Laura Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LAW-rə (key)

Origin of the name Laura:

Derived from the Latin laurus (laurel, an evergreen shrub or tree whose leaves were woven into wreaths by the ancient Greeks to crown victors in various contests). Originally a Latin name, Laura came into use in England in the 19th century, and is now popularly bestowed throughout the English-speaking world.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Laurel, Lauren, Laurie, Lolly, Lori

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Comments and insights on the name Laura

I was named Laura in 1987 when it was still pretty popular and I have always loved it. The amount of Laurens around my age has always made me defensive when it comes to my name. Nothing gets me going more than when I tell someone my name is Laura after they mistakenly call me Lauren and they respond, "Well, it's the same thing..." I even told a new boyfriend about this once and he responded "Wait, your name isn't Lauren? I thought Laura was your nickname." I was floored. That being said, I always have found it funny how many of my best friends growing up were named Laura or Lauren. Those days are over now that many parents aim for unique names.

Graced with this name by my older sister, I used to hate it. Now, I realize how lucky I am to have something so completely timeless. I will admit that I don't think the name Laura conjures up images of pigtails and frilly pink dresses but it will definitely age well.

Laura was the "We both like it and can't find anything wrong with it" compromise name that has happily grown with me. The only drawbacks? Kids have trouble with 'L's or 'R's. My brother couldn't say 'r's as a kid and I got "Lola". It's been my nickname for 39 of 41 years. It's a lovely name in full. Frilly, but not too much so and still strong and completely feminine. It's been a pleasure to be named Laura.

I can really relate to the L's-and-R's issue! I was born in 1965 and given that name at the height of its huge swell of popularity. As I grew up, I noticed, with growing irritation, two things: one was that when teachers would call on me in class, there would always be at least one other Laura and quite often, TWO other Lauras that also thought they were being called on. This made for a distinct sense of non-uniqueness, which I think I set about to make up for by being as weird and offbeat as I could be in every other way. The other annoyance was phonics-based. My last name being "Carlson", I noticed that it sounded like a whole handful of marbles was rolling around in the mouth of anyone who spoke my full name. Unfortunately this tended to sound exactly like a recurring speech impediment in developmentally-disabled people. That is the kind of thing that mean kids that liked to pick on me jumped ALL over. As soon as I was away from home in college, I immediately changed my name to "Demimonde". A name is more important than most people realise. It's not just a person's identity; it is the very syllables that summon that person's attention, all through the years of his or her life! If you don't like how your own name sounds, you are going to end up possibly not feeling as good about yourself as you should. Make sure you give your child a euphonious name. And if s/he ends up finding it unsuitable, hopefully you'll do as my own dear mother has done for me. She calls me by the name I gave myself. It's really a very high honour.

What kind of a name is Demimonde? I never heard of it!

Before I was born my parents were hippies, and they believed I was suppose to be the next messiah. They stuck there fingers ina name book and landed ona boys name Cosmos ( no offense to those out there named Cosmos, but yuck) anyway...I was going to be Cosmos Hagood, but when I came out of the womb breach, and everyone knew I was a girl, I got to be Laura Kathryn, instead. These are both of my grandmother's names, because I am the first of 3 daughters. I feel so blessed and connected to my grandmother's being named after them. I am turning 28 in less then two weeks, and they are both still alive. I talk to them regularly and feel very special,because I have a name sake. I used to be indifferent about my name until High school, now I feel like my name is perfect for me,a nd I love how it looks hand written. Laura is a beautiful name, passed thorugh generations in my family. :)

I was named Laura to continue a line of Lau- names that goes back three generations. My great-grandfather was Laurence Roland, his daughter, my great-aunt was Nancy Laurette and my aunt is Lauraine Clare. Unfortunately Laurence and Nancy both passed before my grandmother married and neither my aunt or myself was able to meet them. My middle name, Elizabeth, was the middle name of both my great-grandmothers on my mother's side. I am proud of my name heritage and although I have been in school, college, church and work with other Laura's I would not change my name for anything.

I am a Laura too. I was named after my aunt, who is also a Laura. -sigh- My mom expected me to be a boy, because appartently everyone on my dad's side of the family are boys, I have 3 older brothers. I was supposed to be something like "Stormy Moody Miles", "Samson Holy Ghost Gary", "Steven Gary", Idk. :) I turned out to be a girl, and my mom didn't have ANY girl names in store, so she looked at the two girls in the delivery room, Laura, her sister and Lois, her mom, and named me Laura Lois. Now in the family, I'm Little Laura, Laura Lois, Pumpkin or Baby :) Lol. I don't mind my name, because out a huge school of about 3,000 kids, I am the only Laura :) Suprising, eh? There arnt any lowerclassmen that are named Laura, either. A handful of Laurens, even Loreenas, no Lauras :) I can just write "Laura" on all my homework sheets :) I plan on using Laura as my daughters middle name (if I have one).

I really came to appreciate being named Laura as I noticed young women being discounted who had names that made them sound childish: Cathy, Katie, Stacy, etc. I made a note to avoid naming a girl with a minimizing name/nickname. I never answered to Laurie, and no one tries to call me Laurie now that I'm an adult.

I am a Laura also. Born mid-1970's. The story I heard about my name over and over growing up is that by the day of my birth my mother still hadn't settled on a name. This was still during the time when a mother could elect to be put completely out during the birth. My father said that the nurse came looking for him asking what you put on the certificate and he came up with Laura off the top of his head. An interesting side note to this that when I was about 20,I looked up my first and middle names (middle name is Patricia) in a baby book and noted that they had similar meanings. Laura: crowned with a laurel wreath, as emperors were. Patricia: patriarch, leader of men.
My father admitted that it wasn't a coincidence. He choose the two names together because his intention was that I would one day take over the world!
An even more interesting footnote to this tale is that last month I had to order a replacement birth certificate to renew my driver's license, and it states that my first name was given on the day, but that my middle name had been added by my father two and a ½ months later. So the story of legend was true - my father did name me originally on a lark, but what I later discovered was also true. He put a bit of thought into what my entire name should be.
I've always loved my name. I think it's a beautiful and strong name, which I thought before I knew what they meant. It's also classic. As a teenager there were several Lauras in my social circle, but these days it's a more unusual name, and I'm happy about that. I've lived all over America, so I can weigh in on the regional pronunciation debate. I consider my name to be pronounced LORE-ə. I've always turned my nose up at the other way a bit. But it's nothing I'd split hairs over. I suppose it's something of a to-ma-to/to-mah-to type situation.

Personal experiences with the name Laura

I'm interested by the pronunciation given above as "LAW-rə." I've always pronounced my name "LORE-ə," and here in the midwest, as well as when I lived in the mountain west and AZ, nobody had trouble with it. When I lived in NYC, however, everyone used the LAW-rə pronunciation, which I always thought was weird. It essentially erases the difference between Laura and Lara, in my opinion. Anyway, it's just something I noticed living as a Laura. Depending on where you live, this name will be given a different spin, I suppose!

I named my daughter Laura because it is a beautiful name, but also because it is nearly impossible to misspell or mispronounce. I spent my entire childhood answering to various incorrect pronounciations of my name and always having to sepll my name for people.

My sister's named Laura Ann. I love the way it sounds.

I have lived in Georgia my entire life, and I can totally identify with the "LAW-ruh" vs. "LORE-uh" issue. I think it's interesting that someone had the same experience in New York! I always thought that "LAW-ruh" was a more Southern pronunciation. I pronounce my name "LORE-uh".
People call me Lauren and Laurie all of the time. I used to correct them, but now I just figure that if we get to know each other well enough, they'll figure it out.

Nicknames for Laura

Laurika (Slovak)
Lauri (Slovak)
Larika (Hungarian)
Laurita (Spanish)

Meanings and history of the name Laura

The source of this name is laurus, a Latin word meaning "the bay -- or laurel -- plant." The name is used in German, Dutch, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Finnish, Polish and Czech.

Famous real-life people named Laura

Laura Ingalls Wilder, American author
Laura Prepon, American actress
Laura Linney, American actress
Laura Dern, American actress
Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America 2012
Laura Brannigan, American singer
Laura Nyro, American singer
Laura Esquivel, Mexican author
Laura Ashley, Welsh designer
Laura Bush, former First Lady of the United states and wife of George W. Bush
Laura Michelle Kelly, broadway actress
Laura Benanti, broadway actress
Laura Hope Crews, American actress
Laura Z. Hobson, American author
Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, American actress and producer
Laura Marano, American Actress and singer
Laura Pausini, Italian singer
Laura Wattenberg, American Hero

Laura in song, story & screen

Laura was the name of a character in Sarah Dessen's novel "Along for the Ride"
The Eyes of Laura Mars, American film
Laura, American film
"Tell Laura I Love Her," American song
Laura Hunt, title character from the 1944 film "Laura"
"Laura," a song by David Raksin and Johnny Mercer adapted from the 1944 film's theme
"Laura," a parody of the 1945 song performed by Spike Jones and His Other Orchestra
"Laura," the first charting single by American alternative band Scissor Sisters in 2003
"Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)," a 1976 song by Kenny Rogers
Laura Holt, female lead character from the TV series, "Remington Steele"
"Laura Non C'è," a song by the Italian singer Nek in 1997
"Laura," a song performed by Billy Joel on his album The Nylon Curtain
"Laura," a song by the Celtic-Punk band Flogging Molly
"Laura," a song by the British shoegazing band Lush
"Laura," a song by the tejano band Mazz
"Laura," a 1986 song composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman
"Laura's dream," a song by Astor Piazzolla from the album The New Tango
"Think of Laura," a song by the American singer/songwriter Christopher Cross in 1983
"Goodnight, Laura," a song by the American band Spoon
Laura Webber Spencer, of Luke & Laura from the soap "General Hospital"
Laura Palmer, the mystery girl from "Twin Peaks"
Laura Palmer, the song by Bastille
Laura Winslow, a character on the '90s sitcom "Family Matters"
Laura Hardy, mother from the Hardy Boys series
Luara is also a name used in kids theme movie titled Koi Mil Gya
Laura Haruna, Hamtaro's owner in the anime "Hamtaro"
Laura "Docia" Ingalls from The Little House series ("Docia" comes from her middle name, Ladocia)
Laura Kinney, Logan's genetic twin sister and the new Wolverine in the X-Men comics
Laura Dean, Pathway of Beta Flight in Marvel Comics

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