Heather Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: HEH-dher (key)

Origin of the name Heather:

Taken from the name of the plant having very small scale-like leaves and purplish-pink flowers. The word is derived from the Old English haddyr (heather, plants of the heath family).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Heather

Long ago, the moors were very lonely because nothing would grow there. Every plant they asked refused, and the moors were even more desolate than usual. Finally word got around to the plucky little heather who cheerfully volunteered. And ever since, the heather has not only grown but thrived on the moors which are more beautiful and less lonely as a result.

Heather = selfless and caring; survives, thrives even in difficult circumstances

Heather (fabric) In clothing, heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade (e.g., heather green), but any two colors can be mixed, including bright colors.

Personal experiences with the name Heather

I'm a Heather born in '69, pretty much the peak of popularity for my name. I love the name Heather! It can be anything I want; strong & firm, soft/sexy/sensual, or just casual & comfortable. I don't need to explain how to pronounce it, and almost no one spells it wrong. (The movie Heathers came out shortly after I graduated with the 3 other Heathers I hung around with, if we weren't so nice, it could've been about us. lol)

I am a Heather born in 1974. I love my name. It is strong, feminine, caring, kind, emotional, silly and more. In high school there were 7 other Heathers in my graduating class so I am guessing it was popular to name us around 74-75. LOL. Because of the prettiness of my name, I chose to give my girls unique names too. Heathers rock! :)

My name is Heather- Alot of friends had name bracelets, necklaces, etc., my grandma bought me something a little more unique- heather earrings. Instead of having my name though, they had real heather blossoms inside the earrings. I loved them, and still have them.

It's almost too common of a name. I've actually come across a Heather with the same last name as me. I don't particularly find it the most attractive name, but it's not the most unattractive. I think Heather's are on the creative and artistic side of things. I have a step-mom who calls me Heath (pronounced 'Heth'). Blech. Or people will snap my name when calling me over, like "H'ther". I get old jokes like "Heather, how's the weather?" or "Heather! Light as a feather."

Nicknames for Heather

"HEATH" OR "HEATHY", Heat, Hev, Hattie, Haddyr (Old English) and Haedre (Old English)
Feather, Angel (play on Feather)
"heh-heh" "header header" (pronounced just like the header of a document)

Meanings and history of the name Heather

The girl's name Heather \he(a)-ther\ is pronounced HEH-ther. It is of Middle English origin. Flower name: an evergreen flowering plant that thrives on peaty barren lands, as in Scotland.

Famous real-life people named Heather

Heather Locklear - American actress
Heather Thomas - American actress
Heather Headley - American singer
Heather Graham - American actress
Heather Morris - American actress and dancer
Heather Mitts - Former US Women's National Soccer Player
Heather O'Rourke - American actress
Heather O'Reilly - US Women's National Soccer Player
Heather Small - English soul singer, dancer
Heather B- Rapper
Heather Mills - Reality Star
Heather McCartney - Photographer
Heather Dubrow - Actress. 'Real Housewives of Orange County' reality show.
Heather Tom - Soap Opera actress
Heather Whitestone - Model
Heather Thomson - Reality actress
Heather Sossaman - Actress
Heather Matarazzo - Actress, 'The Princess Diaries'1 & 2
Heather Russel - Singer
Heather Cox - Popular Youtuber
Heather Langenkamp - Actress
Heather Hemmens - Actress
Heather Lindsay - Entrepreneur
Heather Headley - R&B Singer
Heather Menzies - actress
Heather Watson - Tennis Player
Heather Peace - Actress
Heather Hunter - Model
Heather Brewer - Author
Heather Hopper - Actress
Heather Burns - Actress
Heather Catania - Fashion designer
Heather Lee Fazz - Youtuber
Heather Marks - Model
Heather Nicole - Pop Singer
Heather Donahue - Actress
Heather Angel - Actress
Heather Hahn - Blogger
Heather Marter - Reality star\

Heather in song, story & screen

"Heathers" - movie starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The Heathers represent the "popular" clique in a suburban high school. All of the members are named Heather, with the later exception of Ryder's character, Veronica.

In the comic strip "Peanuts," Heather is the name of the Little Red-Haired Girl, the object of Charlie Brown's unrequited crush.

Song by the band Heavens- Heather
Perry Como Song - tulips and heather
Gene Kelly song from Brigadoon - Heather on the Hill
"Heather Honey"- pop song from the sixties by Tommy Roe

Heather Mason, main character from survival-horror video game "Silent Hill 3"
Heather Hudson the alter ego of Vindicator of Alpha Flight in Marvel comics
Heather Cameron, Lifeguard in the X-Men books

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