Caroline Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KA-rə-liyn (key)

Origin of the name Caroline:

A feminine form of the Latin Carolus, which is a cognate of Charles (full-grown, a man, a freeman). Var: Carey, Cari, Carri, Carrie, Kari, Karrie.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Carol, Carolina, Carolyn

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Comments and insights on the name Caroline

Caroline, Coraline and Cornelia are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

So, my name is Caroline Grace and I love its uncommonality and you never forget Caroline Grace. everywhere i go people rave about how they love my name.
Caroline is infamous for having songs written about her and extreme charm on everyone in her sorroundings people feel compeld to write songs for us and they always become popular.
When i have a little girl i plan on naming her "Caroline Grace" because i love the name that everyone loves enough to make music about(having so many songs to
relate to.) CareBear Carrie Care-Care are nicknames vommonly associated and even though im 16 ive found it really cute.

People with this name tend to be Unforgettingly Beautiful Well loved by others, unique, intelligent, musical and to make friends easily.

We named our daughter Caroline

My sister's 18 year old daughter is named Caroline; her father objected that it was too classy and royal (think Princess Caroline

My name is Caroline and I am often called Carolyn, but some people also mix my name up with Catherine. Caroline was a popular name when I was born but strangely I have never known any other Carolines, just Carolyns, so I never felt like it was a "very popular" name.

Personal experiences with the name Caroline

People with the name Caroline are typically obsessed over and hold a beauty like no other deep inside even if they wanna cry youll always see them laugh. Carolines are incredibly musical as well as the people who gave her the name.
Carolines laughs are like songs. They are music and thats why people feel the need to make so many songs about them.
Caroline's do have a tendancy to be rebels but with the right love can be tied down. Every Caroline ive met have been so sweet and beautiful and smart. Just be careful, Carolines have a certain spell to them to where youll never be able to getthem out of your head.

Frequently confused with "Carolyn"
Last syllable usu. pron. "line" but sometimes pron. "lyn"
Spanish variant: "Carolina" (pron. kar-o-LEE-na)

my BEST FRIEND'S name is caroline, and it fits her really well. she's really funny, and wild and crazy.

My daughter's middle name is Caroline, which pairs nicely with her first name, Florence. I wanted it to be her middle name because Caroline is growing in popularity and I wanted my baby's first name to be more unique. All in all I think it's lovely and I hope she likes it.

My best friend's name is Caroline and she is the most generous and kind person you will ever meet.

Nicknames for Caroline

C.C., Cece, Caddie, Cal, Cali, Callie, Carly, Carlie, Car, Cara, Care, Care-bear, Caro, Carol, Carolina-Lu, Carrie, Cari, Cary, Carey, Lin, Lina, Lina-Lu, Liney, Linny, Rory, Za'an, Nina, Ni

Meanings and history of the name Caroline

Latin: "Beautiful woman"
Italian: "Music"
French: "Song of Happiness"
English: "Joy"
American & Scottish: Song of Joy

Famous real-life people named Caroline

Caroline Grace
Caroline of Ansbach was the German wife of English King George II in the 18th century
Lady Caroline Lamb had a famous liaison with poet Lord Byron
Caroline (Quiner) Ingalls, mother of author Laura Ingalls Wilder
Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, daughter of American President John F. Kennedy
Caroline Healey Dall, American suffragist
Caroline Schemerhorn Astor, Head of New York Society 1880's-1900's
Caroline Lee Hentz, American writer
Caroline Julia Bartlett, American reformer
Caroline Scott Harrison, First Lady and wife of Benjamin Harrison
Caroline White Soule, American religious leader
Caroline Kennedy, American author and attorney
Caroline Burckle, American swimmer
Caroline Wozniacki, Danish tennis player
Princess Caroline of Monaco

Caroline in song, story & screen

"Sweet Caroline," a song by Neil Diamond, and done in Glee
"Caroline in the City," TV show
Caroline Ingalls, a character in "Little House on the Prairie"
"The Hills of Caroline" a song by Vince Gill
Caddie Woodlawn, heroine of the best-selling pioneer novel, whose full name was Caroline Augusta Woodlawn
"Caroline," a song by David Gray
"Caroline No," a song by the Beach Boys
"Caroline," a song by Concrete Blonde
Caroline Farrell, aka Echo, a character in "Dollhouse"
"Caroline" by MC Solaar, a well-known song in France
"Caroline" song by Brandi Carlile (featuring Elton John)
Caroline Forbes, the intelligent, type A blonde on The Vampire Diaries
"Caroline", a French childrens' book series
"Caroline" is mentioned in "Roses" by Oatkast, but not favorably.
"Caroline" is an unseen character in the single-player campaign of Portal 2
Caroline, one of the main characters in "2 Broke Girls"

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