Thomas Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: TAH-məs (key)

Origin of the name Thomas:

Derived from the Aramaic tē’ōma (a twin). The name is borne in the Bible by an apostle who doubted the resurrection of Christ. It is from him that the label "Doubting Thomas" came. Var: Thomass, Tomas. Short: Thom, Tom. Pet: Tommy.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Tavish, Tom, Tomas, Tommaso, Tommy

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Comments and insights on the name Thomas

My friends son is named Thomas. But he goes by tommy, at least for now. His parents didn't want to name tommy because when he was older it might sound too much like a young child's name.

What about just plain Tom when he's older?

I absolutely love this name solely because it’s my father’s first name. He goes by Tom though. But he pronounces it both like Thomas which is TAH-mas and like Tomas which is Toh-MAHS. He also told me if he could have changed my name to anything it would have been Thomasina or Thomasine so I could be named after him. But if I ever have a little boy or girl, his or her name will be Thomas/Tomas or Thomasina/Thomasine.

Personal experiences with the name Thomas

Thomas is a sensible name. Not original, modern, or trendy, but old fashioned and classic. My 65 year old uncle is the sixth generation in my fathers family to carry the name Thomas. It is a strong, solid family name.

My 4 year old nephew is Thomas but goes by Tommy for now. The most common comment my brother and his wife get is, "Well you don't hear that name much anymore!" or "Who is he named after?" My brother is starting to wish he hadn't gone quite so traditional.

Friends name is Thomas Flynn but is called Flynn because that's what all the teachers at school call him.

My little brother is called Thomas, after my great-grandfather. I think it's a great name, and I would consider using it as a middle name.

Nicknames for Thomas

Metabolic Brick
Tom Tom

Meanings and history of the name Thomas

Original name: Ta'oma'
Thomas, the apostle ("doubting Thomas"), was called "the twin." because his given name was Judas Thomas. He was the second Judas, hence, "twin".

Famous real-life people named Thomas

Thomas Jefferson- 3rd president of America
Thomas "TJ" Bell- Guitarist for band Escape The Fate
Tom Arnold, comedian
Tom Austen, British Actor
Tom Brady, American football quarterback for the New England Patriots
Tom Brokaw, journalist
Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Scottish-British actor
Thomas Edison, Inventor
Tom Fletcher, member of McFly
Tom Ford, fashion designer
Thomas Patrick Gorman (1886-1961), founder of the National Hockey League, general manager, Olympic-gold medalist in lacrosse
Tom Hanks, actor and filmmaker
Tom Hardy, actor
Tom Hiddleston, actor
Thomas Kenny, SpongeBob, various mixels
Thomas Luther Bryan, full name of country singer Luke Bryan
Thomas Stearns (T.S.) Eliot, modernist poet and laureate of the 1948 Nobel Prize in Literature
Tom Mapother, actor
Thomas Mars, frontman and lead vocalist of the band Phoenix
Tom Petty, singer-songwriter
Tom Wilkinson, actor
Tom Welling, actor
Tom Holland, actor
Thomas Boone Quaid (b. 2007), son of American actor Dennis Quaid
Thomas David Black (b. 2008), son of American actor, comedian, and musician Jack Black
Thomas Colton Padalecki (b. 2012), son of American actor Jared Padalecki
Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell, English animator, writer, filmmaker, and voice actor
Thomas Kuc, Brazilian-American actor
Thomas Sanders - American singer, actor, scriptwriter and internet personality
Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. : American singer songwriter. (Born. 1990)
Thomas Rhett Akins Sr. : American singer songwriter. (Born. 1969)
Tom Gruber, Christian Internet Blogger & Expert about Sex in Heaven

Thomas in song, story & screen

Thomas Teller Jr., son of Jackson (Jax) Teller on the show Sons of Anarchy. He was named after Jax's late brother, Thomas Teller.
The title character in the 1995 American film comedy Tommy Boy
Thomas the Tank Engine, the leading character in Reverend W.V. Awdry's children's books and the British and American television adaptations
Tom Sawyer, the boastful, playful hero of Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The lead character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. The term Uncle Tom was later used pejoratively to describe a black man who behaved subserviently toward white people.
A character in the legend of Lady Godiva named Tom gave rise to the term Peeping Tom, still used today to describe a voyeur of unaware person(s), most usually in a sexual context.
tom sawyer is also a song that the band rush sing
Dr. Thomas Wayne, Batman's father (DC comics)
Thomas O'Malley in the movie Aristocats.
Thomas - protagonist of the film/book trilogy "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner
Thomas Barrow, under butler on television show Downton Abbey
Thomas Quiner from The Little House series
Thomas Wagner, a character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Thomas J. Whitmore, U.S. President in the 1996 Film "Independence Day" aka ID4 , and was the ex-President in the 2016 sequel "Resurgence"
Thomas Vanderbilt , First President of the United Federation of Planets, in the Star Trek Franchise, according to
Thomas Light, Doctor who appears in the Mega Man video game series, Dr. Light created Mega Man
Thomas "House" Conklin , character in the "Police Academy" Film series
Thomas' English Muffins
Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Hooker, main character played by William Shatner in the police drama TV series "T.J. Hooker"
Thomas Veil, main character in the TV series "Nowhere Man" which aired from 1995 to 1996 on UPN

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