Levi Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LEE-viy, LAY-vee (key)

Origin of the name Levi:

Derived from the Hebrew lēwī (joining, adhesion). The name is borne in the Bible by the third son of Jacob and Leah. He was progenitor of the tribe of Levi, which took on priestly duties for the twelve tribes. (GEN. 29)

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Levi

Our Kenneth "Levi" was born September 7, 2006. As many of you have mentioned, Levi means "to unite or tie together" and that is exactly what our Levi has done. He has united our two families into one. We have met a few other Levis and the occasional person who jokes about naming him after a pair of jeans, but I love his name! He likes it too and just learned to write it this past week!

August 1. 1991 I gave birth to my son Levi Paz.
Since then, I have only met one other Levi in person.
And I love the fact that my boy Levi loves his name !!

Levi and Liev are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

Personal experiences with the name Levi

Here's the deal with Levi. Let me tell you about him. I'm going to clarify that anyone with the name of Levi fits this description. Ok:

Webster's Dictionary defines wedding as the fusing of two metals under hot heat. This describes Levi perfectly. Also average height and build.

Nicknames for Levi

Lee, Lev, Leevie, Elvis, Leaf, Lefty, Lufty, Leafy, Lofty, Lifty, Live, Laugh, Love, Eli

Meanings and history of the name Levi

Hebrew for "attached, joined"

Famous real-life people named Levi

Levi Asher, American writer and web designer
Levi Addison Ault, Canadian/American businessman
Levi Bellfield, British murderer
Levi Boone, American politician and mayor of Chicago
Levi Celerio, Filipino composer and lyricist
Levi Coffin, American educator and abolitionist
Levi Eshkol, Israeli politician
Levi Leipheimer, American professional road bicycle racer
Levi Leiter, American businessman
Levi Lincoln, Sr., American revolutionary and statesman
Levi Lincoln, Jr., American lawyer and politician
Levi Lind, Canadian ice hockey player
Levi P. Morton, 22nd Vice President of the United States
Levi Porter, English football player
Levi Romero, Venezuelan baseball player
Levi Seacer, Jr., American musician
Levi Strauss, American co-inventor of blue jeans, founder of Levi Strauss & Co.
Levi Stubbs, American singer
Levi Twiggs, American officer
Levi Woodbury, American politician
Levi Jones, USAC Sprint car Driver
Levi the Poet (Levi Macallister), Spoken Word & Performance Artist
Levi Strauss, maker of Levi jeans
Levi Jones, bassist from band the tide
Levi Alves McConaughey (b. 2008), son of Brazilian and American model and designer Camila Alves and American actor Matthew McConaughey
Levi James Crow (b. 2010), son of American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress Sheryl Crow

Levi in song, story & screen

~ 'Levi' the name of Sue's Hearing~Hear Dog in the Inspirational Drama Series: 'Sue Thomas F.B.Eye'
(based on the real life of Sue Thomas, who has a foundation in the name of her 1st Hearing~Ear dog, Levi).
~ Levi Ackerman, a character from the anime and manga series, "Attack on Titan"
Levi Justin, character in Jill Williamson's "The Safe Lands" trilogy
~ Levi is a character from Rainbow Rowell's book Fangirl

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