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Jelena, Galina

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My mother told me that the spelling of my name she altered and that my name originally was Russian.....I googled Russian baby girls name and this is what I found
GALINA (Hebrew: גָּלִינָה, Russian: Гали́на):
Hebrew form of Greek Helénē, possibly meaning "torch."
Russian feminine form of Roman Latin Galenus, meaning "calm, tranquil."
the site that I found this information at is 2000-NAMES.COM and the link is:

Personal experiences with the name Jalanea

My mom fell in love with this name at age 16 and 4 years later when I was born that was the name she choose. My name is pronounced just like it is spelled, Ja-lane-a. The original spelling is Galina and my mom altered the spelling so that it was spelled out phonically correct and spelled the way that the name is pronounced. Despite her best effort this backfired and even though I get complements on my name all the time people cannot pronounce or spell my name correctly. I do love the originality of my name and am glad that I wasnt given a "plan Jane" name

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My mom didnt believe in nicknames. She said that if she wanted to call us a name other than the name she named us she would of named us the nickname to begin with.

Meanings and history of the name Jalanea

femine form of the Roman Latin name Galenus, meaning calm and tranquil
Hebrew form of Greek name Helene, possibly meaning torch
In USA, SSI records indicate that the first year this name was registered was 1970 with 5 girls named Galina and in 1999 there where 14 girls named Galina this is also the highest year on record that this name is used in USA
In my search for meaning and history of name I also came across the name of Jelena which is also Russian in origin and is a form of the name Helen. It also comes from the name Helen(Helena) of Troy. Jelena means shining light. As for popularity, Jelena is much higher than Galina in the USA. According to SSI records the first year name was registered was 1959 with 5 girls being named Jelena. In 1968, the year I was born, 5 girls also where named Jelena (my name is spelled Jalanea but is pronounced the same as Jelena. The highest usage of name was 57 girls a year named Jelena, in the years 2008, 2010 and 2011
In my search for name and history

Famous real-life people named Jalanea

Famous real-life people named Galina:
Galina Ulanova, Russian prima ballerina
Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya, Russian soprano opera singer
Galina Nikolayeva, author (The Harvest)
Galina Peneva Ivanova (AKA Gloria), a Bulgarian pop-rock and folk singer
Galina Vasilyevna Starovoitova, Russian politician and human rights activist

Famous real-life people named Jelena:
Jelena of Zadar, wife of King Mihajlo Krešimir II, Queen of Croatia from 946 to 969
Jelena Lijepa, wife of King Zvonimir, became Queen of Croatia in 1075
Jelena Zrinska, Croatian countess
Jelena Anžujska was a Serbian Queen, wife of Serbian king Stefan Uroš I and mother of kings Dragutin and Milutin. (1230 - February 8, 1314)
Princess Jelena of Serbia was the daughter of King Peter I of Yugoslavia (November 4, 1884 - October 16, 1962)
Jelena Adzic, Canadian journalist with the CBC
Jelena Dokić, Australian tennis player of Serbian and Croatian origin
Jelena Gruba, Queen of Bosnia
Jelena Jensen, an American glamour model and porn star
Jelena Janković, Serbian tennis player
Jelena Karleuša, Serbian singer
Jelena Kostanić Tošić, Croatian tennis player
Jelena Nikolić, Serbian volleyball player
Jelena Rozga, Croatian singer
Jelena Šubić, Croatian princess from the noble Šubić family and mother of Bosnian King Tvrtko
Jelena Tomašević, Serbian singer
Jelena Veljaca, Croatian actress

Jalanea in song, story & screen

Galina in song, story & screen:
Galina, a vampire in the 4th book (Blood Promise) of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series
Galina Konstantin, the villainess from the 2002 Jean-Claude van Damme movie, Derailed
There where no listings for the name Jelena in song, story or screen

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