Lila Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LIY-lə (key)

Origin of the name Lila:

Derived from the Arabic leila (night, dark beauty) or the Persian leila (dark-haired). Its use in England began with George Byon's poem "The Giaour" (1813).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Lilah, Lyla

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Comments and insights on the name Lila

"Lilah" means "night" in Hebrew.

Alli and Lila are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

My daughter is Lyla (pronounced Lie la) named after my dad Lyle.

I just named my first daughter Lila (pronounced Lee-La) as a second name. Apart from the beautiful sound, the Sanskrit meaning was important for me, quoted from Wikipedia: "Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman)". Simply said (I am a yoga teacher so kinda familiar with the vedantic, non-dualistic philosophy) it is the the deep spiritual concept of everything, life and all, being the play, the game, the dance, the pleasurable creation of the infinite, mysterious, divine source. Cool init?

A beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, and somewhat exotic name. It is prone to misspellings and mispronunciations but plenty of other names are too, right?

This name is so pretty! Lila is becoming more and more popular, and I think that's because it's a fresh name from the super popular "Lil" names, such as Lily and Lillian. It's cute and spunky, yet very sophisticated. Maybe the next Olivia?

Man, I LOVE this name. My mother is Egyptian so it would be incredible to honor this heritage with such a beautiful Arabic name. I think "Lyla" is a much more popular spelling, but I like the way "Lila" looks better. My only concern is that people may pronounce it "Lee-lah" by mistake. Does anyone with this name and this spelling have this situation?

I named my daughter Lila because it means Lilac or purple (my favorite color) in Spanish. We pronounce it Lee-la because that is how you would pronounce it in Spanish, not Lie-la.

Hungarian also uses "lila" (LEE-la) for the color purple or lilac, so it doesn't occur as a name in Hungary, but the similar names Lili (LEE-lee) and Lilla (LEEL-la) do.

"Lila" is the word for purple in German also. Never used as a name there.

This is my 4 year old daughter's name. I love it! We pronounce it Lie-la but sometimes people do pronounce it Lee-la, which I don't care for. I think it's because there is a lot of Spanish influence where we live and that's how it would be pronounced in Spanish. My husband and I both liked the names Leah and Lily but wanted something a little different. I found Lila in a baby name book and immediately fell in love with it. Another reason I choose the name was because of the meaning: lilac. People always comment on what a beautiful name she has.

To answer an above comment, my 11yr old daughter is named Lila (pronounced Lie-La) and yes, every once in awhile someone will mispronounce it as Lee-La but I'd say 9 out of 10 times they get it right. Side note: I originally was going to name her Delilah but when I was pregnant with her it was 2007 and that's when the song Hey There Delilah first came out and was played on the radio about 500 times a day so I shortened it to Lila. Don't get me wrong, I actually really like that song I just didn't want her to constantly be asked if she was named after the song. Funny thing, after she was born I was STILL asked if I named her after that song. Lol, ah well... I'm never asked that now but I'm telling ya, that song was HUGE back in '07!

Personal experiences with the name Lila

My name is Lyla, but spelt "Lyla." Whenever someone asks my name and I tell them, they always say "That's a pretty name!" Or "that's beautiful." I never found it so special myself, but apparently, everyone likes it. Though, it is a pretty unique name. I have not met anyone in person with the name Lyla, let alone the same spelling. I like that, though, because it makes me feel special. However, when I was younger I remember always getting upset because they never had necklaces or mugs with my name on it, and now I think: Who care? Who wants to be like everybody else?
The odd person would pronounce it wrong, but now they almost never do.
I really like this name, but someimes the spelling is a little awkard. I sort of like the spelling "Lila" better, but they have the same pronunciation.
I definitely recommond this name for a nice, youthful family!

My name is Lila, but it's pronounced Lee-la. My parents took it from the Sanskrit version. I love my name, but people always pronounce it Lye-la, which I don't like. It's definitely a name that's prone to bungling. Still, it's unusual in a good way -- sort of familiar and unfamiliar at once. Everyone always tells me what a beautiful name I have, regardless of how they think it's pronounced.

My name is Lilah, but it's pronounced Lye-la. I've always really liked its meaning, and I get a lot of compliments on it. The only thing that I don't like about it is that people usually mispronounce it.

My name is Lila, but its pronounced Lye-luh. I have always really liked the meaning of it, and a lot of people do compliment me on it. But so many people mispronounce my name, they either pronounce it Lee-Luh or Lil-uh.

I discovered this page while researching items for my mother's 80th birthday party. Her name? Lila (Lie-lah), of course. Who knew my grandparents were so progressive? I have never known the origins and meaning of the name and I have to admit, they fit her, even the jet black hair. If you add spunky and energetic it's all my Mom. I have never heard anyone mispronounce it, but we live in the midwest and don't have near the number of culturally diverse population, but we do have some. Personally, I think the sound of the name is very lyrical. (We often exchange it for Layla in Eric Clapton's song).

Nicknames for Lila

My name is Lyla, and my friends call me "Lee-lie" or "Lula" but they're just being goofy. Normally they just shorten it to "Lye" like, "Lie," because it is pronounced "LIE-lah."



My 11yr old daughter is named Lila and her cousin that we spent a lot of time with was 15 months old when she was born and called her Lulu because she could not say Lila. It's still her nickname to this day, in fact I probably call her Lulu more often than I call her Lila:)

Meanings and history of the name Lila

Lila is a variant of the female given name Leila, derived from the Semitic word for night. Over time it has come to mean Dark Beauty or Dark-haired Beauty. In Spanish lila is the word for the color lilac. In German it means purple.

Famous real-life people named Lila

Lila Karp, American writer and activist
Lila Lee, American actress
Lila McCann, American country music singer
Lila Diane Sawyer, American news reporter (known professionally as Diane Sawyer)
Lila Wallace, United States magazine publisher
Lila Saldani, 1964 Miss Massachusetts
Lila Oberg, 1980 Miss Alaska
Lila - daughter of British model Kate Moss b. 2002
Lila Crawford- Played Annie in Annie Revival on Broadway and Little Red in Into The Woods Movie (pronounces it Lil-uh)

Lila Addison Jones, one-fifth of the Jones quintuplets made famous on the TLC reality television show, Quints By Surprise. Parents are Ethan and Casey Jones. Older sister, Eliot McKenna. The rest of the quints are Brooklyn Faith, Britton Grace, Jack William, and Ryan Elizabeth.
Lila Bennington - (b. 2011, twin) daughter of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington and model Talinda Bennington

Lila in song, story & screen

"Lyla", song by Oasis.
Lyla Haven, a character in the series "A Trip to a Medic."
Keri Russel's character in the movie "August Rush" was also named Lila
Lyla Garrity is a character in the tv show "Friday Night Lights"
Lila Wingo Newbury character in the 1986 novel and 1991 film "The Prince of Tides"
Lila character in the 1972 and the 2007 film "The Heartbreak Kid"
Lila character in the t.v. series "Carnivàle"
Lila Crane character in the 1960 and the 1998 flim "Psycho"
Lila Culpepper character in the 2005 film "Stay"
Lila Cheney Marvel comic book character.
Lila Brown DC comic book character.
Lila West character in the t.v. series "Dexter"
Lila character in the 2004 french film "Lila Says"
Lila Fowler from the Sweet Valley book series.
Lila Blake character in the novel "The Deliverance" by Ellen Glasgow
Lila Bruett character in the novel "The Stand" by Stephen King
Lila Quartermaine character on the soap opera "General Hospital"
Lila Lee Bayliss character in the novel "Nora, Nora" by Anne Rivers Siddons
Lila Sawyer in the animated series Hey Arnold!
Lila Nova, the protagonist of the book "Hothouse Flower and the 9 Plants of Desire"
Lyla character in the t.v series "Sons of Anarchy"
Lila Duvane character in the 1995 made for TV movie "Problem Child 3: Junior in Love"
Lila from Bloomability
Lila Cheney from the X-Men comics

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