Aiden Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: AY-din (key)

Origin of the name Aidan:

Anglicized form of the Irish Aodhan (little fiery one).

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Related Names:

Aaden, Aden, Aidan, Aydan, Ayden

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Comments and insights on the name Aiden

Note that the traditional spelling is Aidan.

I don't know which spelling is more traditional, but I do know that Aiden is #15 on the Social Security baby names list to Aidan's #59.

The name Aiden is #7 on the list of top 100 cool baby boy names in the baby name book "Cool Names" by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz.

This name is extremely popular with its various spellings. Aiden is #15(15,411 babies in the US) on the Social Security baby name list of 2008, Aidan is #59 (7,628 babies), Ayden is #91 (5,010 babies), Aden is #254 (1,368 babies), Adan is #299 (1,101 babies), Aydan is #567 (451 babies), Aydin is #627 (387 babies), and Aidyn is #699 (332 babies). Those were all the spellings I could think of that showed up. If you add them together that's 30,688 babies. The #1 name of Jacob was only given to 22,272 babies. Of course, no alternate spellings are added together on the SSA list so this is probably the case with multiple names on both the boy's and girl's side. This is the only one I've checked though because I saw that Aiden, Aidan, and Ayden were all in the top 100.

Aiden and Diane are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

USAGE: English (Modern)


VARIANTS: Aden, Aidan, Aydan, Ayden

OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Áed, Áedán, Áedh (Ancient Irish), Aidan, Aodh, Aodhán, Aodhagán, Edan (Irish), Áed, Aodh (Irish Mythology), Aidan, Aodh, Aodhán, Aodhagán, Edan, Iagan (Scottish)

POPULARITY: #38 in Australia, #18 in Canada, #104 in England and Wales, #404 in France (Aïden, #123), #60 in Netherlands, #57 in New Zealand, #70 in Scotland, #17 in United States

Personal experiences with the name Aiden

I am hoping to name my first son Aiden. Yes, I know that the traditional spelling is "Aidan," and I like that just fine, but I like Aiden a little bit better.

Because the original version of Aidan is Áedán or Aodhán, I believe that the Aiden variation is a typo that has caught on in North America amongst people who have no Irish heritage and have not researched their son's name.

LD: Actually, the Aiden spelling is typical in Ireland. Because the name is originally Gaelic, as you pointed out, the translation of vowels to English is somewhat flexible. I think the formula is you count them up and throw a few out until you have a manageable number. But that might be the pub rules.

example is Aiden McGready, a star athlete in football (soccer) who plays for the Republic of Ireland. He's originally Scottish.,%20Republic%20of%20Ireland

We spell our son's name Aayden
Other random examples are:
St. Aiden's - a Bed & Breakfast in Dublin
Aiden Murphy, a lawyer in Dublin
More lawyers, this one from Limerick
Here is an Aiden big on medical device innovation. From Galway

I guess you get the point. These lads were all born way before any American trend for the name Aiden/Aidan lit.

Nicknames for Aiden

Aidey/Aidy/Ady (Ay-dee)

Meanings and history of the name Aiden

Aiden means little fire.
Aiden is Celtic, Gaelic and Irish in origin.
The name is believed to come from a famous 7th century Irish monk, first bishop of Ferns noted for kindness & generosity. He established the monastery of Lindisfarne in England & restored Christianity to Northumbria.

During the 7th century, St. Aidan of Lindasfarne made the name popular.

Variant of AIDAN.

Famous real-life people named Aiden

Aiden Grimshaw, English musician
Aiden MacCarthy, Irish doctor of Royal Air Force known for his courage during his capture by Japanese in World War II
Aiden "A.W." Tozer, American Christian pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor and spiritual mentor
Aiden Turner, British actor
Aiden McGeady, Irish footballer
Aiden Patrick Stewart (b. 2011), son of English model, photographer, and TV personality Penny Lancaster and British rock singer and songwriter Rod Stewart

Aiden in song, story & screen

Aiden Turner, character from "All My Children"
Aiden Lucas, character from TV show "Ghost Whisperer", has ability to talk with the dead
Aiden Burn, female character from CSI: NY
Aiden Ford, character on "Stargate: Atlantis".
Aiden, American hardcore punk band
Aiden, fictional character in the novel "Blood and Chocolate" by Annette Curtis Klause
Aiden "Danny" Coughlin, fictional character in novel "The Given Day" by Dennis Lehane
Aiden Dennison, fictional character in TV series "South of Nowhere"
Aiden Falconer, fictional character in the "On the Run" series by Gordon Korman
Aiden Stone, doctor played by Bradley Cooper on TV series "Nip/Tuck"

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