Nathan Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: NAY-thən (key)

Origin of the name Nathan:

Derived from the Hebrew nāthān (gift). The name is borne in the Bible by a prophet who rebuked King David for the death of Uriah, which enabled the king to marry Bathsheba, Uriah's wife.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Nat, Natan, Nate

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Comments and insights on the name Nathan

My brothers name is Nathan. He trys to act funny and he's a smart-aleck. But he's lovable in a different kind of way.

I have a baby cousin named Nathan and he's by far one of the cutest baby boys I've ever known. He's incredibly sweet and smiley, though I won't deny the fat thing. He's a very chubby baby. I do, however, know several other Nathans, all of whom are either normal-sized or stick thin. So I don't know; I guess it's more the person than the name.

My cousin's name is Nathan and he's very cute, but he's got an ego as big as his head. He's smart, sensitive and caring when he wants to be though. He goes by Nate usually and he acts annoyed when his sister or I call him 'Nathan' or 'Nathaniel' but I think he secretly likes it.

i have a friend named nathan and hes not like any other guy i meant hes more girly that manly :)

I used to know a Nathan in school. He thought about others, he was kind; he was one of those people who would let you sit in the last empty chair . . . a normal boy: sports, goofy, but a good nature.

Personal experiences with the name Nathan

I am about to marry a Nathan this coming August so from personal experience my fiance and the two other Nathan's I've had contact with in my life are very sweet, sensitive, and soft spoken men. They tend to be voracious readers, love computers and technology in general, movies, cooking, and the outdoors. They try to put off a manly man vibe but are realy softies at heart.
My son's name is Nathan. He's almost 8. He absolutely hates it when people call him Nathaniel by mistake. His grandpa calls him Natedog, and thankfully he hates it as much as I do. He has a twin brother named James, and a little sister named Sadie.

My father is named Nathan Andrew. He goes by Andy though (most people don't even know his name is Nathan)

Nicknames for Nathan

Nateo, Nat, Nate, Ney, Nath, Hanny, Nate Dog, NayNay, Theusmellthis, Honeylegs

Where do you get Nate-Dog? How about Nate-Bird?
NateDogg was a famous rapper,singer,songwriter,actor was in the group "213"

Nasty Nate, NaterTot, Natrodomus,Notorious Nate,Player Hate Nate NeverLateNate,InstiNate ,Nate The Great,Straight N8, Not Nathan I dont already know,Nater The Hater ,Wait Its Nate ,PlayNate ,

My soon-to-be-husbands mother has always called him just Na, especially when she's busy or stressed, now I find my self calling him it all the time.

Meanings and history of the name Nathan

Nathan is of Hebrew origin.
Meanings: 'God has given'
Biblical: Nathan was God's prophet during the reigns of David and Solomon

Famous real-life people named Nathan

Nathan Travis Owens known on youtube, from the channels, DesandNate Ahoynateo, NatesGotGame, and Separated By Few.
Nathan Lane, actor
Nathan Hale, patriot
Nathan Fillion, Canadian actor
Nathan "Nate" Mendel, Foo Fighters Bassist
Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate general and KKK leader
Nathan Karl Kress, American actor, director, and former professional child model
Nathan MacKinnon, professional ice hockey player (Colorado Avalanche)
Nathaniel"Nate Dogg"Dwayne Hale (born_Aug.19th_1969 died_Mar.15th_2011) was an American rapper,singer,songwriter,and actor.
Nate "Honeylegs" Mangus, stage actor and Olympic sprinter

Nathan in song, story & screen

Nathan Sims, character played by Chris Lilley in the popular Australian comedy series We Can Be Heroes and Angry Boys
Nathan Detroit, from "Guys and Dolls"
Nathan Scott, character on "One Tree Hill"
Nathan Petrelli, character on "Heroes"
Nathan Drake, the main character (treasure hunter) in the Uncharted video games.
Nathan Griffin "The Ghost Bird" series
Nathan Byrn, from "Half Bad" books by Sally Green
Nathan Ford from the TV show "Leverage"
Nathan Wournos from the TV show "Haven"
Nathan Summers - Cable from the X-Men and X-Force comics

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