John Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JAHN (key)

Origin of the name John:

Derived from the Middle Latin Johannes, which is from the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Joannes, which is from the Greek Iōannes. Iōannes is from the Hebrew Yehanan, a short form of Yehohanan which is derived from yehōhānān (Yahweh is gracious). John is the most enduring of the biblical names and remains one of the most popular names bestowed in the United States. Var: Jon. Pet: Johnnie, Johnny, Jonnie, Jonny.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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John is a biblical, masculine, strong, generous name for a baby boy. Pronounced Jahn.

John Doe

Why is the toilet called the John?

Personal experiences with the name John

A very good friend of mine is called John. His real first name is Johnathan, but everyone always calls him John. While this is a popular, common name, when I hear "John", I think of my friend, who I love very much. He is very hilarious and kind. I've known him for many years.

It's my fathers name. Very caring, funny, hard working man who loves his family.

I had a wonderful uncle named John.

John is a very common name. I have met some nice Johns, and some not-so-nice Johns. However, with John being such a common name, when I hear the name I DON'T automatically think of somebody I don't like. I think of it as just a masculine name. Not so for uncommon names, where the only person I know with a certain uncommon name is somebody I don't like. I would name a son John without a second's hesitation, but there are uncommon names that I would never name a kid because when I hear the names I think of somebody I can't stand. Same with the name David. I have met some nice Davids, and I've met some not-so-nice Davids. But David is such a common name that I don't think of people I don't like when I hear the name.

I worked at a place once, where there were 3 guys named John employed there. At first there were 2 Johns, and the people at work, to tell them apart, referred to them as "Big John" and "Little John". Then a third John came on board, and they referred to him as "Porta-John". I heard one of the women at work saying " He doesn't know that he's Porta-John . . . blah, blah, blah . . . "

My brother’s name is John. I call him Johnny-Boy or Juan. My other brothers name is Jimmy, so everyone thinks they were named after the sandwhich place.

-My grandfather, father, and brother are all named John.

Nicknames for John

Johnny, Jo, Joe, Jack, Jo-Jo, Jimbo, Jumbo, Chumbo, Lumbo, Jimmy, Jimmy-John, Jimmy-Johns, Jo-Jack, Jo-Joe-Jack, Johnny-Jo-Jo-Joe-Jack

Meanings and history of the name John

The Beloved one. Great warrior (ancient multidimensional culture); One who is a great warrior and will defeat his enemies at all costs. Also a super solid guy.

Famous real-life people named John

JOHN DAVID MARTINEZ : grandson of St. Louis pitching coach Dave Duncan, nephew of MLB player Shelley Duncan, nephew of Sportscaster and former MLB player Christopher Duncan : son of Famous OC UPS DRIVER : Devannie Leanne Duncan
John Cena, Jr., professional wrestler, actor, and rapper currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Cena's father is John Cena, Sr.
John "Johnny" Depp, American actor. His son is also named John Depp, but goes by Jack.
John Green, author
John Grisham, mystery and thriller author
John Singer Sargent, American portrait painter and Impressionist
John Ronald Reuel (J.R.R.) Tolkien, famous fantasy author and poet, philologist, and professor
John Lennon (1940-1980), British musician (The Beatles, Plastic Ono Band)
John Mayer, American musician
John O'Callaghan from the band The Maine.
Jon Walker, former bassist of Panic! at the Disco. my bae.
John Spencer MacPherson, Canadian actor
John Entwistle (1944 - 2002) bassist, singer and songwriter from the British rock band The Who
John Bonham (1948 - 1980), drummer and songwriter from the British rock band Led Zeppelin; considered as one of the greatest rock drummers
John Deacon - bassist and songwriter from the British rock band Queen
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963): 35th President of the United States
John Connor - fictional character in Terminator series of movies and in a spin off series "Sarah Connor Chronicles"
John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) American march composer
John Flanagan - Australian Author of the Brotherband Chronicles and Ranger's Apprentice Series.
John Tavares: professional ice hockey player (New York Islanders)
John David Linch (b. 2007), son of American legal commentator and television journalist Nancy Grace
John Phillips (b. 2009), son of American actress and model Julie Bowen
John Rocco Falconetti (b. 2009), son of American former artistic gymnast Shannon Miller
John Charles Daly (b. 1914), birth name - John Charles Patrick Croghan Daly; news commentator, moderator of What's My Line? and other shows.
John Seo, South Korean-American lead rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of South Korean pop boy group NCT
John Christopher Stevens; American career diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from May 22, 2012 to September 11, 2012.

John in song, story & screen

"Dear John" - A Song by Taylor Swift
"John Tracy", Thunderbirds TV show and 2004 film.
"John Watson", The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
John Munch, detective from " Homicide life in the street", Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Trial by Jury, The X-files, the beat, Arrested Development and The Wire
John Walton from the TV Show The Walton he was the Dad.
John Winchester - The worst Dad on Supernatural, more horrible than Luci
John Smith is the alias used by Four in the Lorien Legacies series.
John Tyree- Played by Channing Tatum in 'Dear John'
John Tyree- Main male protagonist in the book 'Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks
Captain John Smith- Love interest of Pocahontas in the 1995 Disney film
John Rolfe- Love interest of Pocahontas in the second Disney film (1998)
Johnny Peterson- Son in Danielle Steel's book 'Johnny Angel'
Johnny- Male character in song 'Please don't take the girl' by Tim McGraw
'John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16' 2015 song by Keith Urban
John Green, writer of bestsellers as the Fault in our Stars, Looking for Alaska and more
John Proudstar the original Thunderbird from the X-Men comics
John Zander, Jazz from the X-Men comics
John Egbert, protagonist from Homestuck
'Johnny Boy', song by Twenty One Pilots
John Wick- action film starred by Keanu Reeves
John is the main character in the webcomic UnOrdinary

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