Samantha Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: sah-MAN-thə (key)

Origin of the name Samantha:

A feminine form of Samuel (name of God, his name is God) believed to have originated in the southern U.S. in the 19th century.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Samantha

My mom wanted to name me Samantha, which was uncommon in 1981 and is a beautiful name. My 'dad' didn't like it though, not that he stayed around long after they named me his choice. So I decided to name my daughter that, planned since I was 8yrs old. But, as it turned out, my husband and I can't have kids. I held onto hope, and the name, for a decade. I hadn't consciously given up on it, but when I rescued a sweet faced puppy and brought her home, my husband and I were discussing what to name her. Nothing felt right, and finally I said Samantha. My husband looked at me in surprise and asked if I was sure. He'd accepted the fact long before, and that was my first time admitting that I didn't think that it was going to happen. And Samantha is the smartest, sweetest little thing. I realized with the addition of her, and counting the girl dog I rescued a few years before, that I had the 2 daughters I'd always wanted, just not the way I thought it would happen. My hubby and I now joke about if we're one of those people who have a "miracle baby" like you hear about sometimes, we're going to have a hard time explaining why we named our daughter after the dog... lol

Personal experiences with the name Samantha

- My name
- Name of three acquaintances

I have a friend named Samantha and she is an amazing Soprano. She can seem a bit snooty, but she is really a great person.

One of my best friends in the entire world's name is Samantha. She is a magnificent, beautiful person - and she has an extremely lovely and alluring name to go with her amazing personality, too! I love this name.

My name is Samantha. My middle name is Lee. My 2 brother's middle names are Lee, and my sister's middle name is Lee. That's because my dad's middle name is Lee.

Lee is a middle name that will go with anything.

My name is Samantha I'm 17 and a Capricorn!! My mom honestly had no clue what to name me and was in labor alone!! My sister was a year and a month so my grandma I believe stayed to watch her and my aunt was on her way there to the hospital !And my father? Was incarcerated . So my mom is hysterical and crying the nurse then asked what she was going to name me and she was like "I don't know I haven't decided yet I was thinking Samantha..." the nurse cut her off in shock and replied "That's my naaamee" my mom starts crying more that's her name that's her name and I love it

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Meanings and history of the name Samantha

Of English and Hebrew origin, most accurately means "God Heard". In Aramaic, it means "Listener". In Greek, it may mean "Flower".

Famous real-life people named Samantha

Samantha Browne-Walters - American actress
Samantha Arsenault - American Olympic swimmer
Samantha Morton - English actress
Samantha Harris - American television host
Samantha Mathis-American Actress
Samantha Boscarino - American Actress on Nickelodeon's "How To Rock" (2012)
Samantha Fox- I don't know what she does
Samantha Mewis- Professional Soccer Player

Samantha in song, story & screen

Samantha Stephens, protagonist of the 1960s sitcom Bewitched played by Elizabeth Montgomery, and credited with the surge in popularity of the name during this time
Samantha Micelli, character on '80s sitcom "Who's the Boss?" played by Alyssa Milano
Samantha Morgan nee' McCall , character on ABC soap opera , General Hospital played by Kelly Monaco
Samantha, character in "Garden State"
Samantha Jones, "Sex and the City" character played by Kim Cattrall
Samantha Who, television series starring Christina Applegate
Samantha Peszek, gymnast
Samantha Stankey, Milhouse's one-time girlfriend on "The Simpsons"
Samantha, silent scorer referred to in many episodes of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
Samantha, a character in Need for Speed Underground
Samantha Anderson, character on the American TV
soap opera As the World Turns
Samantha Best, character on the television show The Best Years
Sami Brady, or Samantha Gene Brady, character on the American soap opera Days of our Lives
Samantha Carter, character in the television show Stargate SG-1
Samantha Darko, character in the film Donnie Darko
Samantha Fitzgerald, or Sam, recurring character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours
Samantha Forster, or Sam, main character in The Phantom Stallion book series, by Terri Farley
Sammy Jo Carrington, character in the American TV series Dynasty
Sam Jones, character in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels
Samantha Keeble, character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
Samantha Kelly, character on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful
Samantha Manson, female protagonist from the Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom
Samantha Mulder, sister to Fox Mulder on the television The X-Files. Samantha was abducted by aliens before the show's start.
Samantha Parkington, character in the American Girl collection of books and dolls
Samantha "Sam" Puckett, protagonist in the television show iCarly
Samantha Roth, character in the television show 24
Samantha Spade- FBI agent in the Missing Persons division on the show Without a Trace
Samantha - The Protaginist's Girlfriend in Like Crazy
Samantha, a fictional Burmese kitty character in the story Adventure Wonders
Sam, female character in book-to-movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower, played by Emma Watson
Samantha Stewart, character in Foyle's War, played by Honeysuckle Weeks
Samantha Louise "Lou" Fleming, character on CBC's Heartland portrayed by Michelle Morgan
Samantha "Root" Groves, hacker and former killer for hire on CBS's Person of Interest, her given name is rarely used as she goes by "Root"
Samantha "Sam" Giddings, a main character in the video game "Until Dawn"

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