Mae Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MAY (key)

Origin of the name Mae:

Originally used as a pet form of Mary and Margaret (pearl). More recently, however, it is usually associated with the name of the month, which is derived from the Latin Maius (the month of Maia, the Greek mythological goddess of increase). May is often bestowed as a middle name, or used as a name element in combination names such as Anna-Mae or May-Lynn. The name was borne by the popular actress Mae West (1892 - 1980). Her shapely bustline led to her name being used for an inflatable life preserver vest for use by RAF aviators downed at sea during World War II.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Mae

I think Mae sounds too country-fied, like rural Texas.

Ema contains the same letters as Mae. If you choose to use the name Emma, this spelling is better.

Personal experiences with the name Mae

Mae has classic and modern appeal! Any suggestions on middle names for Mae? Most combinations sound inside out, or is it just me?

Mae Ann, Mae Lynn, Mae Marie

Mae Ella

My husband and I had that same dilemma when naming our daughter Mae, and we figured out any name ending with a consonant sound will not sound inside-out. We named our daughter Mae Helen. Other ideas: Mae Corinne, Mae Louise, Mae Lauren

Ann, Lynn, Ella, Ellen, Leigh
My name is Ina Mae.

My name is Mae and my middle name is Alexandra. I'm 24 and my grandmother's middle name was Mae. I was also born in May although I'm EXTREMELY glad it wasn't spelled that way..

My daughter's name is Mae and her middle name is Rose.

How about Lynn? (Mae Lynn)

flower names are great middle names for Mae. my great grandma was named violet, but she didn't like it so she went by her middle name (Mae) first. she was known by Mae Violet.
My daughter who is 2 is Mae and her middle name is Patricia after my Nan this name is a beautiful one and where i live i have found its very uncommon as i have not come across another Mae only lots of lily-may's so I think its quite unusual using Mae spelling rather than the months way and my little Mae loves her name so much that everyone gets called Mae instead of learning everyones names she thinks its really funny!

My one-year-old daughter's name is Mae and her middle name is Emery. I worry that if we ever have another girl we won't be able to find another name that we like even half as much.

My best friend's mother's name is Birdie Mae.

My 1st name is Cheisa Mae. I named my daughters Carmela Mae and Cerenade Mae (Serenade). I wanted to be the 1st generation to pass the name Mae and I am hoping that my daughters will do the same for their daughters and continue the name Mae.
I am Filipina and in my culture, traditionally our middie names are of our mothers maiden name in honor of her family name. Therefore most Filipinos have two 1st names.
Mae as a 1st name is hard to follow. I am having a difficult time coming up a traditional name as a middle name for Mae.
On the unique side how about using descriptive words as a middle name for Mae? Nowadays, I meet more and more parents do so.
Examples: Mae Melody, Mae Symphony,
Mae Love, Heart, Heavenly, Serenity, Rain, Joy, Beautiful, Shine, Adore, Song, Sky.
It may take a bit of getting used to but it's unique and also a pleasant way to describe the precious very cute baby.

Love this name!

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Meanings and history of the name Mae

Mae actually means God/Goddess and beautiful in the Gaelic/celtic meanings

Famous real-life people named Mae

Mae West (born 1893), American actress known for her wit, double entendres and sex appeal
Mae Whitman (born 1988), American actress
Mae Clarke (born 1910), American actress popular in the pre-code Hollywood years (early 1930s)
Mae Murray, American actress popular in the 1920s "the girl with the bee stung lips"
Mae Busch, silent & sound film actress
Mae Sandler (b. 2009), daughter of American actress, model, and comedian Kathryn Hahn

Mae in song, story & screen

Mae Mordabito, character in the movie "A League of Their Own", played by Madonna
Maerose "Mae" Prizzi, character in the movie "Prizzi's Honor", played by Anjelica Huston
Mae Mobley Leefolt in the movie "The Help".

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