Mabel Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MAY-bəl (key)

Related Names:

Mable, May, Maybelle

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Comments and insights on the name Mabel

It is beautiful, elegant, uncommon, lovable, and timeless.

Embla, Mabel, Mable and Melba are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

I like Maybelle too

I love the name Mabel, and would love the opportunity to name a baby that. It wasn't too long ago that the name Emma was also an "old lady" name, and look at it now! Mabel means "lovable." I hope it doesn't become too trendy before my husband and I have a daughter.

It's too bad such a nice name got spoiled by that beer advertisement, "Mabel! Black Label!"

Personal experiences with the name Mabel

Our darling Mabel is now 3 years old and I love her name as much today as I did when we first found it in the baby book. It's unique, cute, but not off-the-wall, strange, or whatever. We've gotten lots of compliments on it, a lot of, "Oh, that's different. Haven't heard that in a while." or "Is that a family name?" to which we say, "It is now!" :)

I recently named my dog Mabel and at first everyone was unsure, but now its beautiful, unique, lovable and can't imagine a better name for her. Her full name is Mabel Jean, (it sounds like Maybelline, the cosmetic company) its a beautiful match!

We named our second daughter (born 2010) Mabel. Some people get it, some people don't. We love the name for the same reasons: cute, solid, traditional, but not common.

Anyone I've known named Mabel was a really sweet person!

The first time I saw the name "Mabel" was in a novel I was reading while pregnant (The Orphan Train) and I fell in love with it! At my first ultrasound, my Dr thought he saw a boy, but for my 21 week ultrasound, there was def a girl in there. I told the tech, "Oh ok cool. I can use Mabel!" My sweet, precocious Mabel Camille is as smart as she is gorgeous, and we celebrated her 2nd bday in Feb 2016. Most love the name, while a few do not. I love the way it rolls of the tongue, and all the adorable nicknames people use. It's classy and timeless, and I couldn't imagine her with any other name. And chances are, it is also a family name. An antique chest from my great, great aunt sits in our home and we recently discovered the name "Mabel" written inside of it in a child's handwriting. So it was def meant to be!

My grandfather had a sister named Mabel Elizabeth, and from pictures I've seen, she was very pretty and my older relatives said she was a sweetheart!

Mabel, Mabel, set the table
Do it as fast as you are able,
keep repeating salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard while turning the rope.
If the jumper "misses" on "pepper", then the turners begin turning fast or doing "hot peppers".

I have a little Mabel and it’s such an adorable name. It’s vintage charm is inescapable but it’s also soft, sweet and beautiful. I love punchie M names- it definitely has strength too which balances the sweetness perfectly, and people always comment on how gorgeous her name is. It’s a perfectly charming name. No other name could have suited our Mabel more, and she absolutely loves her name too.

Nicknames for Mabel

May, Mabs, Mae, Maisie, Mabes, Mabie, May-May, Maybelline, Mabelluna, Marbles, Mae-Bee

Meanings and history of the name Mabel

Shortened form of the latin name, Amabel originally, later thought to be the French ma belle (my lovely girl), therefore sometimes found as Mabelle.

Famous real-life people named Mabel

Mabel Normand, silent film actress (arguably, film's first "comedy girl")
Mabel Ray Mulroney (b. 2008), daughter of American actor and musician Dermot Mulroney
Mabel Painter Lowe (b. 2009), daughter of American actor and director Chad Lowe
Mabel Ray Willis (b. 2012), daughter of American actor, producer, and singer Bruce Willis and English model and actress Emma Heming

Mabel in song, story & screen

Mabel is the main character in the 80's movie 'The Pirate Movie'
There's a wonderful children's book called "Mabel Murple"
Mabel Buchman, baby character born on '90s sitcom "Mad About You" (her name was an acronym for Mothers Always Bring Enough Love)
"Mabel" by Goldfinger
Revived in the 19th C. by The Heir of Redclyffe, Charlotte Yonge's hugely popular novel of the time, which featured a character named Amabel
Mabel Nesbitt from the film "Gosford Park"
Quite a few bluesy songs named "Mabel" as well as a ska, swing, drum&bass, country songs and more!
The titular Mabel Normand from the musical "Mack & Mabel." She is a delivery girl who becomes a movie star. Based on the real life Mabel Normand
"Mabel" is an adorable rock song by Carter Beckworth
"Mabel's Labels" is a really cool company that designs scrapbook labels and art
Mabel Wheeler from the British comedy show "You Rang, M'Lord?"
Mabel Thomas from the 1970s sitcom "What's Happening!!"
Mabel Osbourne from the 1981 slasher "My Bloody Valentine"
Mabel from the musical and film "The Pajama Game"
Mabel West from the anime series "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple"
Mabel Pines from the cartoon series "Gravity Falls"
"Mistress Mabel" song by The Fratellis
Mable, an old lady from SpongeBob that was friends with Man Ray back in highschool
Mabel, a fictional Somali kitty character in the story Adventure Wonders. Her lovers name is Godfrey, and she has a son name Joey
Mabel, Molly's alter in "The Half Life of Molly Pierce" by Katrina Leno
Mabel Lane Fox is a character in the PBS series, "Downton Abbey"
Mabel "Abby" Haddington, recurring character on the animated television show "Bob's Burgers"

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