Owen Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: OH-ehn (key)

Origin of the name Owen:

A name of uncertain derivation. Some believe it to be from the Welsh oen (lamb). Others feel it is from the Gaelic Loghunn (youth), and yet another suggestion is that it is the Welsh form of the Latin Eugenius (well-born, noble).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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My grandpa's name is Owen and this year he will be turning 70! He is such a nice guy, smart, & very hard working. I've only met 1 person in my life who didn't like him (my 2nd cousin's girlfriend) and then the rest of my family told my 2nd cousin that he should dump her haha. I once walked into a store in the town he lives in and I was looking for a hoodie that had the town's name on it & I told the store owner who my grandpa was & then the store owner insisted that I could have the hoodie for free...so like I said, my grandpa is a really nice guy.

My son (age 4) is named Owen. It is a nice name and I haven't regretted choosing it for one second. It is easy to pronounce as well. I always feel sorry for toddlers and preschoolers who can't pronounce their own names.

I knew a little boy names owen at an after school program I worked at. He was very nice and very well behaved.

My name is Owen. I'm 42, grew up in the Midwest and now live on the East coast of the US. When I was growing up, I was the only Owen I knew, apart from my father. Much more enjoyable than the Mikes and Johns in my classes.

I find the recent rise in popularity of the name gratifying and a little annoying. Annoying, as I hear my name in public when I never did in the past -- it's losing some of its uniqueness. Gratifying as I think it's such a good name! It is simple, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, not too long, not too short, and is British.

I've heard it is the Welsh form of Ian, which is the Gaelic form of John. I've also heard it means "king" but I have nothing to back up either claim.

It is very popular in Wales, and is well-known in the rest of the UK -- I've certainly never had anyone in the UK bat an eye at my name.

Owen is popular in Wales, but Owain is the traditional Welsh spelling. The Welsh form of Ian is Ieuan (pronounced yay-an).

A good name.

My friend's name is Owen. He's smart, mischievous, and kind, like most Owens.

My 4-year old son is Owen. I have only received compliments on it, never a single negative. His preschool teacher reports that the other kids in class really like to say his name as well as another boy's (Ethan). Her theory is that names starting with long vowel sounds are very attractive to the young for some reason. I think that might apply to adults as well! I like the sound of Aidan, Owen, Ethan, Isaac, etc! Very strong-sounding names!

I have a friend named Owen, he is intelligent and creative, and a strong individual.

I know two Owens both my friends both Intelligent and creative

A couple of friends have a son named Owen Tyler, he is five. His sisters are named Kelsey (3) and Isabelle "Bella" (1).

My best friend has a son named Owen, he is 3. his sister is Kendall, she is 2, and his brother is North, he is 4.

Nicknames for Owen

Big O
Owen the big fat Samoan
square space
penis face
i peinist a dog

Meanings and history of the name Owen

St. Owen was bishop of Rouen, France in the 7th century. He was born in Sancy, near Soissons, about 600 AD of a Frankish family. While he was still a child, his family housed and entertained the exiled St. Columban, who greatly influenced his early education. In his youth Owen was sent to the court of St. Clotaire II where he became an outstanding student. He gained the favor of the King and his son, who appointed him chancellor. While in office, Owen steadily opposed the then prevalent practice of simony (the practice of buying and selling ecclesiastical privileges and positions in the Catholic Church).

Owen, the nobleman, at a corrupt court, began to see the size and shape of the struggle to keep the light of Christianity burning. He became a monk and a monastery builder in 636. He was made bishop of Rouen in Normandy in 641, and built monastery after monastery, for he clearly saw that only throught these centers of Catholic living and learning could Europe be savedfrom darkness. He kept up his court connections, advising the weak Merovingian kings.

As a layman, St. Owen, with his zeal, piety and learning, was considered equal to any of the bishops. He gained a reputation for assisting the poor and homeless and ministered to widows and orphans throughout the kingdom.

He died on August 24, 684, and is buried near the main altar of St. Owen Church in Rouen. His feast day is 24 August.

Famous real-life people named Owen

St. Owen, Church reformer in Medieval France
St. Nicholas Owen, Catholic defender in Elizabethan England
Michael Owen, English soccer star
Owen Wilson, American actor
Owen King, American author
Owen Tudor,ancestor of Tudor dynasty
Owen Davis, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright
Owen Barfield, British Christian writer and friend of C.S. Lewis
Owen Hart, World Wrestling Federation Star
Son of Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline
Son of Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman
Owen Meredith, English Poet.
Owen Nolan, retired NHL hockey player
Owen Glendower, Welsh ruler and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales.
Owen Wister, American writer and "father" of western fiction.
Owen Farrell, English rugby player

Owen in song, story & screen

Owen was a character in Sarah Dessen's novel "Just Listen"
Owen was a character in the TV series "Party of Five"
A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving. Published in 1989.
Dr. Owen Hunt, character in TV show "Grey's Anatomy"
Owen Cauldwell, a Hufflepuff student in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Owen Reynolds, character in Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas
Mr. Owen Blackbourne "The Ghost Bird" series

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