Nina Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: NEE-nə (key)

Origin of the name Nina:

A Russian diminutive form of Anne (gracious, full of grace) and Antonia.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Antonina, Janine

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Anna Karenina

Meanings and history of the name Nina

Nina is also a Hindi name meaning "pretty eyes."

...and the name of a Babylonian goddess
...and a nickname for names ending in -nina, like Antonina and Penina.

Native American name meaning "mighty warrior"

On a lot of baby name sites you will find that it says it is of Spanish origin and means little girl. That is INCORRECT, on spanish baby names sites it also shows that it is Russian and a diminutive form of Anne or Antonia. The Spanish word meaning little girl is Niña, ñ is a completely different LETTER in the spanish alphabet, therefore creating a completely different word, please don't think you are naming your child "little girl"l by choosing Nina, you aren't.

You ARE naming a baby girl, little girl if you call her Nina. In Italian, Nina means little girl. My Italian grandmother, born in Italy, was named Nina as was my older sister and my daughter is named for both of them.

Famous real-life people named Nina

Nina Ariadna, American actress
Nina Arvesen, American actress
Nina Axelrod, American actress
Nina Barr Wheeler, American artist
Nina Berman, American photographer
Nina Byers, American physicist
Nina Byron, American silent film actress
Nina Etkin, American anthropologist and botanist
Nina Dobrev, Bulgarian-born actress who stars in the vampire diaries
St. Nina, Equal of the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia
Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya (b. 2007), daughter of American boxing promoter and former professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya

Nina in song, story & screen

Nina Azarova, aka Prairie Johnson/The OA/Brit - protagonist in sci-fi The OA played by Brit Marling
Nina was a character in Jodi Picoult's novelsl "Nineteen Minutes" and "Perfect Match". Unfortunately, she was a murderer (but she was a good mother, at least!)
New York Times' illustrator Al Hirschfeld hid the name Nina (his daughter's name) in most of his caricatures. Readers of the newspaper would delight in counting the "Ninas" in every one of his drawings in the Sunday NY Times.
"Nina Pretty Ballerina", song by ABBA
Nina, a character in the PlayStation role-playing game Suikoden II
Nina Ash, from the American television series Angel
Nina Bibikova, from the novel The Man from Barbarossa
Nina Brown, from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Nina Caliente, character from the Sims series of games.
Nina Callas, from The Clique series of books
Nina Campbell, from the American sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun
Nina Cassady, from the American drama Law & Order
Nina Cortex, from the Crash Bandicoot series of games
Nina Cortlandt, from the soap opera All My Children
"Nina", song by Ed Sheeran
Nina Einstein, from the anime Code Geass
Nina Harris, from the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Nina Jarvis, from the USA Network science fiction television series The 4400
Nina Martin, the main character from the Anubis House series
Nina Myers, a terrorism analyst in the TV series 24
Nina Sakura, from Ultra Maniac
Nina Sayers, character from the 2010 movie "Black Swan"
Nina Sharp, Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic in the TV series Fringe
Nina Tucker, from the Australian soap opera Neighbours
Nina Van Horn, from the American sitcom Just Shoot Me!
Nina Wáng, from the anime Mai Otome
Nina Webster, from the soap opera The Young and the Restless
Nina Williams, a fictional assassin from the Tekken series of games
Nina Windia, from the Breath of Fire series of games
Nina Yamada, from Mamotte! Lollipop
Nina Proudman,from the Australian TV show, Offspring
Dr.Dre,song, Ain't Nothin but a G thang....has a lyric with Nina

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