April Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: AY-pril (key)

Origin of the name April:

Derived from the Latin aprilis (second, latter). The ancient Roman calendar began with the month of March, with April being the second month. Var: April.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Avril, Abril

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Comments and insights on the name April

This name was most popular for babies born in the 1980s.

I have a best friend named April. Her mom wanted to name her Appril. I think April is a really nice name and that you should name your daughter April.

Personal experiences with the name April

My cousin is named April. Her parents named her and her sister (my other cousin) after the months they were born in; January and April. Personally, I believe they look exactly like the months they were born in; April has lots of freckles, chocolate brown eyes and straight, red hair. January has pale skin, long straight platinum blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. Crazy, huh?

This is my name and I love it. Not too many people that I know, or ever knew, have it--just a few. I'm glad to have a name that is not too popular or too unusual.

My name is April. I'm 31 years old. All through school, there was only 1 other girl with my name. I've heard the 'Where's May/June/July?' jokes a million times too (my initials are AMJ, so I heard about it really bad!). And I regularly get asked if I was born in April (which I wasn't). I personally hate the name (for myself). I don't think it suits me at all and all nicknames for it are horrid. Also, I can rarely find personalized items (like keychains, notepads, mini license plates) with my name on it. Which I find really odd since it's on every calendar ever made. But I guess it isn't that common because now I only know 2 other people with my name, and both are my age.

April happens to be my name. I guess the only annoying thing about having this name are the "Where's June/May/July?" comments that older people think are very amusing and the fact that if you are not born in the MONTH of April, you can get annoyed at being asked the question, "Where you born in April" over and over again. Other than that, its a pretty neat name to have.

My name is April and I was born in April. I hear that question ALL THE TIME...."where you born in April?" then when I say yes, it's not so funny anymore.

I'm an April. Generally, most people remark that my name is lovely and I enjoy it. However, it can be aggravating in March, when it seems that everyone is talking about you, only to discover they are only making plans for next month. Also, I once had a person not show up to an appointment because he had written "April" on his calendar on the day I was to make a site visit for my job. He had looked at the calendar and couldn't figure out why he jotted the month down on the month itself and so left and did something else for the day . . .

Nicknames for April

-My little brother couldn't say April growing up so he called me eyeball LOL
-Depending on middle name, nicknames can be AJ, AK, AA, AC, AD, etc.

Meanings and history of the name April

Opening - referring to the opening of the flowers in Spring;

Famous real-life people named April

April Holmes - Paralympic Athlete
April Grace - Actress
April Scott - Actress
April Rose - Model
April Kry - singer ( April Rose Krysiuk)
April Bowlby - Actress
April Guccione - Wife of the founder of magazine 'penthouse', Bob Guccione
April Mendez, a WWE Diva better known as AJ Lee

April in song, story & screen

April Ludgate, main character in the TV series Parks & Recreation
April Burns, main character in the movie "Pieces of April"
Dr. April Kepner, character on TV show "Grey's Anatomy"
April Scott, a character on the Australian soap opera "Home and Away"
April Nardini, Luke Danes' brainy daughter character on "Gilmore Girls"
April O'Neil, character in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" TV series
April Hoffman, character in the movie "Definitely, Maybe"
April, character in "Hot Chick"
There is an April in the Twilight series too. A minor minor part in one of the books.

"Wake Up, April," song by Promise Ring
"April Come She Will", song by Simon and Garfunkel
"Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers" in the movie Bambi
"April Shower" by Dru Hill

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