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pronounced ow liy VEHR ah

This is my name and I love it. I did not write the above pronounciation and I'm not sure I agree with it. I might be misunderstanding it so the following information is from me.

It's pronounced with a long sounding "O" as in Oprah or Ophelia. The second part is pronounced "lih" and the third and fourth syllable is pronounced "veh" "rah".
The "vera" part is pronounced with a short "e" sounding like "eh". All together, in English, it is pronounced "Oh-lih-veh-rah". The European way of pronouncing it is with a rolled "r".

It is a very versatile name and lends itself to many nicknames which come in handy in different situations. Most often in English I'm called by my full name or Olivia, Libby, Liv, Livie, Ollie and often just "O". My European friends call me Oli, Olja, or my full name. Surprisingly nobody calls me Olive. It is a flexible name that works well in casual settings and in a corporate setting. I am told it is perceived as a strong, young, sexy and confident name. I'm not entirely sure of the meaning but I have always been told "faith" because this is the meaning of "vera" in the country my parents are from.

It might be a good alternative for Olivia which is beautiful but many parents might feel it is overused or too popular these days. Like many other names, it's a name that hasn't been "discovered" yet but I do believe in the future it will become more common.

In some parts of the world it is a last name but in Eastern Europe it is a more modern first name. It has world wide appeal and recognition which is becoming more and more important.

It is fairly easy to spell for most people unless they are terrible spellers to begin with. Surprisingly, I have more trouble getting people to correctly spell Olivia than Olivera. This might be due to more recent creative spellings of Olivia, I don't know, however Olivera is spelled like it sounds and surprisingly, despite it being a less popular name most people get it without my help.

It is a good match with almost any last name in my opinion. It also looks nice on paper, in any font or signed with a pretty first letter. I think it's a beautiful name and is timeless, and I'm grateful my parents chose it for me.

Here are some first and middle name combinations I like, some more traditional than others, no particular order:
Olivera Elizabeth
Olivera Elise
Olivera Hope
Olivera Emma
Olivera Lily
Olivera Violet
Olivera Eve
Olivera Diane
Olivera Daire

Ava Olivera
Grace Olivera
Emma Olivera
Charlotte Olivera
Mia Olivera
Victoria Olivera
Paisley Olivera
Gianna Olivera
Ever Olivera
Janelle Olivera

Personal experiences with the name Olivera

My personal experience with my name Olivera has always been positive. I have received compliments on my name my whole life. I also like that it's unusual but not in a strange way. I have found wherever I go in the world it's pronounceable and easily spelled by people everywhere. I like that it's spelled like it sounds. Because other parts of the world use it as a last name it is often familiar to many people. I have found that people remember my name easily and they seem to like it. It comes across positively on resumes and in the corporate world. I've never had a problem with this name growing up as far as teasing or any negative nickname or anything like that. I have always appreciated having Olivera as my name and now as an adult I appreciate it even more.

Nicknames for Olivera

Olivia, Liv, Libby, Livie, Olive, Oli, Olja, O, Viva, Vera, Era, Ollie.

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Name used in Serbia, Croatia & Macedonia

Feminine form of Oliver

I'm not entirely sure of the meaning but I have always been told "faith" because this is the meaning of "vera" in the country my parents are from. I've also been told it's a feminine form of Oliver.

Famous real-life people named Olivera

There are many famous Oliveras but my FAVORITE right now is Olivera of Finland, she is a singer/songwriter, please look her up, her latest single is "No More" and it was a recent viral hit in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Her songs are in English. The following is from her soundcloud page where you can hear her other recent songs:


"Olivera has been releasing everything 100% independently. On her productions she usually works with the Finnish producer Lenno. The latest single “No More” came out in March hitting the viral charts in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It was also playlisted by the national Finnish radio station YleX.

Olivera has also worked as a songwriter and a featuring artist for names like 3LAU, Zaxx, Sonny Alven, Lucian and John Dahlbäck . So far the songs she’s written have been streamed over 19 million times."

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