Katherine Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KATH-rin (key)

Origin of the name Katherine:

Cognate of the Greek Aikaterinē, the root of which is katharos (pure, unsullied).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Katherine

Katherine is a beautiful girl. She's usually has long brown hair with greenish brown eyes. She's the type of girl who wants to blend in with the lockers but is a natural born leader. Whenever she loves she does it full heartedly. She's always brilliant. She always is there for you even if you've hurt her more times than you can count. She does her best to make everyone laugh even when she's feeling down. She can get a little wild if you spark the passion. Most Katherine's become moms and love children. If you ever get a Katherine don't ever hurt her. This post was by Alice Cordbacker

Personal experiences with the name Katherine

My name is Katherine (I'm a '94) and I really like it, but it can be frustrating because it is pretty common and there are so many girls with similar names (Kaitlyn, Kathleen, Kaylie, Kayla, Kathy, Kate, etc.). My middle name is Pearl for my great-grandma and I think this lends a little individuality. My family always calls me Katie or Katie Pearl, but I use Katherine for school because it sounds more mature. I love that it is so old and has history attached to it, as well as the beautiful meaning "pure". I think it is a great classic choice for any girl, but maybe use it as a middle name if you want the first name to be more unique.

My friends name is 'Katherine' but without the first 'E' so its 'Kathrine'. She is danish and when she moved to America her danish name was too hard to pronounce for most people, so she just went by something that sounded similar. She is very funny and chatty. Also, she has very blonde hair, and so my science teacher and some of my friends call her 'Blondie'. She has a good sense of humor though, so she's not offended by it.

I know a girl named "Katherine" who goes by "Kit" because "Katherine" is too common.

My name is Katherine and I was born in 1977 to a traditional family. I have always gone by the full name. It is such a classic name, I have always liked it. People often call me Elizabeth by mistake - due to the name's features or my own, I am not sure! Now that I am a mother, I don't mind the soft, feminine connotations of the name, but when I was an ingenue, I longed for a clever nickname. "Special K" is pretty common. Another positive note, boys seemed to really like the name.

My name is Mary Katherine and I go by Katherine. I love my name! It is professional and sophisticated, which I love, but it also has several nick-names for younger girls. My friends call me KK, Kate, Kath, and Kat, all fun, yet sophisticated nick-names.

My daughter's name is Katherine Jennifer Cortés(5) after my mother. She passed away 3 months before her birth. She was originally going to be Jennifer, but I am glad I have my Katherine now. I love all the nicknames! She goes by Katie now, but may change it when she is older, which is fine by me. Her older brother's name is Lucas (11).

My name is Kateri (pronounced just like it looks) it is the Native American version of Katherine and I hate it. I think it is crazy, quirky and childish.

My mum is called Katherine, and everyone calls her Kathy. I think it is a beautiful, classic, elegant name and Kathy sounds very proffesional but also fun and friendly. There are also loads of other nicknames for Katherine to suit all types of people.

My little sister is named Katherine. She goes by Kat, and while she likes her name, there are some problems with it. My mom would never have named her Katherine if she had known how popular it was (we were overseas when she was born), and my grandmother has never spelled it the same way twice when sending cards (she gets Kathrine, Kathryn, Katharine, all those with C instead, etc etc).

My friends name is Katherine and people always try to give her the nicknames like Katie, Katy, Kat, Kit and all the rest but she hates them all. She is smart, sensible and really suits the name.

My sister's name is Katherine. She's always been Kate to me, but I think she goes by Katie at work. Her middle is name is Irene (for our mom) and I'm her only sibling, Victoria. Her first name came from our great grandmother, who was Lucy Catherine.

My previous mother-in-law is Catherine Ann, but goes by Cathy. Her siblings are Stanley, Robert & Jack. And her husband's younger sister is Katherine Leeann, but goes by Kathi. Her siblings are Daniel, William, and Michelle.

I also know someone with a young daughter(3) named Katherine, who also goes by Kate. Her middle name is Alayna. She has no siblings yet.

Before I was born in 1975, I was destined to be just another of thousands of Jennifer born that year. Unfortunately, just days before my birth, my mother's sister passed away. Her name was Catherine Mary, and in her honor I was named Katherine Marie instead. I'm glad I had a not-as-common name as, despite being quite a common name, I never had to use my last initial. Mostly I go by the full Katherine, although occasionally friends will call me Kat or Katie. It's a lovely name, and I'm so glad my mother decided to call me Katherine!

I know a girl named Katherine who goes by Kate. I have a pretty neutral opinion on her.

There's a girl in my school named Katherine who goes by Katie. She's the most well-behaved person I know and is one of the few people in our band class that actually cares about band. She even spent break time picking up trash in the school courtyard once, not for a community service or anything.

Nicknames for Katherine

Kit Kat

Meanings and history of the name Katherine

Origin: Greek 'Katheros"
Meaning: Pure, unsullied

Famous real-life people named Katherine

Katherine Evelyn Anita "Katie" Cassidy, American actress
Katherine Anne "Katie" Couric, American newscaster
Katherine Marie Heigl, American actress
Katharine Hope McPhee, American singer and actress
Katherine Sian Moennig, American actress
Katherine Anne Porter, American writer and journalist
Catherine "Kate" Middleton Duchess of Cambridge

Katherine in song, story & screen

Det. Katherine 'Kate' Beckett, an NYPD homicide detective of the TV series "Castle"
Katherine, Anya Seton's novel about Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt
An Abundance of Katherines, a novel by John Green
Izzie Stevens' of ''Grey's Anatomy'' middle name is Katherine
"Kathy" of "Wuthering Heights", by one of the Bronte sisters
Katherine "Kate" Austen of the TV series "Lost"
Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) In The Vampire Diaries
Katherine "Kit Kat", from the film About Time (2013)
Katherine "Kitty" Pryde from the X-Men comics
Katherine "Kitty" Song Covey from Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before book series

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