Constance Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KAHN-stehns (key)

Origin of the name Constance:

English cognate of the French Constantia, which is derived from the Latin constans (standing together, constancy).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Connie, Constanza

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Comments and insights on the name Constance

I named my baby Constance as it's an old fashioned name, but really pretty and feminine (I'm not into the Androgynous names that everyone names their kids). We wanted to give her a name that didn't sound like everyone else like Aiden, Brayden, Caden, Addison, etc.

Everyone that comes up to us says how wonderfully beautiful her name is. She's an "old soul" baby, which is kind of ironic for her name. :)

Does Constance mean to be constant?

Yes, it means constant, steadfast, and knowledgeable.

Personal experiences with the name Constance

I was named after my great-grandmother, and like with her, everyone called me Connie. Growing up, my name was a mouthful. Any nine-letter name would be difficult for a five year old. I didn't think anything of it until I began to realize the connection between a person's name and how people perceived them. Constance is such a strong, intelligent, and sophisticated name. I found a poem about the name Constance that I identified with and when I moved to a new school in high school, I 'reinvented' myself as Constance. Goodbye childhood Connie (which to me was a perfect name for a hair dresser from Queens- not bad, but not me), hello adult Constance. That is, until people realized that the word constipated shared quite a few letters with my regal, glorious name. Yikes! I've been Constance for over ten years now and I have learned that my name is still a mouthful and even adults find it difficult to pronounce. It doesn't run off the tongue as easily, I'm told. My friends have started calling me CeCe, C$ (C-money), and even Stan. Those are all fun but I still prefer Constance. I recently found out that there's a Mount Constance in the Olympic Mountains (Wa state) and a street in New Orleans named Constance. In Germany, there's a lake. I leave with the poem that made me love my name!

You're solid and steady
Seldom do you sway
You rarely relent
Until you get your way
You're usually confident
And self-assured
You certainly don't lack
The strength to endure
Your feet are planted firmly
To always keep you stable
And you always will remain
Powerful and able

My mother's name is Constance, and I think it is just beautiful. I wish she went by her full name, rather than the nickname Connie. We plan to give our first daughter Constance as a middle name.

A friend of mine from school, her name was Constantina. Her parents were Macedonian, and her younger brother's name was Phillip. It was quite strange, because she was older than him, and they were both born in New Zealand(KIWI PRIDE), yet Phillip had a stronger accent than Constantina. I still can't figure out why.
I find Constantine, Constantina, and other variations to sound beautiful; very majestic and regal.

My middle name is Constance after my grandmother, who was a lovely person, so kind and fun. As an adult I love the name and think it's beautiful and daring, but when I was younger I felt too little for it and wanted a cutsie and common middle name like Marie. It goes well with my first name, Natasha, which dresses up the seriousness of Constance.

My name's Costanza,here in Italy is not common but I really like it,it sounds regal and graceful!

Nicknames for Constance

Con, Connie, CeCe, Stan, Consti, Stanzi (nickname for Mozart's wife in "Amadeus"),Coni, Tansy, Tancy, Anne, Ona, Onzi

Meanings and history of the name Constance

Constance means "constancy, faithfulness", and comes from Latin.
It can also be a geographical name, after the town and lake by this name on the German-Swiss border.
Other forms of this name are Constancia, Constanze (German), Constanza (Italian), Konstanze (German)

Famous real-life people named Constance

Constance of Sicily, mother of Holy Roman Emperior Frederick II
Constanze Mozart, wife of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Constance Spry, pioneering English floral designer
Constance Ramos, interior designer on HGTV.
Constance Mary Lloyd (1858-1898), wife of Oscar Wilde.
Constantia Romilly, activist and daughter of Jessica Mitford.
Constance Bennett, American actress
Constance Marie, American actress, best known for her role as Angie on the "George Lopez Show".
Veronica Lake was born Constance Frances Marie Ockelman
Constance "Connie" Glynn, youtuber by the name of "Noodlerella"

Constance in song, story & screen

Constance Blackwood, character in Shirley Jackson's "We Have Always Lived in the Castle".
Constanze "Stanzi" Mozart, character in the play and film "Amadeus".

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