Lucy Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: LOO-see (key)

Origin of the name Lucy:

English cognate of Lucia, which is derived from the Latin lux (light). Lucy is also used as a pet form of Lucinda.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Lucia, Lucie, Luz

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Comments and insights on the name Lucy

Lucy used to be considered an old-fashioned name. Now it seems like it's become a very trendy name, like Ava!

This used to be my favorite baby girl name ever. Then I mentioned it to my dad, and he jokingly said "it could be short for Lucifer" and that ruined the name for me completely. I hate to ruin the name for anybody else, but I wanted to share it so people could be aware of that if they're considering the name, so that it doesn't get ruined for them after they've already named their kid that.

I worked with a girl who named her black kitten Lucifer, and when she found out it was a girl shd called it Lucy for short. To go with Lucy, she got another cat and named it Linus. Lucy and Linus.

I named my daughter born in 2014 Lucy. I've always loved the name. Partly because I'm a huge Beatle fan, partly because I'm Catholic and born on St. Lucy's feast day, and my Lucy was born less than a week before my own birthday, on Pearl Harbor Day. I paired it with Anastasia. I'm also a huge history nerd. Her older sister is Emica Justine. I started the 'Emica' page on this site if you want to check it out since it was so hard to find anything on the name Emica when I had her. I think St. Lucy is strong with my Lucy because my daughter's eyes are frickin' weird. She was born with a heterochromia in her left eye. She has two colors in her left eye, and essentially it looks like she has two different colored eyes. She also has insanely good vision while the rest of us (her dad and I, and her older sister) have worn glasses since early childhood.

My name is Lucy and I have never had a problem with the loose-y thing. My nicknames were like Lou, Lou lou, loose. I am 24 by the way

Lucy is also used as a nickname for the Spanish names Luz, Luz Maria and Maria de la Luz

This name is getting TOO POPULAR. Man, it happens fast! I've met a bunch of Lucies lately.

^ I agree! It was an ok name until it got trendy.

I always thought Lucys would get teased for being "loose-y", but I've never heard that in real life.

They do!
Lucy Loose Legs is the name of my Nana's Cat.
I have encountered far more dogs named Lucy than people!

While I love the name... My uncles have a dog named Lucy... It's very k-9 sounding

I love the name Lucy! In fact, my dog is called Lucy, and if/when we have a daughter, I would have no problem naming her Lucy, as well. It's a great name. Full of life and light. As for the Lucy/Loose-y teasing, it's ridiculous and who cares! You can make up negative jibes for every name in the book! A girl I know called Norah (another beautiful name), got called "Snore-ah Norah" (i.e., boring) at school! So, I wouldn't base whether or not to choose a name based on what some idiot on the playground will say!

We love the name for Lucy and it fits our daughter perfectly! & it's not Lucille!

Lucy, like Robyn and Shirley, is nostalgic and utterly adorable

BEAUTIFUL name!!! What's more uplifting than a name that means "light". My daughter is Lucy & she's the light of my whole day!!!

We named our daughter Lucy and get many compliments on it. It's cute for the young and old. Our Lucy has a twin brother named Max.

I love the name Lucy. It's so beautiful and simple, and it gets so many compliments. Lately it's been a bit trendy, which isn't great, but still the name is wonderful. My daughter is Lucy Alice, by the way!

Personal experiences with the name Lucy

I love being called Lucy. People are always telling me they like it.

We picked Lucy for our daughter in 2007 after my hubby made a Lucy Goosey joke. I just thought, Lucy? I love it! & so does everyone else!

My daughter was born 2009 & my husband picked out her name, Lucy. Never Lucille tho. I get compliments all the time & only ran into 1 person that I'm aware of who named a pet with that name.
I've noticed many girls born after her in my area named the same & I LOVE it.
Keep the good old names coming!!! No more misspelled or made up names here!!!

Some family friends named their daughter Lucy Rose. She's three, and the name suits her very well. Her name also goes nicely with baby brother Ethan's.

Nicknames for Lucy

Luciel, Luce, Lulu, Lu/Lou, Goose, Moosey, Lucy Lastic, Lucie Goosey, Lucy-Lu Who, Juicy Lucy!, Goose Goose, Goo-Goo, Lucy Goose, Luey, Lucy Lu, Loopsy, Loops, Luchy, Luce, meme loving jew, beautiful hamster, apple cobbler, Lucy Dos, Lucy #1, Lucy #2, victim no.32,

Meanings and history of the name Lucy

Lucy means "light", and is derived from Latin lux, lucis.

Saint Lucy (b. 283 – d. 304), was a wealthy young Christian martyr who is venerated as a saint by Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christians. Her feast day is 13 December -- the longest night of the year. wWth a name derived from lux, lucis "light", she is the patron saint of those who are blind. Saint Lucy is one of the very few saints celebrated by members of the Lutheran Church among the Scandinavian peoples, who take part in Saint Lucy's Day celebrations. Saint Lucy is one of seven women, aside from the Blessed Virgin Mary, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.

Saint Lucy is patron saint of vision (e.g., eyes; eyesight; those who are blind); vision (e.g., insight, inspiration for artists and writers); martyrs; Perugia, Italy; Mtarfa, Malta; salesmen, Syracuse, Italy, throat infections, and writers.

Famous real-life people named Lucy

Lucy Hale, American actress
Lucille "Lucy" Ball, American actress
Lucy Liu, American actress
Lucy Lawless, New Zealand actress
Lucy Elizabeth Linch (b. 2007), daughter of American legal commentator and television journalist Nancy Grace

Lucy in song, story & screen

"Lucy" song by American rock band Skillet
Lucy, sister of Linus, nemesis of Charlie Brown.
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", a song by The Beatles.
Lucy Pevensie, character in "Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis.
Lucy Diamond, character in the film D.E.B.S.
Lucy Honeychurch, protagonist of the "A Room with A View" novel by E. M. Forster and a Merchant-Ivory film
Lucy, titular character in Sir Walter Scott's novel, the Bride of the Lammermoors
Lucy Steele, a character in "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen
Lucy Ricardo, "I Love Lucy"
Lucy Camden, one of the daughters on "7th Heaven"
Lucy Moderatz, in the 1995 romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping.
Lucy Weasley, youngest daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley in J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series.
Lucy Kelson, in the 2002 romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice.
Lucy Carrigan, in the 2007 Beatle's musical "Across the Universe".
Lucy Dotson, effervescent character portrayed by Enuka Okuma in the TV series 'Sue Thomas F.B.Eye'
Lucy Whitmore, portrayed by Drew Barrymore, in 50 First Dates
"Forgetful Lucy" by Adam Sandler
"I think her name is Lucy but they all call her Loose", Beastie Boys/She's Crafty
Lucy Wilde, AVL agent and Wife of Gru in Despicable Me 2 portrayed by Kristen Wiig
Lucy Heartfilia main character in the anime Fairy Tail.
“Lucy” song by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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