Rebecca Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: rə-BEH-kə (key)

Origin of the name Rebecca:

From the Ecclesiastic Late Latin and Ecclesiastic Greek Rhebekka, which is derived from the Hebrew ribbqāh (noose), from rabak (to bind, to tie). The name, borne in the Bible by the wife of Isaac, was not used in England until after the Reformation in the 16th century.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Rebeca, Rebecka, Rebekah, Rebekka, Rivka

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Comments and insights on the name Rebecca

- My name is Rebecca and my middle name is Ann. Most of my childhood, I did not feel like my name fitted me, but now I love it. I never went by any nicknames, just Rebecca. If some people wanted to call me Becca I would let them. I never went by Becky, though. If someone called me Becky, I would immediately tell them I go by Rebecca.

Personal experiences with the name Rebecca

-My name is Rebecca and I’ve always hated it. The one thing worse than Rebecca was being called Becky. I’ve been a Becca forever, but never quite felt like that worked either. Introducing myself causes a great deal of anxiety because I just hate how my name sounds and feels in my mouth. When I was a 9th grader at summer camp I tried introducing myself as Joy (my middle name) to everyone I met. It caused all of my friends to roll their eyes but to me it felt so nice to get a break from the awkward, consonant-full, chunky name I’ve been cursed with.

- My name is Rebecca. I remember Rebecca not being very popular when I was younger (late 80s, 90s)but as I got older there seemed to be a lot of Rebecca's. I hated my name growing up, I wanted to go by one of my middle names but they are not English names so people seemed to have a hard time with the transition. When I got to university I started to appreciate my name more. I normally go by Rebecca but also Bec, Becca, Bex and more recently Reb but NEVER Becky! I get called Rachel A LOT, I don't mind, I love that name too so I respond to both out of habit. My neighbours, despite telling them many times that my name is Rebecca, still call me Rachel and even my first day at my new job I was called Rachel.

-My name is Rebecca. I don't mind my name but when I was little I could never pronounce the "Re" so I always went by Becca. I also go by Bec, Bex, Becs, Becks, Becka, or by last name. I don't like being called Becky. Only one of my friends ever calls me Becky and its only when she's joking cause she knows i don't like it, my mum doesn't like it either. Most of my teachers (I'm in high school) call me Becka/Becca, Becs or by last name. I also get Rachel sometimes as well, mostly from one of my friends cause she thinks I look more like a Rachel or from my basketball coach because theres a Rachel on my team and we kind of look alike. Only some of my family calls me Rebecca. And I know I'm in trouble when I get Rebecca-Anne from my parents.

- I am a Rebecca and I have always loved my name and all of its abbreviations. OK, I'm biased, but I don't think you can wrong with this name.

I didn't like being called "Becky" when I was younger, but I did make the successful transition to Rebecca when I went to high school. I also like that the name is very recognizable when traveling internationally (much more so than Rachel, for example). But I often get called Rachel by mistake.

- I am Rebecca my middle name is jayne. I do not like being called becky at all! My mother calls be bec, and some people even call me reb. ( hate that name) I do love my name though. I don't know any other rebeccas. People I do not know or just met call me rachel all the time. Some people call me allyson, because that is my older sisters name. In the seventh grade I asked people to call me ray-bekah (rébecca) and to this day, some people still do.

- My name is also Rebecca Jane! My mother nixed anyone calling me "Becky" (only my grandmother could call me Becky Jane) right from the beginning and I was always Becca as a kid. I'm 20 now and I get much less Becca and more Bec and Bex. I had two other Rebecca's in my class in middle school and they went by Becca and Reb or Rebby (still sounds silly...).

- My name is Rebecca, and since I'm in high school, I go by my last name, Becka, Bee, Reby, and multiple others. I hate being called Becky and Bex. Drives me insane! But I'm a basketball and soccer player, so my teammates call me BeeBallR or beeoccer, and I don't mind those at all!!

- I also get Rachael a lot, to the point where I used to work with a Rachael and got her stuff in my pigeon hole all the time! Nicknames - Bec, Becky, Becca, Bekka, Becka, Reb, Rebba, Rebel (all three I hated!), and lately Bex. I think the bonus to the names is that the nicknames change and grow with you. As a kid I had Becky, in high school I had Becca and now I mainly get Bec or, as I mentioned, Bex. My challenge is that I actually have trouble saying the R sound at the beginning of words so it always sounds like I don't know my name when someone asks because I have to say ahh first to get my tongue going, My friend named her daughter after me, although I requested they spelled it Rebekah to make it different, but I'm sure she,s going to hate me for it one day when she can't find any of those door hanger / number plates / souvenir things with her name on it!

- When people first meet me they think of Rachel too. Also people will call me Becky for two reasons. They just met me and they call me that without asking or they know it bothers me (mostly kids at school). My teachers call me by my last name but my science teacher calls me Becca. And usually my close friends and family call my Becca too. The only thing is it's hard to find middle and last names that work with my name. Like when you like a boy so you put his last name with your first. I don't do that cause it never works. My middle name, Paige, does work with it though.

My name is Rebecca but from the moment I was born my parents called me Becky. I hate that they gave me a nickname and it stuck with me. Now in my 30's I don't feel like a "Rebecca" even though it's my name because I've only been called that by teachers and bill collectors. I love the name but it just doesn't feel like me. I made sure to give my kids names that wouldn't be shortened or nicknames given to them.

- My name is Rebecca and as a child I went by Beckie.. "ie" not "y", so my name was always misspelled (and still is by some of my family members) as a child I hated Becca but in High school some of my friends started calling me that and it stuck.. I spell it Becka now, because I like to be different and hey no one spelled my name right when I was kid, it should be the same when I am an adult! My family still calls be Beckie and refuses to call me Becka which is fine. My husband calls me Beckas and I often am called Bec or Bex. I have never been called Rachel like some of the others above but I have been called Beth on many occasions. I don't really like being called Rebecca because I feel like im getting in trouble. As a child when I heard "REBECCA" i knew i was in trouble.. lol.

- Am I the only adult who likes being called Becky? I never liked Becca for the sole reason that every other Rebecca I knew went by that, and the full Rebecca always felt a bit too formal. Becky just suits me. It's shortened by a few people to Beck. Several high school era friends know me as Bex, and others as RJ...which is funny because there's no J in my name. It came about from a mix-up by an art teacher, and I liked it so it stuck. However, if you're gonna use my middle name, Anne, you better use it with my full first name. Rebecca Anne sounds dignified, Becky Anne sounds...ugh.

- I am another Rebecca Jane but have gone by Becky or Becks since I was about 8 and my family have called me Becky as long as I have known (unless I was in trouble). I also feel that Rebecca is a very formal, almost posh sounding name and think Becky suits my personality more.

- My daughter's name is Rebecca and she gets called Rachel all the time by relatives and aquaintances. We always thought it was because her sister's middle name is Rachel, but after reading this website, it seems that there are many others experiencing this phenomenon.

- My name is Rebecca and my middle name is Jasmine. I've always hated the name Rebecca and went through many different nicknames while in school. Everything from Becky to Becca to Bex to RJ and even Rececca (a teacher misspelt my name and it stuck for a little while). Funnily enough, there was a girl in my class called Rachel and the teacher always used to get us confused. How strange... When I changed middle schools, I saw an opportunity to get a nickname to stick. On the form there was an option to fill in a "preferred name" and I put in "Becki". That's been my name ever since. I don't even react to the name Rebecca anymore. Becki is much better!

- I'm a Rebecca Jane but have always been called Rebs! Can't believe how many people have been called Rachel as I have never experienced this! I hate 'Becky'... I think it sound chavvy, but I don't mind and am called Becca, Bex, Beccabex, and even Badger?! Personally I love my name! I think Rebecca is a great name and all the best people are called it:)

- My name is Rebecca Jane (seems to be quite popular...) and I HATE the name Rebecca. Well at least I hate it on me. I am Becky now, since I started high school (or maybe it was the year before I started...) anyway i have been through SO MANY nicknames. Bec, Becca, Beck, Bex, Reb (hated that one), Rebec, Rebocca (only my brother calls me that), Berocca (brother and sister call me that). Now i'm Becky and it suits me, I don't know why people don't like it! I guess it could be seen quite girly and young and cute, but I am not like that at all so i don't see that! My friends have all said Becky suits me, but some of them have their own 'personalised' nicknames for me. Becksies, Becksta/Beckstar, Becka, Rebel Rebecca (when they're made at me...). Of course I still get called Rebecca, but I don't respond anymore - except if it is a substitute or something, somebody who hasn't met me or somebody who shouldn't be expected to know. My signature is B (not R) and if I get monogrammed things or gifts with a letter it's always B (yes I know how B with my middle name sounds, thanks). I love Becky and nicknames but i can't stand being called Rebecca! Sounds too posh for me...

- a Rebecca here. My closest friends and family call me Rebs or Reb, a cute one would be Rebbie. I never like Becky because it sounds strange to me. My niece can’t say the R and calls me aunt Becca. I don’t mind. I get called Rachel many times but at least it isn’t a name I hate so it’s OK. I know another Rebecca and people call her Rikki. She and I are both cool peeps I guess haha. I consider myself not part of a big crowd. I am a strong-minded person who knows what I want and won’t do what everybody else is doing but will do what’s true to myself and what’s right morally. Definitely not a people pleaser and I know my priorities. I’m down to earth and easygoing and am a person with reasons. I don’t know anyone who has a negative view about this name. At least it’s not Ashley or Britney!

I dislike the name Rebecca. It's way too common, and I have encountered several Rebecca's in my life. I have an evil cousin who named her daughter Rebecca.

My name is Rebecca. I hate it, it is not cute at all. It is not at all modern because it's from the freakin 18th century. Whats really annoying is that people pronounce my name very obnoxiously. Like REbecca or RUHbecca. It is so annoying, and also i'm irrelevant so nobody can remember my name. Also sometimes people call me Rachel. Which is annoying, but at least it is better than Rebecca. Also, I have no cute nicknames. My mom calls me Rebbie which i hate very much. People have called me Becks, Reb, and BECKY. WHICH I HATE. Mostly cause the song "Baby Got Back" when the girl says "Oh my god Becky look at her butt" it's so damn annoying. I hate my name so much more for that reason.The only nick name I can tolerate is Becca, which also just sounds strange. Also, it is fairly common. AMONG MIDDLE AGED WOMEN. I have only met one Rebecca my age, and one Rebecca (at Chick fil A) who looked like an old teen- or in her 20s. When I meet an older women named Rebecca it is usually awkward. They are usually like, "our name is awesome right?" and i'm like mHm but no, it is not. So don't name your child this, just don't.

Nicknames for Rebecca


Meanings and history of the name Rebecca

Derives from Hebrew word 'ribhqeh.'
The meaning of the name Rebecca is:
- Snare
- Fettered by Beauty
- Captivating
- Peacemaker
- Determined

The ancient Latin Vulgate (from the 4th Century A.D.) was the version of the Bible used within the church for centuries. The Latin Vulgate uses the spelling "REBECCA" exclusively. Centuries later, when the Bible was translated into English in the 1600s (King James Version), the spelling "Rebekah" was used for the Old Testament, while the spelling "Rebecca" was used in the New Testament-(see Romans 9:10). So, the older Biblical spelling is "Rebecca," but both spellings are in the original English Bible. Here is a link to view the online Latin Vulgate version of the Bible, alongside the English translation. The page shows the spelling "Rebecca" in Genesis 49:31.

Famous real-life people named Rebecca

Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe creator and role model
Rebecca Romijn, American actress and model
Rebecca Sophia Clarke, American children's author
Rebecca De Mornay, American actress
Rebecca Black, American YouTube sensation
Rebecca Miller, American film director
Rebecca Gayheart, American actress
Rebecca Stead, author of Newbery-winning "When You Reach Me"
Rebecca on Breaking Amish, a snotty girl with a snotty mouth

Rebecca in song, story & screen

Rebbeca Black, signer of 'Friday' on YouTube
Rebecca "Becky" Conner (played by Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke), the eldest daughter on the American television sitcom Roseanne
Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis (played by Lori Loughlin), a character on the American television sitcom Full House
Rebecca Dopplemeyer, a character in Daniel Clowes's Ghost World graphic novels and the 2001 film adaptation (in which she was played by Scarlett Johansson)
Rebecca Howe (played by Kirstie Alley), the female lead on the American television sitcom Cheers
Rebecca Randall, the title character in the 1903 children's story Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, the 1938 film adaptation, which featured Shirley Temple as Rebecca, and the 1917 which had Mary Pickford as Rebecca.
Rebecca "Becky" Thatcher, young Tom Sawyer's love interest in Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Rebecca, the 1938 suspense novel by Daphne du Maurier and the 1940 film adaptation directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood of the Shopaholic Series.
Rebecca Logan the spoiled and backstabbing Senator's daughter of the TV Show Greek
Rebecca "Becca" Louise Chadwick, character in Heather Vogel Frederick's "The Mother-Daughter Book Club"
Rebekah Mikelson, in two different tv series the originals and the vampire diaries. Rebekah Mikelson is played by the amazing actress Claire Holt paytm wallet offers
Rebecca, a character in One Piece
Rebecca Bunch, protagonist in the CW series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" (Played by Rachel Bloom)
Rebecca, a character in season 2 of The Walking Dead game by telltale
Rebecca "Bex" Baxter, a character in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls book series

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