Sally Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: SA-lee (key)

Origin of the name Sally:

Originally a pet form of Sarah (princess), Sally is now bestowed as an independent given name.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Sarah, Sadie, Sara

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Comments and insights on the name Sally

Sally is a classic, beautiful, simple, gentle, sweet name for a baby girl. Pronounced Sal-ee.

Personal experiences with the name Sally

I was named "Sally" in 1966. I was named after my grandmother, who was actually "Sarah Savilla Dare Ponesmith", but friends called her "Sally". My mother loved the shortened, less formal nickname and named me after her mother's nickname "Sally". She gave me her own name as my middle name. So I am "Sally Joan". Growing up, I knew very few Sally's. I went to high school with just one other "Sally", a very nice girl, and the only other Sally in the whole school, which was very large. Now with the birth of Facebook, I have seen another local Sally in my age range that has several mutual friends as I do. So there certainly must be a third one in my area. You just don't hear the name being given ever anymore. But the name still shows up in all the old classic story books that children are read, and in many older songs from the 60's and 70's (Lay Down Sally, Barbara Riley, Mustang Sally... to name a few. :) I have always felt honored and special to have been named after my wonderful, sweet grandmother, who we all (my siblings and cousins) lovingly called "Two Mommy" instead of "grandmother". My sister, the first born grandchild, gave her that name when she was 2 after feeling the apparent confusion of having what felt like two mommies, thus Two Mommy. I love being named after my sweet Two Mommy, aka, Sarah Savilla Dare Ponesmith, who passed away at the age of 96. I hope to see a comeback of our name in decades to come. :)

My parents named me Sarah but called me Sally. Growing up, I hated both names and my "two names" caused a lot of confusion. Most people do not know that Sally is a diminutive of Sarah, and I was constantly asked if Sally was my middle name or called "Sarah Sally". It was also a major pain in the butt when it came to filling out paperwork, school, legal documents, doctors appointments, etc. Now that I'm a mom it drives me crazy when I see people naming their child one thing but intending to have the kid go by something else (either a middle name or an obscure nickname). The "when they're older they can decide!!" excuse is a cop-out. I tried several times to switch back to Sarah, but when everyone in your life has known you by another name for your entire life, it's almost impossible to successfully switch. If you want a Sally, name your kid Sally. The same thing goes for other obscure nicknames. You may think it's cute or clever, but it's a major hassle for the child. As for the name "Sally" itself, I hated it as a little girl but it grew on me as I got older. I haven't come across many Sallys my age (born in 1985) and several of my friends throughout the years have told me how much they love the name.

One of my best friends EVER, in the WHOLE world's name is Sally. She is SUCH a sweet, hilarious girl! I have never met anyone else in my life named Sally, I truly haven't. A lot of people have said that "Sally" itself as a name is too simple, too plain, and too dull. But I, honest and truly, with all that I am, STRONGLY disagree with that. I believe that the name Sally is a gorgeous, beautiful, alluring name for a wonderful woman like the one I am blessed to know. I love her. I love her name. It is truly beautiful. <3 :)

Nicknames for Sally

Sal, Sall, Ally, Allie, Aly.

Meanings and history of the name Sally

Meanings of the name "Sally".



Princess. Sally is now a name in its own right.

Famous real-life people named Sally

Sally Jones, British journalist and broadcaster, the first woman to broadcast sports for the BBC
Sally Fields, American actress
Sally Ride, American astronaut, the first American woman in space
Sally Kellerman, American actress
Sally Kirkland, American actress
Sally Jessy Raphael, American talk show host
Sally Struthers, American actress and spokeswoman
Sally Whittaker, American actress
Sally Potter, English film director and screenwriter
Sally Hemings, African-American lover of Thomas Jefferson
Sally Rand, American exotic dancer
Sally Hawkins, English actress
Sally Morgan, Australian aboriginal author, dramatist
Sally June Mulroney (b. 2009), daughter of American actor and musician Dermot Mulroney
Sally Chou, Taiwanese lead dancer and vocalist of South Korean pop girl group TWICE

Sally in song, story & screen

Sally Brown, Charlie Brown's younger sister in the comic strip Peanuts
Sally, sister of the boy-narrator of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat
Sally Albright, character in the movie When Harry Met Sally, played by Meg Ryan
Sally Bowles, bohemian performer in the book The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood. In the movie Cabaret, which was based on this book, she was played by Liza Minnelli.
Sally-Anne Perks, character in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.
Sally in Our Alley, traditional English folk song
Sally Dugan, in the 1996 film The Associate
Aunt Sally, character in Worzel Gummidge, British children's TV show
Sally Owens, in the 1998 film Practical Magic
Sally, song by Foxboro Hot Tubs
Long Tall Sally, 1956 song by Little Richard
Mustang Sally, 1966 song by Wilson Pickett
Sally mentioned in the Oasis song, Don't Look Back in Anger
Sally Carrera from the Pixar franchise Cars
Sally Jackson is the mother of the main character in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan
Sally, stitched-together heroine of The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally Draper, daughter of Don and Betty Draper on the TV series Mad Men
Sally Blevins, Skids, a Morlock from the X-Men comics
Sally Avril, Bluebird from Marvel’s Spider-Man comics

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