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Raman generally attributes to the Indian God of love called 'Kama'.
The name is very much out of use Raman is a name of Indian origin, used both as a family name and as both a feminine and a masculine given name. Raman is a masculine given name of Belarusian origin. There may be other origins also.

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Avadhanam Sita Raman (1919–2001), Indian writer, journalist and editor
Aneesh Raman (active from 2005), American journalist and entrepreneur
Aroon Raman (active from 1991), Indian entrepreneur and author
B. Raman (1936–2013), Indian intelligence officer
Bangalore Venkata Raman (1912–98), Indian astrologer and writer
Benito Raman (born 1994), Belgian footballer
C. Raman (active 1960), Indian civil servant and administrator
C. V. Raman (Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman; 1888–1970), Indian physicist who won the 1930 Nobel Prize for Physics
Raman scattering (AKA Raman effect), inelastic photon scattering, for the discovery of which C. V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize
Raman spectroscopy, a technique which relies on Raman scattering
Raman amplification, used in optical fibres
For other articles connected with C. V. Raman and with Raman scattering and spectroscopy, see the article on C. V. Raman
Dinesh Raghu Raman (died 2007), Indian Army officer posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra for bravery
E. S. S. Raman (born 1954), Indian politician
K. Raman (active 2019), Indian politician
Krishnan Raman (c. 11th century AD), Commander-in-chief of the Chola forces under Rajendra Chola
Mohan Raman (born 1956), Indian film and television actor and management trainer
Mythili Raman (active from 2013), American lawyer
P. S. Raman (born 1960), Indian lawyer
Pallathu Raman (1892–1950), Indian poet, writer, social reformer and community leader
Pramod Raman (active from 1994), Indian short story writer and journalist
Prawaal Raman (active from 2000), Indian film director and screenwriter
Priya Raman (active 1993–99), Indian actress and film producer in Malayalam
Radha Raman (disambiguation)
Sarangapani Raman (1920 – after 1948), Indian footballer
Subramaniam Raman (born before 1989), Indian table tennis player
Sumanth C. Raman (active from 1995), Indian television anchor and sports commentator in Tamil
Sundar Raman (born 1971 or 1972), Indian sports business professional
T. V. Raman (born 1965), Indian computer scientist
Theruvath Raman (1917–2009), Indian journalist, writer, publisher and social activist
U. C. Raman (born 1965), Indian politician
V. P. Raman (1932–91), Indian lawyer and politician
Varadaraja V. Raman (born 1932), Indian-born American academic in the field of humanities
Vidyullekha Raman (born 1991), Indian film actress and theatre performer
Vimala Raman (active from 2006), Indian film actress, model and Bharatanatyam dancer
Woorkeri Raman (born 1965), Indian international cricketer
Given name: Indian origin
Laxmi Raman Acharya (1914–97), Indian politician
Raman Bedi (active from 1996), English academic and organiser in the field of dental care
Raman Bhardwaj (active from 1997), Scottish broadcast journalist, television presenter and producer
Yussif Raman Chibsah (born 1993), Ghanaian footballer
Raman Ghosh (active 1960s – 1970s), Indian badminton player
Raman Kalyan (active 2015), Indian Carnatic flute player
Rewati Raman Khanal (active 2014), Nepali litterateur
Raman Lamba (1960–98), Indian international cricketer
Raman Mahadevan (active from 2003), Indian playback singer
Raman Malhotra (born 1968), British ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon
Raman Maroo (active 2010), Indian film producer
Raman Mundair (active from 1998), Indian-born British poet, writer, artist and playwright
Vaisravanath Raman Namboothiri (active 1960–90), Indian Sanskrit scholar and activist
Erkkara Raman Nambudiri (1898–1983), Indian priest and scholar who helped revive the ancient Vedam-Yajnam traditions in Kerala
Raman Osman (1902–92), Governor General of Mauritius 1972–77
Raman Parimala (born 1948), Indian mathematician
C. V. Raman Pillai (1858–1922), Indian novelist, playwright and journalist in Malayalam
Chenganoor Raman Pillai (1886–1980), Indian Kathakali artist
K. Raman Pillai (active 2009), Indian politician
Kappazhom Raman Pillai (1868–1924), Indian civil servant in Travancore who achieved the office of Dewan Peishcar
Raman Raghav (AKA Psycho Raman; 1929–95), Indian serial killer
Dilli Raman Regmi (1913–2001), Nepali scholar, political figure and historian
Raman Subba Row (born 1932), English international cricketer
Raman Roy (born before 1984), Indian businessman
Raman Sharma (1945–99), Indian cricket umpire
Radha Raman Shastri (born 1943), Indian politician, former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh
Raman Sukumar (born 1965), Indian ecologist
Raman Pratap Singh (born before 1994), Fijian lawyer and politician
Raman Singh (born 1952), Indian politician
Rewati Raman Singh (born 1943), Indian politician
Raman Patrick Sisupalan (born 1980), English footballer
Raman Sundrum (born before 1990), American theoretical physicist after whom the Randall–Sundrum model is named
Raman Srivastava (born before 1973), former Director General of the Indian Border Security Force
Raman Vijayan (born 1977), Indian association football manager and former player
Given name: Belarusian origin
Raman Astapenka (born 1980), Belarusian professional footballer
Raman Hrabarenka (AKA Roman Graborenko; born 1992), Belarusian professional ice hockey player
Raman Jaraš (born 1978), Belarusian musician
Raman Kirenkin (born 1981), Belarusian international footballer
Raman Makarau (active 2004), Belarusian paralympic swimmer who competed in the 2004 Paralympic Games
Raman Piatrushenka (AKA Roman Petrushenko; born 1980), Belarusian sprint canoer who has competed in three Summer Olympics
Raman Ramanau (born 1994), Belarusian professional racing cyclist
Raman Skirmunt (1868–1939), Belarusian statesman, aristocrat and landlord
Raman Stsyapanaw (born 1991), Belarusian footballer
Raman Tsishkou (born 1994), Belarusian professional racing cyclist.
Raman Vasilyuk (born 1978), Belarusian footballer

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