Monica Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MAW-ni-kə (key)

Origin of the name Monica:

Ancient yet still popular name of uncertain etymology. Monica was the name of the mother of St. Augustine, who was born in Numidia, an ancient country in northern Africa. Thus, the name might be of African origin. However, Monica is said to have been a citizen of Carthage, a city founded by the Phoenicians, so her name might be of Phoenician origin. Alternatively, some believe it to be from the Latin moneo (to advise).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Mona, Monika, Monique

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Comments and insights on the name Monica

The popularity of the name was pretty strong until the Clinton scandal, then plummeted and hasn't recovered. Look at the map/timeline to see how dramatic it was.

I love the name Monica, but the Lewinsky thing spoiled it all.

Monica/Monika was extremely popular in Europe in the 1960s, especially Germany and Italy.

This name has been modestly popular among families of Indian descent, because of the Sanskrit-derived word meaning "little jewel" (mani = gem, -ka = diminutive ending.

I have always liked this name and, when I was a child, wished it was my name and told people it was my name. I always thought my real name stinks.

Personal experiences with the name Monica

I cannot believe that the Clinton scandal had any effect on the popularity of the name Monica. I have always believed that this name was not that common which led me to want it even more for my daughter who was born in 1988. I am 40 yrs old and have only heard this name, unassociated from my daughter, only a handful of times. My daughter never gets teased about her name , but rather gets many compliments. It is a beautiful name! I know that my daughter would never want to change it! I hope people really re-think this lovely name and the popularity gains just a little.

I have a sister with this name and people like it cuz it's pretty and unpopular!

Popular across the border in mexico. Also popular in the united states with strippers.

I was born a Monica in 1987. I love my name. And yes through the Clinton scandal, I did hear a few remarks, but I took it all in jest. Some people will call me Moni, even Moniq for fun, some friends like to play with my name, saying Moniqkwa, ofcourse for fun. But almost 100% of people call me Monica. The only thing I wish I could add to my name, would be softness. Like that of the names from the early 1900's of Emily, and Bethany. Even still I love my name and even get a few compliments from it. I would recommend naming your girl Monica. I know one other Monica personally, and she is quirky and fun like myself, just to add that in there. :)

I should have been named Monica, because both my grandmother and mother were named that (actually Monika, as they were born in Austria). However, I wasn't named that, because my mom married a Jewish man, where there is a rule against naming a baby after a living person. I chose Monica as my confirmation name both for this reason, and because of the very inspiring story of Saint Monica, who prayed for the conversion not only of her son (the very famous St Augustine) but also her unknown husband, both of which prayers God answered with a big YES. I have a cousin we used to call "Mini Monica," who is now just Moni. It is a GREAT name, and I would have named my daughters that, except that it just does not work with our last name. Would have been a naming crime. :)

My name is Monica and although i don't like it myself, I get alot of compliments on it. But, people do make Monica Lewinskey and Bill Clinton jokes once in a while. It doesn't bother me however, i just laugh along.

Monica Lewinsky took her blue dress to the cleaners. The guy who waited on her was hard of hearing. She told him, "I want my dress drycleaned." He had trouble hearing her and said, "Come again?" She said "No, this time it's only mustard!"

Nicknames for Monica

Mo, Mon, Mona, Nica, Nicki, Moni, Mocha, Moey, Harmonica

Meanings and history of the name Monica

From Latin, meaning "adviser". German form: Monika. French form: Monique. Polish form: Monika or Moniczka.

Famous real-life people named Monica

Monica Ali, English writer
Monica Arnold (born 1980), American singer, professionally known as "Monica"
Monica Bellucci (born 1968), Italian actress
Monica Cruz (born 1977), Spanish actress
Monica Dickens (1915-1992), British author of books for adults and children
Monica Edwards (1912-1998), British children's author
Mónica Falcioni (born 1968), Uruguayan long and triple jumper
Monika Fikerle (born 1974), Australian musician
Monica Goodling (born 1973), former Director of Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of Justice
Monica Horan (born 1963), American actress
Monica of Hippo (322-387), Carthaginian saint, the mother of Saint Augustine
Monica Lewinsky (born 1973), former White House intern who had an affair with U.S. President Bill Clinton
Monica Naranjo (born 1974), Spanish singer
Mónica Pont (born 1969), Spanish long-distance runner
Monica Regonesi (born 1961), Chilean long-distance runner
Mônica Rodrigues (born 1967), Brazilian volleyball player
Monica Seles (born 1973), American-Serbian tennis player
Mónica Vergara (born 1983), Mexican female footballer
Monica Vitti, Italian actress
Monica Zetterlund (1937- 2005), Swedish singer and actress

Monica in song, story & screen

Monica Geller, character on TV show Friends, played by Courtney Cox
"Summer with Monika" (1954) Ingmar Bergman film starring Harriet Andersson
Monica Thorne in Trollope's 1858 novel Doctor Thorne
Monica, the lead character from the Brazilian comic book Monica's Gang
Monica Raybrandt, female protagonist character of the video game Dark Chronicle
Monica Warner, Blair's mother on the '80s sitcom The Facts of Life
Monica Rambeau, real name of Captain Marvel/Photon in Marvel comics
Monica Gallagher, on the TV series Shameless

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