during high school was named Aaron! I really do think it is a great names as it can fit just about any person. my friend was lanky and funny and quiet at times but totally insane! where as a boy i went to church with was strong and athletic and completely gorgeousss.
Aaron is such a great, strong name. I was going to name my son Aaron, but then my husband and I decided to call him Arran, after the Scottish island. There are so many forms and meaning of this name...hebrew/arabic "exalted one"....and then south east asian, I believe Aryn or Aran means "colours before the sunrise"....then, our little island dweller/sleeping warrior, for the scottish island, Arran!

We always say the name "Ah-Run"...it confuses me that some people tend to sae "EAR-un".....?

it's actually my bf's name and I had a friend who was a girl who had it spelled like this for a while til she changed it to Erin. Pronounced Air-Rin. It's also a very common name, I hear it and see it everywhere.

I wanted to call one of my twins Aaron - but my husband wouldn't let me as we named the other twin "Carter"! haha. "Aaron (&) Carter" We ended up calling the twins "Bentley & Carter" but eventually 2 kids later I convinced my husband to let me name our 3rd son - but we conprimised and spelt it "Aaran" lol

Anora contains the same letters as Aaron.

Personal experiences with the name Aaron

In Southern California, where I am from, the names "Aaron" and "Erin" are pronounced the same, so clarification of gender is often needed. I'm told this is not true everywhere in the States.

I'm from Texas and they are pronounced the same way here too, drives my husband crazy I say it the same as Erin..(He is from Louisiana and evern his momma says it the same) *note* I'm pretty sure everyone in Louisiana says Erin and Aaron the same

In scotland Aaron can be pronounced too many ways! "Air-on" is a way which I see very rarely anywhere but scotland. "ah-run" "air-in" "air-un".... lots.. Erin is always pronounced as "Err-in"

I'm from Manchester, UK. At school all the boys with this name pronounced it "AH-run" but my cousin who is half-Turkish pronounces it "AIR-un".

I'm from Long Island, New York and I have heard Aaron pronounced both as "A-rin" and "AIR-in". We pronounce Erin "ERR-in". However, I still need gender clarification when I hear the name Aaron because I actually know a little girl named Arin (pronounced "A-rin" or "AIR-in" too) who was named after her grandfather.

My name is Aaron and while I like my name it drives me crazy to have to clarify my gender. It's also very annoying when I get the female spelling (Erin). I started spelling it Aron in 1996 when I was in high school.

Nicknames for Aaron

Aar, Aro, Arnie, Airhead, Arab, Ron, Ronny, Ronald, Ro, Ar, Air, AP, Apey, Ape-ey

Meanings and history of the name Aaron

Messenger (Hebrew).

From the Old Testament, Aaron is Moses' older brother - and did the talking for Moses to Pharaoh, meaning mountain and great strength.

Mountain and enlightened (Hebrew)

Famous real-life people named Aaron

Aaron Eckhart, American actor
Aaron Copland, 20th c. American composer
Aaron Burr, third US Vice President (under Jefferson)
Aaron Neville, American singer
Aaron Spelling, American TV producer
Aaron Montgomery Ward, American businessman
Aaron, brother of Moses, Biblical figure
Aaron Dismuke, American voice actor
Aaron Montgomery Ward, American businessman
Aaron Stern, American musician
Aaron Spelling, American film and television producer
Aaron Rodgers, American football player
Aaron Solowoniuk, member of band Billy Talent
Aaron Morris, Welsh soccer player
Aaron Poreda, American major league baseball player
Aaron Parchem, American figure skater
Aaron Miller, retired American ice hockey player
Aaron Klug, English chemist and astrophysicist
Aaron Lewis, American singer; member of band Staind
Aaron Gillespie, American drummer/vocalist of UnderOath
Aaron Boone, American baseball player
Aaron Carter, American bubblegum pop singer & dancer in the early 2000's
Aaron Paul, World famous American actor who portrays 'Jesse Pinkman' in Amc's hit TV series 'Breaking Bad'
Aaron Prosser, Nationally Recognized Lacrosse Player from Drexel University
Aaron Harrison-American basketball player
Aaron Ramsey, Welsh midfielder for Arsenal FC.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, English stage, television, and film actor.
Aaron Tveit, stage and television actor.

Aaron in song, story & screen

TV character Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner on "Criminal Minds" (a smart, somewhat authoritarian, leader)
Aaron Burnett is main character in the book series "The Medallion of Franzek" by the Argentine writer Canela Lopez Fassón
Aaron Stack, alias of Machine Man in Marvel comics
"Primal Fear" character Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton)
Aaron Littleton, Claire's baby on the TV series "Lost"

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