Richard Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: RI-cherd (key)

Origin of the name Richard:

A borrowing from the Old French, Richard is derived from the Old High German Richart, a compound name composed from the elements rík, rīc (power, ruler) and hard (strong, brave, hardy): hence, "brave ruler." The name, introduced by the Normans, was borne by three kings of England. The first was Richard I (1157 - 99), called Richard the Lion-Hearted, the leader of the Third Crusade.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Dick, Ricardo, Rich, Rick, Rico

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Comments and insights on the name Richard

Richard is a nice, handsome, masculine, original name for a baby boy. Pronounced Rich-erd.

I really like the name Richard, and the nicknames Rich or Rick, Richie or Ricky. However, if you name your son Richard, DON'T call him Dick or Dickie! Awful terrible!

If you like Richard some other names for you are Anais,Nicol,Gumball,and Darwin (all on babynamewizard)

Personal experiences with the name Richard

A pretty good friend of mine's name is Richard. He's a bit of a mysterious guy... and he can be kind of creepy. But he's nice, and I care about him. And his name -- I actually really like his name. It's really attractive. And while it comes with a lot of nicknames, he just likes going by Richard. My best friend's father's name is Richard, too. And he prefers Rick. Altogether I love this name. :)

Richard is my dad's name. He has always gone by "Rick", though... I think they're both very nice names. =)

There were a lot of guys in my school who were called Dick back in the 50's, and back then there was nothing wrong with that name. But since it became vulgarized, guys named Richard are going by Rick or Rich. There are still a few old guys who are called Dick, but no younger ones.

I grew up with lots of Richards in the 60's, and my first boyfriend was named Richard (no nickname), my first love was Richard (called Dick), but I never liked the name, so I was convinced that I'd marry a Richard. At one time I knew a Ritchie, a Ricky, a Rick, a Richard and a Dick. So, naturally, I did marry a Richard. He goes by Rick, which I like.

My dad and my grandpa is called Richard or Rich now because they keep getting called Dick or Dickie and when I said what my grandpa and dad's name was (dick). They took it immature.

My husband is Richard - Richie when I want something and Richard when I’m angry - usually just Rich. He’s a genius, although he scoots in at the very bottom of the Autism spectrum. He’s well spoken and knows a lot about most things (he taught ME how to knit). I met h when I was 14 and married him at 19. It will be our 30th anniversary this year (2019). He is the kindest, most gentile person I know. He’s good for me - he evens me out. He’s a computer guru and if you don’t know what root or grep means then don’t bother trying to talk tech with him. He’s slow to anger (maybe too slow) and he takes care of me - although I don’t know why. I hope your Richard is as sweet and endearing as mine is.

Nicknames for Richard

Rich, Rick, Richie, Ricky, Rico, Richo, Dick, Dickie, Dicky.

I would advise avoiding Dick or Dickie/Dicky! O_o

I learned to read on "Fun With Dick and Jane" books. There was nothing wrong with the name Dick then. But now they have T-shirts that say things like "See Dick do drugs. See Dick get arrested. See Dick go to jail. Don't be a dick! Don't do drugs!"

Meanings and history of the name Richard

Meanings of the name "Richard".

Powerful ruler.

Powerful ruler.

Strong ruler.

Powerful; strong ruler. Fact: A Teutonic name from the European Middle Ages. England's King Richard Coeur de Lion was a crusading knight.

Powerful; strong ruler.

Famous real-life people named Richard

Richard Kylea Cowie Jr (aka Wiley), UK music pioneer, created the genre "grime"
Richard Allen, (1760–1831), Minister
Richard Starkey, MBE (a.k.a. Ringo Starr)
Richard "Rick" Danko, Musician, 1942 – 1999
Richard Wayne Penniman (a.k.a. "Little Richard")
Richard Wayne "Dick" Van Dyke
Richard of Gloucestor (a.k.a. King Richard III), 1452 – 1485
Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th American President
Richard Burton, Welsh actor
Richard "Ricky" Ray AIDS Activist 1977 - 1992
Richard Charles Rodgers, American composer
Richard Lynn Carpenter, American musician and composer
Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor, American comedian
Richard Tiffany Gere, American actor
Richard Dean Anderson, American actor
Richard Mark Hammond, British television presenter.
Richard Speight, Jr., American actor
Richard 'Dick' Turpin, English highwayman
Richard Walters, Canadian actor
Richard Z. Kruspe, German musician
Richard Armitage, English actor
Richard "Dick" Trikle, NASCAR driver. Drove at Rockford Speedway in Rockford, Illinois before the NASCAR circuit.
Richard Kristian Rama Gutiérrez, American-Filipino actor/model.

Richard in song, story & screen

Richie Rich, Poor Little Rich Boy of comic book fame

"Open the Door, Richard" 1950s hit song
Genesis Elijah - Richard Russell, grime song

Richard Alpert, character on TV show "Lost"
Richard 'Rick' Castle, title-character on the TV show "Castle"
Richard Cypher, character from the "Sword of Truth" books and TV show "Legend of the Seeker"
Dr. Richard Webber, character from the TV show "Grey's Anatomy"
Richard III, Shakespeare Play.
Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Robin) , character from Batman
Richard Watterson - The Amazing World of Gumball

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