Olivia Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: oh-LI-vee-ə (key)

Origin of the name Olivia:

An elaboration of Olive (olive tree). The name was used by Shakespeare as the name of the heiress in the play Twelfth Night.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Alivia, Alyvia, Liv, Livia, Livvy, Olive, Olivié

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Comments and insights on the name Olivia

My mother named me Olivia in the mid-90's, before it became so popular. She was never one to read Shakespeare, but her parents came to the U.S. from Italy, and had relatives who had olive trees (Oliva is the italian word for Olive). I liked my name growing up, and still do. However, my friends and loved ones most often call me Liv, or Livvy, and in my head I think of myself as "Liv". In a way, using my full name, Olivia, feels formal, professional and sophisticated. Olivia is a great name and I hope its rising popularity will not spoil its charm.

My name is Olivia. As a kid my parents called me Livvy and most of my friends called me Lulu. As a teenager EVERYONE calls me Liv (it might be an Australian thing!). Personally I love my name - my name is much more common than my sisters and she wishes her name was as easy as mine! I have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin (different from other Olivias on here!). I'd like to think my name suits me!

My Name is Olivia Joy. My parents called me Livi Joy at a young age in elementary I went by Via and in Jr. High friends called me Liv, Livi or Livia. As I got older though I grew into my real name as Olivia or Liv because they are more grown up.
My name is Olivia, I was given the name in the late 1980s. It was not a popular name then. My mother chose it because she didn't want me to have any nicknames. Until adulthood I have only allowed my closest friends to call me Oli or just plane O (my Brazilian friends would call me "toothpick Olivia" as that was what Olive Oil, Popeye's girlfriend was called in Portuguese). I refuse to be called anything else. People that don't know me closely may only call me Olivia. I am proud of my name and everything is stands for. When I was young, I was disappointed at the lack of Olivia stickers or pencils or whatever else that could have had my name on it but didn't. Now I wish the name wasn't nearly as popular. I can say, more than being proud of my name and my late brother's name Alexander, that my name really describes who I am. Highly intelligent, beautiful, creative, sophisticated, well traveled, and above all peaceful. I find it interesting that these other passages about my name describe themselves or daughters with green eyes, olive skin, and curly hair. All those criteria fit me with the exception that I am now a blonde. It is a beautiful name and meant for special girls! I agree with the comment below me, we are naturally quiet, but I wouldn't go so far as saying we are shy.


My daughter Olivia is quiet, and shy at first. You think she isn't listening when she really is, and she has a great memory and sense of direction. Her friends call her Liv and Olive. She's got light brown hair and bright green eyes, and Olivia seemed like the perfect name right away. We've got Irish and Italian relatives who love her name as well (Olivia Bridget). Definitely one of my favorite names.


Olivia "travels well" as evidenced by her high ranking in quite a few countries. It has the same spelling in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, German and Hungarian, making it a great choice for parents who anticipate a lot of travel or who want a name that extended family members around the world can easily pronounce.


Olivia is very stylish right now- it has the same charm as names like Hannah and Emma and the cute nickname Livvy and Liv. There's not many names that sound like Olivia, so it's not easily mixed up with other names.


I consider the name Olivia to be a feminine classic. It has a timeless quality to it & one of my favorite things about this name is that it seems to age amazingly well; I think Olivia is an adorable name for an infant girl as well as a sophisticated, beautiful name for an older woman! I also love several of its nickname possibilities. Plus, it's all girl--very feminine, sophisticated, and beautiful.


Olivia is a very beatiful and elegant name. When I think of an Olivia I think of dark elegance and striking beauty.


I have a daughter Olivia, she is very easy going and laid back, as well as being intelligent and friendly. The meaning of 'peace' truly fits her. And like many people on here have described, she is dark haired-masses of ringlets, with big beautiful dark eyes and olive skin.


My name is Olivia and I love it. I'm so proud that my wonderful parents picked it.
They said when I was born I just looked like an Olivia and not anything else.
I usually use my nickname,Livvy,when I'm with my friends but if I'm out with my
mum or dad and there friends ask my name I say Olivia and I always get complimented on it.
Virtual high five to all you Olivia out there !! :)


I had always wanted to name my daughter after the mother on the Waltons, and I did so in 1990, when the name was still rare, little knowing it would be just before the huge "Olivia" wave hit. The name has other associations here in Europe--it is seen as quite a sexy name and at least one famous German drag queen uses it. It is the sort of lovely-sounding name that makes a plain woman more intriguing and a pretty woman even more beautiful, and it always sounds intelligent.

- - -

Our first daughter is named Olivia Belle. We've always loved the name Olivia, but as she grows bigger and brighter we've become increasingly satisfied with our choice. She gets lots of compliments on her name, and with her dark hair, big eyes, and surprisingly toothy grin (for an 18-month-old), she sure is a charmer. Despite its rising popularity, I've yet to actually meet an Olivia anywhere near our daughter's age.

- - -

My name is Olivia and it's funny because above it says "intelligent" and I was very intelligent through elementary school. I was named Olivia before the big Olivia hit. Someone else commented on how Olivia means "elf army", and I happen to be in the 18th percent range for height for teens my age.


My name is Olivia and I really like it. I didn't so much when I was younger but I have come to appreciate it. It can be so many things - cute, sophisticated, sexy, etc. I also really like the meaning ("peace"). It's interesting so many new little ones are being named this now. Not many people had it when I was growing up. I only ever met one other girl with my name. Now it's interesting to meet all these little Olivias!

My best friend's name is Olivia and I love it...I wish it was my name hehe

My cousin's name is Olivia. She's a loony! :P


Olivia is #3 on the list of top 100 cool baby girl names in the baby name book "Cool Names" by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz.


We named our daughter Olivia, not knowing how popular it was and is. But it completely fits her-beautiful dark haired charming girl.


I love the name Olivia! I hope by the time I have children Olivia will go out of style because I'll definitely name my daughter Olivia.


I love the name Olivia, but my husband said he thinks of Popeye's Olive Oil when he hears the name... hmmm... I don't really like that.


I named my daughter Olivia Claire, Olivia for her great grandmother whose birthday was only one day earlier than hers. We call her "Livi" as often as Olivia. She is sweet, talented and beautiful, and her name says it all.


My best friend's name is Olivia, but we always call her Liv. She is very silly and nice. My other friend's name is Olivia but she is very rude, and mean.

There is this swag mister I know named Olivia. We sorta own Pangaea. What ever.

My middle name is Olivia, which contrasts my first name, Tabitha, because Olivia is so popular and Tabitha isn’t. Despite it, I still like my middle name.

My parents named Me Olivia. Everyone just Calls Me “Liv” or “Livi” for short. I have blonde hair with Tan skin and Green eyes

My name is Olivia Jane. I have blonde hair, olive skin, blue-gray eyes, and im very very short (4'10"). I absolutely adore my name, but i hate that its so popular. I always liked to feel unique, and my name never gave me that feeling. i got a lot of nicknames through the years. Some i hate like Liv or Livie (it just seemed so basic, teeny, and damsel in distress--i would get mad if someone called me that). Some I liked such as Olive and Viv.My sisters kids call me Aunt V. Around 13, i began to bo by Via--best decision ever. i love it. its original yet pretty and keeps some of the class my real name provided.

Personal experiences with the name Olivia

My name (formally I guess) is pronounced oh-liv-ee-ah but when people say it quickly it sounds like ah-liv-ee-ah, which I actually prefer.

I have loved the name Olivia since I was a little girl. It was never very popular and now all of a sudden it's the hot name! I am sad because I liked it for its beauty and originality.


We named our first daughter Olivia Renee Eleanor. Olivia was chosen not only because we love the sound of it but also because her Daddy has always wanted his first daughter to be an Olivia since he was a little boy. We chose two middle names to honor myself (her mom) and her grandma. We love this name and it fits her perfectly! :-)

I knew an Olivia and she is insane. Like clinically insane. She has problems.

I know an Olivia a few years older than me, she's a Goth and goes by the name Livvi. What a legend xD

I also know an Olivia - she's one of my best friend's little sister's. She's a cutie, she's got a little brown fringe and a little round face and a little brown bob. Her sister's name is Georgia.

My first girlfriend's name was Olivia. She was beautiful, with long curly brown hair and the prettiest green eyes and she was a tiny little thing. We started dating when we were fourteen. She passed away of Hodgkin's lymphoma when we were sixteen. I miss you, Liv.

My cousin's name is Olivia, her sister Sophia is a year older than her and their brother Gavin is three years older than Liv, two years older than Sophie.

My Name is Olivia. I am very crazy. People call me “Liv” or “Livi”. I have a brother named Benjamin

Nicknames for Olivia

Lily, Livia, Libby, Liddy,Vivia, Viv, Vee, Livy, Livvy/Livy/Livi, Lulu, Olive, Lia, Via, Ollie, Livylu, Liv, Liver, Lolly, Olivy, Olivers, Via, Liv-Liv, Livvers, Oliver, A-Liv
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Meanings and history of the name Olivia

I have discovered from research that Olivia means "strong army". Olivia is also known to mean "bringer of peace".

Meaning "The Olive Tree." Extends help, like a branch.

The entire story of the meaning of Olivia was recently discussed in this blog post (scroll down to Comment #20): http://www.babynamewizard.com/archives/2011/9/overheard-in-nameland

Famous real-life people named Olivia

Olivia Wild- American Actor, Model and producer
Olivia Newton-John - Australian singer and actress
Olivia de Havilland - American actress
Olivia Culpo - Miss USA 2012 AKA The best one here
Olivia Wilde - American actress
Olivia Thirlby - American actress
Olivia Munn - American actress
Olivia De Berardinis - American painter
Olivia Ward Bush - American author
Olivia Goldsmith - American author
Olivia Benton- Coolest kid in America; co founder of Pangaea
Olivia Holt - American actress and singer
Olivia Scriven, Canadian actress known for her role on "Degrassi"
Olivia Haschak-Dancer
Olivia Diane Collingsworth, American gospel singer
Olivia Luna Fisher-Duddy (b. 2008), daughter of American actress and singer Joely Fisher
Olivia Lou Sykes (b. 2009), daughter of American actress, comedian, and writer Wanda Sykes
Olivia Van Der Beek (b. 2010), daughter of American actor James Van Der Beek
Olivia Marie Armstrong (b. 2010), daughter of American former professional and disgraced road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong
Olivia Rose Allen (b. 2010), daughter of American comedian, television producer, and founder, owner, chairman, and CEO of US television production company Entertainment Studios Byron Allen
Olivia Jane Hanks (b. 2011), daughter of American actor and filmmaker Colin Hanks
Olivia Weatherly (b. 2012), daughter of American actor, producer, and director Michael Weatherly
Olivia Mabel Smithson (b. 2012), daughter of Irish soul and pop rock singer, songwriter, and actress Carly Smithson
Olivia Marie Busby (b.2015), one of the Busby Quints

Olivia in song, story & screen

Olivia Pope,character on the TV series "Scandal"
Olivia Benson, character on TV series "Law and Order: SVU"
Olivia Burke, character on TV series "Gossip Girl"
Olivia Dunham, character on TV series "Fringe"
Olivia Kendall, character on TV series "The Cosby Show" in the 1980s-90s
Olivia Walton, character on TV series "The Waltons" in the 1970s
Olivia King Dale, character on TV series "Road to Avonlea" in the 1990s
Olivia Flaversham, character in the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective
"Olivia" picture books by Ian Falconer about a creative young pig
Olivia is the beautiful Countess in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"
Olivia was Gordon's younger sister on Sesame Street in the '70s and '80s
Olivia is a main character in the movie The Great Mouse Detective
"Olivia", song by Green Day
Olivia Ferrante, character from Judith Rossner's novel, Olivia.
Olivia the pig in Olivia The Pig a popular childrens book and happy eid
Olivia (Liv) Moore is a main character in the TV series iZombie
"Olivia", song by british pop/rock band One Direction
Olivia (Via) Pullman is a character in the novel "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio
Olivia (Liv) Rooney on "Liv and Maddie"
Olivia - LEGO friends

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