Brooks Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: BRUWKS (key)

Origin of the name Brooks:

Derived from brook (a stream, a small creek). Var: Brooke.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Brooks

Brooks is extreamly good looking. Kind of smoldering and artistic. Intellectual and very strong. Not big on verbally expressing himself but stands out in a crowd and everyone wants to be with him yet he seems to be a lone wolf.
that is literally the opposite of every brooks ive ever met (and yes, ive met more than one). every brooks ive ever met has gone to a new england boarding school or an elite day school and has played lacrosse or hockey or both. brooks wears ribbon belts and button-downs every day or a tshirt from a lacrosse tournament he played in. brooks will go to college in new england and belong to an uber preppy frat and then work in finance.

My name is Brooks and I've never met someone who shares my namesake. But I can assure you I have neither attended boarding school nor an elite day school. My schools didn't have lacrosse or hockey. I dont know what a ribbon belt is nor do I wear button downs unless there's a wedding or funeral. I do wear tshirts quite often usually from Urban Outfitters or Banana Republic. I went to a state school in IL and I belonged to a frat known for athletics and being the most laid back. I now work with numerous clients all across Chicago helping them turn their offices into a more fun and inviting work place. I've had my name Brooks for 30 years w/o ever meeting any others which makes me believe the that the previous entry was written by someone talking out of their @$$.

My name is Brooks and I couldn't thank my parents enough for giving it to me. No one ever forgets who I am. When others hear my name they tend to take notice and always make positive remarks. My name sticks out in a pile of Johns, Mikes, & Davids. On more than one occasion while being interviewed i was told my name stood out among the other applicants which in turn led to them actually reading my entire resume rather than simply glancing over it. It's simple and very easy to pronounce while at the same time it's a very rare 1st name.

Personal experiences with the name Brooks

My son is named Brooks, after the pastor of the church my husband grew up attending. The name had a special meaning to us, but we also loved that it was simple, strong, and classic sounding--like James, but less common. I've known of a few others that have the name Brooks, all older men--which I appreciate, because he is the only Brooks in his school. My only gripe is that he gets mistaken for a "Brook" all the time, which is obviously a feminine name. My Brooks is sweet, smart, and a huge ham that loves being loved by everyone around him. He is not a brat or a snob, he doesn't go to private school, and we don't live in New England. To me, Brooks sounds less "Gossip Girl" and more "Gone With the Wind" which is why I love the name.
I know a Brooks who is a business owner. He is rugged and good looking and polite. Very manly, but not chauvinistic. He owns an army/navy store and I could just as easily see him at a coffee house.He is the reason I first came to notice this name and think it represents such a versatile, grounded male. great name!

Up until the 4th grade I had not known a Brooks. The Brooks I know is smart, creative, funny, thoughtful, and overall pretty cute. He has dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes and isn't afraid(AT ALL!) to speak up, and definitely sticks out(in a good way) from the crowd. My best friend is in LURVE(love) with the Brooks I know and always blush a deep, deep red when he talks to her. The fact she is super pale doesn't help the blushing fact either!

My middle name is Brooks, and I am a girl. I go by Brooks rather than my first name, which was the same as my mother's. Brooks was a family (last) name. The main issue when I was young was that most people called me Brooke. Which bothered me more than it should have. In high school I learned about Brooks Robinson the baseball player, and noticed most other Brooks seemed to be named after him, and were boys. I was in college before I met another female Brooks (a professor 20 years older). It was also a family last name for her. I ended up in engineering and I feel that having the option of a gender-ambiguous name was somewhat helpful. A very girly or cutesy name may have distracted from the content of my research. If I wanted to be clear that I was female, I simply used my first name instead of an initial.

Nicknames for Brooks

Brooksie, Brookster, Brooksington, Brooksonian,

Meanings and history of the name Brooks

water or small stream

Famous real-life people named Brooks

BROOKS ORPIK - NHL Hockey player. Defenseman, and currently the alternate captain of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
BROOKS ROBINSON - American former professional baseball player. Played entire 23-year major league career for the Baltimore Orioles. He batted and threw right-handed, in spite of the fact he was a natural left-hander. Nicknamed "The Human Vacuum Cleaner", he is generally acclaimed as the greatest defensive third-baseman in major league history. He won 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards during his career & tied with pitcher Jim Kaat for the second most all-time for any player at any position. Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1983.
BROOKS REED - Linebacker for the Houston Texans of the NFL
BROOKS LAICH - Canadian ice hockey player, who is an alternate captain for the Washington Capitals of the NHL
BROOKS BETTS - Member of the band Mayday Parade
BROOKS ADAMS - A noted historian & also the Great Grandson of John Adams the 2nd US president and Grandson to John Quincy Adams our 6th US president
BROOKS ATKINSON - American theatre critic. worked for The New York Times from 1925 to 1960. In his obituary, the Times called him "the most important reviewer of his time.
BROOKS BARNARD - NFL Punter who played for The Patriots, Chicago Bears, & the Packers
BROOKS BOLLINGER - NFL Quarterback played for the Vikings, Jets, Lions, & Cowboys
BROOKS CONRAD - Pro MLB 2nd & 3rd baseman the Oakland Athletics, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, and Tampa Bay Rays
BROOKS CRYDER - Retired American soccer defender who played professionally in the American Soccer League, North American Soccer League and Major Indoor Soccer League.
BROOKS FOSTER - NFL Wide receiver who played for the New York Jets, St. Louis Rams, & Miami Dolphins
BROOKS KIESCHNICK - American baseball utility player and pitcher who played six seasons in MLB. He played For the Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati Reds, & Colorado Rockies from 1996 to 2004. He batted left-handed but threw right-handed
BROOKS LAWRENCE - Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals (1954–1955), for the
Cincinnati Redlegs (1956–1959), and also for the Cincinnati Reds (1960).
BROOKS MCNIVEN - Former MLB pitcher for the San Francisco Giants... McNiven has represented Team Canada during several international baseball tournaments. He played for Canada at the 2007 Baseball World Cup, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and most recently was a member of the Canadian contingent at the 2009 World Baseball Classic
BROOKS THOMPSON - Former NBA guard who was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 1st round of the 1994 NBA Draft. Thompson played in four NBA seasons for five different teams. The Magic, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks.
BROOKS WILLIAMS - Former NFL tight end who played for the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots.
Brooks Forester - Reality star and contestant on The Bachelorette, male model, sales rep
Brooks Benjamin - author of 'My Seventh Grade Life in Tights' and an all around awesome guy
Brooks Alan Stuber (b. 2012), son of American model and actress Molly Sims

Brooks in song, story & screen

Brooks Jackson, journalist and founder of fact

Brooks was the name of a character on the Disney Channel show "Jessie" around 2014. The character was the attractive, well-mannered son of a wealthy neighbor and a love interest to the main character, Jessie the spunky nanny.

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