Kari Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KAHR-ee, KAR-ee (key)

Origin of the name Kari:

Transferred use of an Irish place-name, which is now in common use as a girl’s given name. Alternatively, Kerry is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ciardha (black-haired one).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Carey, Cari, Carrie, Karina, Karrie, Kerri

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Comments and insights on the name Kari

The name "Kari" can be pronounced 2 different ways. The most common way to pronounce "Kari" is the same way you pronounce "Carrie". The other way to say it would rhyme with "sorry" CAR-EE. My name is pronounced just like "Carrie". My name is Kari and people always pronounce my name as Carrie, witch I hate my name rhymes with sorry Carrie is a ugly name. Kari is way better.

12/16/17 Kari pronounced Kare-ee is more common in America, while Kaw-ree is more common in Scandinavia. In the Northwest and Hawai'i I have had 0 problems with this name, and most people like it. I respond to Kare-ee or Kaw-ree if someone has just recently met me. Apparently Kári is a male name in Iceland and Finland, though I have only met women with this name. -KariRose

Personal experiences with the name Kari

12/16/17 I love my name. I was born in 1987 in NW America, and have received a lot of compliments on my name. My name is pronounced Kare-ee, which is the more American way of saying it. My middle name is Rose which makes it very pretty when put together. When I visited Norway (I have some Norwegian ancestry), some of the ladies I met remarked that I have a Scandinavian name. Overall, I would have preferred the pronunciation "Kaw-ree" since it is more traditional. However, I have enjoyed having this name. I just spell it out for people whenever I say it, since it is only 4 letters, and I respond to both Kaw-ree and Kare-ee, I don't really care.

My name is Kari, I am from Scotland and to be honest I hate my name. At school people always make fun of it and I have argued with many a teacher over my name - Katie, Karl, Kerry, Kara, Karie... They tell me that i spell name wrong or that I am saying it wrongly. I tend to use my middle name Lauren a lot although no teacher will let me use it solely. I also use the nickname Kaz as well or my cousins sometimes call me Kala. I prefer using Kaz or Kala or Lauren because people tend not to make fun of it and you don't have much trouble with it.

I was named Kari in California ca.1962. While I was growing up I knew one other girl and a boy each named Kerry. I have met very few people with this name in my 50 years. I have received checks from the bank that say Karl or Karil. It amazes me that such a simple name can be mispronounced so often! Sometimes I go by Karli because it is hard to mess that one up! When I was in 7th grade the horror movie Carrie came out so I was tortured with that. In an effort to make sure my daughter did not suffer such a fate I named her Danica in 1988. Of course the horror movie Danika was released so... like mother like daughter!

My name is Kari and when I was little people always joked around and made me carry things, because my name is Kari. (Kari and carry are said the same way) Also they come up with silly nick names.

My name is Kari and I have always had a miserable time with people mispronouncing it. (The monologue by the babysitter in the bonus tracks of "The Incredibles" sums it up well.) My (Norwegian) grandmother used to say it the Norwegian way, and I can't stand being called "Carrie", "Kerry", "Cory", etc. I used to tell people that the first syllable, Kar, should be pronounced like "the vehicle that you drive" -- this worked well until I visited Massachusetts, and they all said "You mean like a CAH?"

Growing up, I hated my name Kari. Why did my parents want to give me an alternative spelling? I was so irritated about it because it just makes life complicated for a child. But, I am now used to it and couldn't imagine myself as anything else. The only time it has been a very big pain was when I started collage. The university made a mistake on my record and put my name down as Karl. The day I was scheduled to move into the dorms, I realized I had been assigned to the boys' dorm. I had to bring my birth certificate to prove I was really and truly female and it took a few days to get everything corrected. What a nightmare!

My name is Kari and I'm from Norway. It's a pretty normal name here, and not in any way a "weird" name, but it is incredible annoying when people from other countries pronounce my name like Carrie. It's CAR-EE. As in the vehicle and then ee. It's not that hard.

Nicknames for Kari

Care Bear.

Kare Kar

Meanings and history of the name Kari

Norwegian diminutive of Katherine/Karin. Norwegian pronunciation is KAHR-ee.

Famous real-life people named Kari

Kari Byron, American artist and television personality
Kari Matchett, Canadian actress
Kari Michaelson, actress ("Gimme a Break!")
Kari Wührer, American actress
Kari Berg (born 1986), Swedish singer and actress
Kari Bøge (born 1950), Norwegian author
Kari Bremnes (born 1956), Norwegian singer
Kari Corbett (born 1984), Scottish actress
Kari Diesen (1914–1987), Norwegian singer and actress
Kari Aalvik Grimsbø (born 1985), Norwegian handball player
Kari Jobe (born 1981), American singer
Kari Kjønaas Kjos (born 1962), Norwegian politician
Kari Mette Johansen (born 1979), Norwegian handball player
Kari Nissena, American actress
Kari Ann Peniche (born 1984), American model
Kari Rueslåtten (born 1973), Norwegian singer
Kari Storækre (born 1950), Norwegian television personality
Kari Swenson (born 1962), American biathlete
Kari Sylwan (born 1940), Swedish actress, ballerina and choreographer
Kari Tauring (born 1966), American folk singer, author, and teacher
Kari Traa (born 1974), Norwegian skier
Kari Wahlgren (born 1977), American voice actress

Kari in song, story & screen

Kari (KAHR-ee) McKeon, babysitter who must deal with baby Jack's superpowers in the movie "The Incredibles"
Kari Nordmann, the Norwegian equivalent of the "placeholder names" Jane Doe or Jane Q. Public.
"Kari Waits for Me", a very pretty song performed by the Easy Riders in the 1958 film "The Windjammer".
Kari Kamiya, character from Digimon: Adventure, Digimon: Adventure 2 and the coming series Digimon: Adventure Tri

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