Ruby Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ROO-bee (key)

Origin of the name Ruby:

Taken from the name of the deep red gem. Ruby is derived from the Latin rubeus (reddish) via the Old French rubi.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Rubi, Rubie

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Comments and insights on the name Ruby

My daughter is Ruby Louise. I call her Ruby or Ruby Lou. In preschool everyone was calling her Ruby Doo, but stopped when I asked them to switch to Lou if they were going to add a syllable. She's very spirited and athletic, very compassionate and artistic. We get lots of compliments on her name. Her teachers tell me she is the most polite preschooler and that everyone always wants to play with her.

I really like Ruby Ann for a name, but our last name begins with W, so I can't use Ruby Ann because her initials would be R.A.W.

Our daughter is named Ruby. We wanted a sweet and short name to go with our long and "tough" German last name. Like her name, she is the sweetest and most lovey dovey girl. Ruby is girly, yet can be a toughy. Her personality spirited and bright. She sings and dances and tells jokes. She is also polite and caring. People remember her where ever we go and is complimented on her name quite often. She was born March 2008. We live in NYC.

I love the name Ruby, I think it is very pretty! I am not one for common names, so I've been trying to make up some names with Ruby as a nickname. So far I have Rubalie (Roo-buh-lee) and Rubaline (Roo-buh-lIne).

Personal experiences with the name Ruby

My daughter is Ruby Anastasia and she was born in March 2006

My daughter's name is Ruby Virginia. We live on the East Coast and she was born December 2009.

My niece is called Ruby Aurora. Her nickname is Roo.

My name is Ruby. My parents named my that because it is a family name on both sides, and they loved it! I love my name so much, and I like that it is not very common for my generation. (born in 2000) I've never met anyone my age with the same name. People sometimes call me Rubes. I occasionally get called Rubix Cube, which I HATE. :)

My cousin is called Ruby May/Mae (not sure on the spelling) as her first and middle names. Her little sister is called Megan Rose. The sweetest names ever!

My name is Ruby. My parents have always liked that name and I like having it because it isn't that popular for my generation, so I feel unique. My middle name is Louise, so my parents call me Ruby-loo. Other nicknames are Rhubarb, Roo, Rubes, Rooboo (I hate that but people think its funny), Ruhubdarb(??? no idea why),Ruberry, and Rube. Also no parent or teacher who I've ever met has failed to call me (or sing) Ruby Tuesday when they meet me.

My first daughter's name is Ruby Joan. She was born in December 2007. She has never had a nickname as we believe her name is already short and sweet enough! She certainly lives up to the short and sweet nature of the name and we've never regretted naming her Ruby!

My daughter's name is Ruby. When I was in college in the 1980's, I read an article in People magazine about Rod Stewart & Kelly Emberg's baby, who they named Ruby, and I fell in love with the name. When I adopted my daughter almost 20 years later, I named her Ruby. She was given a Chinese name prior to her adoption, which coincidentally, in Chinese means beautiful, shining crystal. She is definitely a one-in-a-million gem!

My cousin is called Ruby Florence. We call her Rubence sometimes (a mixture of her first and middle names).

my name is ruby. i am nickname is rubs. I was born before ruby was a coolname so i was very unique, until i found out there are 2 other girls in my school with the same middle and first name as me. i must cull them all as am superior

My name is Ruby, Named after my great grandmother. Funny thing is, I have bright red hair and that makes my name more than fitting.

Nicknames for Ruby

Goobie / Gooby
Ru/Rue (pronounced Roo)
Rubix Cube
Rubster (pronounced Roob-ster)
Ruby Tuesday
Oobi OObie
Scooby Roo
Ru-Ru (pronounced Roo-Roo)
Rhi-Rhi (pronounced ree-ree)
Rubarbe (pronounced like the vegetable)

Meanings and history of the name Ruby

The Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July.
The ruby is one of the four gemstones, and ranges in color from pink to deep red. Rubies consist of corundum, an aluminum oxide and the red color is caused by the presence of chromium. The word ruby originates from the latin word ruber, meaning red.

Famous real-life people named Ruby

Ruby Aldridge, American supermodel
Ruby Dee, American actress and writer
Ruby Rose, Australian model and MTV VJ
Ruby Catherine Stevens, birth name of American actress Barbara Stanwyck
Ruby Payne-Scott, Australian radio astronomer
Ruby Sweetheart Maguire (b. 2006), daughter of American actor and producer Tobey Maguire and American jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer
Ruby Megan Henson (b. 2007), daughter of Welsh singer-songwriter, actress, television presenter, and political activist Charlotte Church
Ruby Jeanne Flynn (b. 2012), daughter of American actress Marley Shelton

Ruby in song, story & screen

Ruby Redfort stars in the book series by Lauren Child- Ruby Redfort

Ruby Jane Northrop, an orphan, the younger sister of Flora Marie Northrop, loves to preform, stubborn, a protagonist in the book series "Main Street" by Ann M. Martin

Ruby, a played by Amy Smart on the TV show "Felicity."

Ruby Lavender, from "Love, Ruby Lavender" by Deborah Wiles

Song "Ruby" by the British rock band Kaiser Chiefs

Ruby Thewes, a character in the movie and novel "Cold Mountain".

Ruby is a character in the book "The Friends" by Rosa Guy

Ruby, the treacherous demon from CW's 'Supernatural' is played by Katie Cassidy and Genevieve Cortese

Ruby's Wish, a children's book by author Shirin Yim Bridges. In the story, Ruby turns out to be the author's grandmother

Ruby is the Storybrooke persona of Little Red Riding Hood on "Once Upon a Time"

Ruby Rose RWBY (Rooster Teeth Mini Series)

Ruby Sinclair, main female character from movie Dance with Me

Ruby Hale, main antagonist in the second half of season 5 of the show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ruby-Song by The Smashing Pumpkins.

Ruby, protagonist of "The Darkest Minds" book series by Alexandra Bracken

Ruby -- Ray Charles
Ruby Tuesday -- Rolling Stones
Ruby -- Kenny Rogers
Ruby -- Kaiser Chiefs
Ruby Baby -- Dion
Ruby -- Tom Wopat
Thru the Eyes of Ruby -- Smashing Pumpkins
Ruby Soho -- Rancid
Ruby Sees All -- Cake
Ruby's Arms -- Tom Waits
Ruby -- Foster the People
Ruby in according to Jim
Ruby Ingalls from The Little House series

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