Archer Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: AHRCH-er (key)

Origin of the name Archer:

Transferred use of the surname derived from archer (a bowman).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Arch, Archie

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Comments and insights on the name Archer

Older generations often hear this name and mistake it as "Arthur," so be prepared for the confusion.

I love this name! I think it is a very strong, masculine name, and I am surprised it is not more common.

Personal experiences with the name Archer

We named our son Archer back in 2005, not realizing how rare it was then. Nice that it's more popular now, but he's still the only Archer in his whole school. He's quite happy with it. Sometimes we call him Arch for short -- "Archie" would have been fine too, but it never seems to stick. The only things it rhymes with are "marcher" and "departure," so rhyme-based teasing doesn't really work on him.

We named our son Archer. We don't intend to use the nickname "Archie", but people still call him that - it seems to be unavoidable. We actually find ourselves lengthening it to Archibald when we are being silly.
We receive lots of compliments, but people often tell us that someone they knew recently called their son Archer/Archie.

People often assume we are fans of the show, "Archer". We aren't, and had considered the name before the cartoon aired.

Nicknames for Archer

Arch, Archie, Arc, Ari, Cheddar, Cherry, Archiekins, Kip, Arby

Meanings and history of the name Archer

Archer started out as an occupational surname quite literally denoting a person who was an archer or a bowman. The word archer is Anglo-French, used since the 13th century, a development of the Old French archier "archer, bowmaker" and earlier the Latin arcuarius, from arcus "bow".

Famous real-life people named Archer

Sir Archer Croft, 2nd Baronet (British, 1683-1753)
Archer Mathews (1744-1796) American pioneer and politician
Archer James Oliver (1774–1842) British painter
Archer Alexander (c. 1810-1879) model for the freed slave in the U.S. Emancipation Memorial (and a freed slave in real life)
Archer Thompson Gurney (1820–1887) Church of England clergyman and hymn writer
Archer Milton Huntington (1870-1955) American historian and philanthropist
Sir Archer Ernest Baldwin (1883-1966) British MP who was born in a log cabin in Tennessee
Archer Taylor (1890-1973) American scholar of proverbs, riddles, and folklore
Archer Jesse Fullingim (1902-1984) Texan newspaper publisher and environmentalist
Archer Winsten (1905-1997) movie reviewer for the New York Post
Archer John Porter Martin (1910-2002) British chemist and Nobel laureate
Archer King (1917-2012) American theatrical agent, producer, and actor
Archer Blood (1923-2004) American diplomat
Archer Mayor (b.1950) American novelist
Archer MacLean (b. 1962) British video game designer
Archer Prewitt (b. 1963) American musician and cartoonist

Anne Archer, American actress
Anthony John Archer, an English jazz double-bassist.
Brenda Archer, Guyanese high jumper
Colin Archer, naval architect
Frederick Scott Archer, British pioneer of photography
Geoffrey Archer, British author of military thrillers
Gleason Archer, Sr., founder of Suffolk University
Gleason Archer, Jr., American theologian
Iain Archer, Irish musician
James Archer, Scottish painter
James J. Archer, American Civil War Confederate general
Jeffrey Archer, British author, former politician
John Stuart Archer, Vice-Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University 1997 - 2006
Johnny Archer, American professional pool player
Malcolm Archer, British composer, organist, and conductor
Margaret Archer, British sociologist
Peter Archer, British peer
Richard Archer, English singer/songwriter, frontman of UK band Hard-Fi
Tasmin Archer, English soul/pop/rock singer
Thomas Archer, English Baroque architect
Thomas Archer a pioneer pastoralist and Agent General for Queensland, Australia
Violet Archer, composer
William Archer, Scottish critic
William S. Archer (1789-1855), Virginian politician

Archer in song, story & screen

Archer Flanders, older brother of the central character in Virginia Woolf's novel “Jacob’s Room” (1922)
Archer, Robin Hood's half-brother in the BBC TV series "Robin Hood" (2006-2009)
Archer Bigelow, character in "The Birth House" by Ami MacKay (2007)
Archer Montgomery, brother of Addison Forbes Montgomery on TV Show Private Practice (2007-2013)

Newland Archer (often referred to only by his last name) is the protagonist in Edith Wharton's "Age of Innocence." (1920)
Captain Jonathan Archer of TV Series "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001-2005)
Sterling Archer (often referred to only by his last name) secret agent from the TV show Archer (2009-)

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