Michael Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MIY-kəl (key)

Origin of the name Michael:

Derived from the Hebrew mīkhā’ē‘l (Who is like God?). The name is borne in the Bible by one of the seven archangels. He is the one closest to God and is responsible for carrying out God's judgments. Var: Michaell, Michail.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Michael

Michael is an extremely common, extremely handsome, masculine, classic, biblical name for a baby boy. Mike used to be the constant nickname, but today you hear the full name more often.

Personal experiences with the name Michael

A really good friend of mine's name is Michael. I have known him for so many years. He was my second boyfriend, and if he hadn't caught my eye, it is highly unlikely that I would have met all of my current friends today, who I spend every day of my life -- both waking, and sleeping -- with!! I also wouldn't have met my current boyfriend, who is the father of my brand new daughter. (He's also my friend Michael's brother.) I LOVE Michael, he's awesome!!!!! And his name is wonderful. :) I've only ever met two other Michaels. This is a great name. I love it!!!!!! :D

My oldest son was named Michael, at a time when the name was not very popular (late 1980s), so it was funny to learn that he was pretty much the only Michael in school growing up, even though overall in the U.S. it is a very popular name. Michael always sounded like a "strong" name to me, and every Mike I could think of while growing up was just an all-around good guy, so the name had a positive connotaion for me. I loved the combination "Michael Bryant", so this is what I named him, and I learned years later that his friends thought his name was really neat. After seeing my son grow up over the years, this name brings to my mind a thoughtful, good-looking, intelligent person who is very mature for their age, and always has a nice circle of steady friends.

Growing up, I've known TONS of guys named Michael. I personally love the name, it is just one of those strong, sexy, cool boy names. Every Michael I've known have been great, attractive, friendly, and just overall nice guys. the same goes for Mike ;)

My best friend is named Michael and he is one of the most amazing guys that I know! He is very attractive and tall, plays basket ball and is pretty much the nicest guy ever! He was very shy around girls as a kid, still is to a point, but is very open and loving towards me. He also just understand and knows how I feel without me saying a word. He's also the first guy to call me "Cute", he's a special guy.

Every Michael I've known has been unpleasant.

People have made songs about me that was to the tune of I dream of genuine song!

My dad’s name is Michael and his only brother is named Matthew. His middle name is Ray. Often shortened to Mike, especially from other pastors (Brother Mike)

Nicknames for Michael

Mike, Mika, Mikey, Mick, Micky, Muck, El Chapo, Mikester, Mickée, Mikee, Mitt, Mickey Mickey-poo

Meanings and history of the name Michael
Famous real-life people named Michael

Michael Clifford, guitarist and singer in the band 5 Seconds of Summer

Michael James "Mikey" Way- bassist for American rock band My Chemical Romance from 2001-2013

Michael "Vampire" Orlando- singer for post hardcore/screamo band Vampires Everywhere! And rock band Dead Girls Academy.

Michael Bublé, Canadian singer and actor
Michael Caine, British actor
Michael Douglas, American actor
Michael Biehn, American actor
Michael Sheen, Welsh actor
Michael J. Fox, Canadian actor
Michael Jones, New Zealand rugby union player and coach
Michael Jackson, American R&B/pop singer
Michael W. Smith, American contemporary Christian musician
Michael Fassbender, irish-German actor
Michael Shinoda (Mike Shinoda) of Linkin Park
Michael Jordan, considerd to be the best basketball player ever lived
Michael Phelps, many time Olympic champion swimmer and medalist
Michael Murphy, Medal of Honor and Silver Star recipient in 2005 for his unwavering heroism in 2005. First in years. He was a US Navy SEAL. He put himself in danger while attempting to call for help for his teammates during Operation Redwing.
Michael Monsoor, US Navy SEAL, awarded the medal of honor for his heroism in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Silver and Bronze star recipient. Monsoor was protecting other SEALs, two of whom were 15 feet away from him. Monsoor's position made him the only SEAL on the rooftop with quick access to an escape route.[ A grenade was thrown onto the rooftop by an insurgent on the street below. The grenade hit Monsoor in the chest and fell onto the floor. Immediately, Monsoor yelled "Grenade!" and jumped onto the grenade, covering it with his body.

Michael in song, story & screen

Michael "Mike" Wheeler, character in Stranger Things
Michael (1924 film), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer
Michael (1996 film), starring John Travolta as the archangel Michael
Michael (2011 Austrian film), a 2011 Austrian film
Michael (2011 Indian film), a 2011 Indian film
Michael (2015 film), an upcoming film
Michael (novel), an semi-autobiograpical novel by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels
Michael (album), a 2010 album by Michael Jackson
"Michael" (Franz Ferdinand song), released in the UK in 2004
"Michael (the Lover)", or "Michael", a 1960s soul song
"Michael Row the Boat Ashore", a traditional African-American spiritual and 1961 U.S. number-one song by The Highwaymen
"Michael" (poem), by William Wordsworth, published in 1800
"Michael" (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of Stargate Atlantis and the recurring character first seen in this episode
"Michael" (Glee), an episode of Glee that was a tribute to Michael Jackson
"Michael", a song by Rob Zombie from Hellbilly Deluxe 2
Michael Clayton, a 2007 film directed by Tony Gilroy
Michael Twoyoungmen, the alter ego of Shaman, a character from Marvel Comics
Michael Myers, main antagonist in all Halloween films (except Halloween III: Season of the Witch) including Rob Zombie's Halloween films
Michael Marshal Breakfast Gusford (Mr. Gus), a character from Uncle Grandpa
Michael Mell, player 1 in the musical Be More Chill
Michael King, pseudonym used early in the career of real life
Brooklyn Born Political Leader Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-90)

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