Charlotte Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: SHAHR-lət (key)

Origin of the name Charlotte:

Feminine diminutive form of Charles (full-grown, a man), which originated in France but is just as commonly used in England.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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I named my daughter Charlotte. I didn't realize how popular the name was! Charlotte is currently 7 years old and is loving, caring and beautiful! Love the name

It's become very popular because Prince William and Kate Middleton named their daughter that.

Personal experiences with the name Charlotte

My daughter is Charlotte Genevieve, and I was a was on the fence about the two lengthy "old fashion" per se names throughout my pregnancy but I find myself loving it more and more each day. although, we do happen to call her Tia more than Charlotte and I have fallen in love with this nickname ever so deeply. I find it to be a sweet, refreshing nn from the normal Lottie or Char, however some people are off put by this nickname because of the Spanish term for aunt, but I just love it so much I don't seem to mind it at all :-)
I am Charlotte Yvonne (ya-von, not e-von) and I've always loved my name. Charlotte was my grandmother and I have one cousin, 15 years older than me, named Charlotte Jonelle; (I never liked her name). There was only one other Charlotte in my school, and then not until high school. I never had any of the nicknames associated with Charlotte, and I'm glad. A few lazy people will refer to me as Char occasionally, but I attribute this to the general bastardization of the English language rather than an abbreviation for Charlotte. Like others, the most frustrating thing about being named Charlotte is the common misspellings, for me it was Charolette. I think it sounds best when paired with a two syllable name, but I could be bias.

We named our first daughter Charlotte Elise. We love the name and I think our daughter does too. We call her Lottie. I think as she gets older (3 years old now) she will love it even more.

I'm 22 and my name is Charlotte Victoria. Although I like my first and middle name combination (my middle name is my mom's name), growing up, I never really liked my first name. And I still feel on-the-fence about it. Luckily though, I never had any peers with my name. It wasn't until my 3rd year of college that I shared my name with a classmate. I never had a nickname, too. I think I like Lottie, but it's a little too late for me to start going by another name :)

My name is Charlotte Elizabeth. I'm 19 years old and I've always loved my name. Its beautiful, strong, elegant, classy, and feminine. Being an uncommon name I have only met one other Charlotte in my life. I like being the only Charlotte in any given setting, rather then being the third Emily in a classroom. I get a lot of complements on my name which has given me confidence. The only downside I've encountered with my name is that people usually don't know how to spell it correctly. Some nicknames that I've been called are Char, Char Char, and Lottie but I prefer Charlotte. I think its a great name for any girl to have. name is Charlotte; I'm 52 years old. In all honesty? Growing up..I hated my name. It was long; computer readouts always chopped it at "Charlot". It was hard to spell; hard to remember. I got called Sherrie; Sharon; Charlene; Charla..most everything but Charlotte. My nickname was "Charshie"..which caught on because my little sister couldn't say--Charlotte. And..the only other "Charlotte" I knew was a little old lady across the way who always wore red ankle socks with short pants and chain smoked. Kids read comic books back then--one of the most popular was this big fat blonde girl--Lottie. I fought my weight when I was younger; you can guess how that went.

After decades of grappling with my name..a while just kind of grew on me. Somewhere in there it went from--snide comments ("why didn't your mom just name you something easy?") to--sophisticated. Its a strong name--I'm a strong person..and I'm proud of that. I hear comments now like..elegant; Victorian; feminine--but strong..and beautiful. Its not a wimpy name--ask anyone whose had to carry it around for a lifetime. I love my name but..I had to grow into it.

We named our daughter Charlotte Mary because we wanted a timeless name as well as one not-so-common and not often associated with nicknames. We wanted something that sounded classy, southern, strong and yet feminine... Charlotte fit all of these things perfectly! Our little red headed blue eyed 2 year old is extremely smart, funny, kind, feminine, independent and strong!!! We paired her name with Mary to honor the Virgin mother, which doubled perfectly as a Southern sounding name! I had loved that name since I was a child, as Charlotte's web was one of my all time favorite books. Also, Charlotte Bronte is one of my favorite writers. Admittedly so, I also got a kick out of the more "old fashioned" morals of "Charlotte" on the hit show "Sex and the City".

I named my daughter Charlotte Annabelle, and we call her Charlie for short. We always get comments on her name about how pretty it is and uncommon without being "out there." We, so far, have not met any other Charlottes or Charlies.

I think Charlotte is becoming more common. In the last year I have met 2 babies named Charlotte, I think its going to be a bit hit especially since old names are hot right now.

When I named my daughter Isabel in 1998, I worried that Isabel would be too popular -- turned out that of the five baby girls born to our Lamaze class, three were named Charlotte. That said, I don't run into a lot of Charlottes at school ten years later. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Or subliminal messages from our Lamaze instructor?

We considered Charlotte for a girl as a way to honor Pope John Paul II. His Polish name was Karol, which is Charles in English. Hence Charlotte. (We opted to name our daughter after my grandmother instead, but I still love this name.)

We named our daughter Charlotte (born June, 2008), but we call her "Lottie". We get such warm and excited responses when we tell people her name and nickname. Charlotte is a beautiful name, but "Lottie" is so cute and sweet, and that's exactly how our little baby is!

My name is Charlotte, and I never really liked my name. It is pretty uncommon, and I never liked that growing up. It also is not pronounced like it is spelled- people often spell it "Sharlet" or "Charlit". It is a very feminine name, but also weak. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you call her by a nickname.

I'm 19 years old, and my name is Charlotte. I think it's a beautiful, classy, smart name. I get lots of compliments on it. I used to hate it when I was little, but now I'm SO glad that my name isn't Brittany or Ashley or Emily. My nickname is just Char, which is alright but gets pronounced "CH ar" instead of the appropriate "SH ar". I think if you're going to name your daughter Charlotte, you should call her Charlie or Lottie. Those are way cuter. My middle name is Ann--a simple name, but it works well.

I'm 18, and my name is Charlotte... I like the heritage of my name I guess but I always disliked how common it was there were 5 of us in my maths class... It's a weak sounding name though admittably very feminine, and delicate... It often gets mispronounced or spelt which I find incredibly annoying considering it's so common... I often get called CHARlut, SHALLot, when it should be pronounced Sharlet, which then leads to misspellings... It's a nice name but it doesn't suit me at all... I'm a tomboy, and delicate, weak and ladylike perhaps isn't the right angle for my name... On the upside it's easy to shorten and my friends call me Charley (which also somehow gets mispronounced as Sharley grrr)...

I am going to name my daughter Charlotte Rose, but I know that I am going to call her Charo. It just seems so cute, and different, not many Charlotte's nicknames are Charo, it's usually 'Charlie' or 'Lottie'.

My daughter (born in 2009) is called Charlotte Alena. We both loved the name as it is pretty and traditional and Charles is a family name for both sides of the family. We intended to use the nickname Lottie, but have always called her by her full name in the end. Although it is meant to be quite a common name at the moment, we have only come across one other Charlotte locally, 2 years younger than mine.

My name is Charlotte Emily, but I just go by Charlie, not really because I prefer it, I like both, it's just that Charlie Kent sounds WAY better than Charlotte Kent. Also, it was a great way to confuse people when I was younger when I introduced myself as Charlotte, but everyone else kept talking about a Charlie who they thouht was a boy :)

:::::;;;::::::Hi, my name is Noah and I have six children, and will be having my seventh in January. Their names ::::::::::::::::::::are Emmet James and Ryan Paige ( girl and boy twins, 13) then we had Penelope Iris ( we call her :::::::::::::Pip, 11) following her was Eric John jr.( we call him E.J, 10) then was Kathrine Ann 2nd ( we call her ::::::::::::Katie, 9) following her was Geoffrey Andrew ( we call him Geoffie, 8) and then Sean Christan ( We call ::::::::::::::::him Seanie, 4) I am now deciding on the name Charlotte Mae, for our daughter, I think it will fit great ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::with my kids. Emmet, Ryan, Pip, E.J. Katie, Geoffie, Seanie, and Charlotte, we may Call her Charlie!

My niece's name is Charlotte and I was only 4 when she was born so that was the first time I ever heard the name and I still remember learning to spell it. I really like it, it just sounds really nice. I have only ever met one other Charlotte besides her and they both have similar strawberry blonde hair so that's the
image I get in my head when someone says the name

I'm 14 and I haven't always liked my name because it was really annoying when people spelt it wrongly, like Sharlot, or pronounced it wrongly. There was a teacher who even managed to mess up and call me Shallot! But now, I love my name because all my nicknames are sweet. People call me Chocolate, Bubble Tea... my worst was in Singlish (I'm Singaporean.). People called me Cha-low-tea (singlish for bread with something spread on top) because I loved honey and bread and brought it for recess in my lunch box almost everyday. Now I go by Carly Low and my friends know me as Carlotta or Sharly. People say I seem so girly that Charlie is weird but Charlotte and Carlotta are way too girly because I'm a perfect mix of gal and guy! So I go by Carly.Charlotte is a really girly name but its classy, elegant and strong.My parents named me for all those reasons because I was premature. But I was really strong and my parents wanted me to be free of those awful tubes. I love my name now although I wanted to be different when I was younger...I wanted to be the first Chrysanthemum that lived. People now say classy, girly, elegant, strong Charlotte now suits me and I strive to prove the girly wrong, but I must admit I'm (head) strong, though people say I am strong, and classy and elegant when I try really hard or forced into it. ;)

I'm about to turn 19 and my name is Charlotte Opal. When I was a kid, I struggled with t's and hard sounds so I called myself Charly. Around high school or so, I stopped caring about the name people called me so much. Charly suits me, since I look very alternative with brightly colored hair and ripped and bleach stained clothes, but I prefer to be called Charlotte in more professional and classroom settings, just because it makes me sound more mature and elegant. People have called me all sorts of things, Charles and Charmander (I had orange/red hair at the time) were my favorites, but in musical theatre circles people call me Lottie or little Lottie, after the Phantom of the Opera song. I've also been called Chara, Chuck, and Charl.

My best friend since high school was born Charlotte Rose. She is the funniest, kind-hearted, most trustworthy person I know and the best friend I could ever ask for. Ever since then I always said I would name a daughter after her, even after she legally changed her name to Joanna when we got older. I kept that promise, and in 2012 my daughter Charlotte Rose was born. Little Charlotte really lives up to her namesake-she's a funny, sweet little girl. I very often get complimented on how beautiful and friendly her name sounds, so I'm glad I knew the 'original' Charlotte as I never would've picked the name otherwise!

Nicknames for Charlotte

Char Char
Charleston chew
Rock n roll
Best person in the world everrrrrrrrrrrrr

Meanings and history of the name Charlotte

Charlotte \ch(ar)-lotte, charl(ot)-te\ as a girl's name is pronounced SHAR-let. It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Charlotte is "free man". French feminine dimunitive of Charles, used in England since the 17th century, and made popular by Queen Charlotte, George III's wife (19th century).

Famous real-life people named Charlotte

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Of Cambridge, second born of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Younger Sister to Prince George Alexander Louis Of Cambridge, and fourth in line to the British throne.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman - American writer and sociologist
Charlotte Armstrong - American author
Charlotte Church - Welsh singer
Charlotte Martin - American singer
Charlotte Rae - American actress
Charlotte Gainsbourg - French actress and singer
Charlotte Hawkins Brown - American educator
Charlotte Sheffield - Miss USA 1957
Charlotte Tomlinson - Sister of One Direction member, Louis Tomlinson
Charlotte Kemp Muhl - American fashion model
Charlotte Caffey - American guitarist and songwriter
Charlotte Cecilia Leitch - American golfer
Charlotte Grace Prinze - daughter of American actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Charlotte Bronte - English Author of Jane Eyre
Charlotte-Letitia Crosby- British reality star
Charlotte Moore- Principal's daughter and Oxford applyee (b. 1999)

Charlotte in song, story & screen

Charlotte Branwell, character in the book series "Infernal Devices" by Cassandra Clare
Charlotte 'Charlie' Buckton,character used to be on Australian Soap "Home and Away"
Charlotte Anne Jane, character on CBS's "The mentalist"
Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, character on ABC's "Pushing Daisies"
"Charlotte's Web," by E. B. White
"Charlotte Sometimes," a song by The Cure
"Charlotte Sometimes," a novel by Penelope Farmer
Charlotte York, a character in the TV series "Sex and the City"
Good Charlotte (rock band)
"I Am Charlotte Simmons," Tom Wolfe novel
"Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte," film and song
"The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle," by Avi (Young Adult Literature )
Charlotte Johanssen, character in The Baby-Sitters Club books
Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan, title character of "Good Luck Charlie"
Charlotte Lucas, character in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
Charlotte Palmer, character in Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility"
Countess Charlotte Malcolm, the jealous wife of a philandering husband in Stephen Sondheim's "A Little Night Music"
Dr. Charlotte King a character in TV show "Private Practise"
Charlotte Beverwil, a character in the "Poseur" series by Rachel Maude
Charlotte La Bouff (called "Lottie"), a character in Disney's "The Princess and the Frog"
Charlotte Lewis, a character in the television series "Lost," is a cultural anthropologist on a mission to the island where Oceanic Flight 815 crashed
Charlotte, a fictional Maine Coon kitty character in the story Adventure Wonders
Charlotte Alice Katherine Enright, aka Charlie, a fictional protagonist in the story The Lottie Project by Jacqueline Wilson
Charlotte Quiner Holbrook from The Little House series
Charlotte "Lottie" Holbrook from The Little House series
Charlotte Clarke, In Abc's show "Revenge"
Charlotte, the name of the fictional comet in the anime
Charlotte "Cece" Drake- Alison's and Spencer's sister on Pretty little liars
Charlotte Bolton, a main character in the Nickelodeon TV series "Henry Danger"

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