Summer Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: SUH-mer (key)

Origin of the name Summer:

Taken from the name of the warmest season of the year.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Hi my name is Summer. I have hazel eyes with brown curly hair. I am the only kid in the school with my name so everyone thinks I’m unique. Some boys do call me Summer he bummer or even Summer the plumber! It doesn’t bother me though because I love my name. When I conceive my first daughter I will name her Autumn. I play three sports also. I love reading story’s about other people like me.

My name is Summer, born in spring, parents non hippy. Blonde curly hair w/blue eyes. I fit the name to include the bubbly personality. However, I married into Rose. Now everyone thinks it's my middle name like I'm from the country.
I named my daughter Summer. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and was born in the Fall. She's just a toddler, but so far her name really fits her looks and personality. The seasonal jokes get old, but it could be a lot worse!


My name is Summer. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Im not all fun and bubbly like the Summer name. I actually dont like the season summer, but i was born 1 day after. I got my name from my uncle. And it gets so annoying when people ask me

"Were born in the summer, summer?"
"Hey Summer, its not summer."
"Hey Summer Bummer"

Like seriously. Even my gym teacher calls me Summer Bummer.

My name is Summer, and I'm not at all like most Summer's...I don't have blonde hair, it's actually almost black, and my skin is tan(really tan) all year long. I've also got nearly black eyes, and I'm not what you would call "happy" all the time. I wear a lot of black and don't you dare try to give me a hug. But I'm nice, I guess. I write a lot, and draw. My room is covered in artwork. I dance and I'm a gymnast, so make of that what you will. I have met people named Spring and Autumn. I actually bunked with a girl named autumn at a Girl Scout camp, and the other two girls in the tent started going by the names Spring and winter, so we were known as "the seasons".
My name does get made fun of a lot; summer dumber, sum bum, sum dumb, dumber, bummer, and many more. I wanted to change my name to Rowan for the longest time, and I still feel like the name "Summer" doesn't fit me. My sisters names aren't seasons, but I get asked that a lot.
Also, I always get asked to change the seasons, and I wish I could.
I wasn't even born in summer, I was born in the spring, which is close enough I guess, but that's always the first question someone asks when I tell them my name, "Were you born in the Summer, Summer?"
It's quite annoying to be honest.

Hey! My name is Summer, and I'm also 12 and I'm a single child.
I was born September 30, 2002!

I have curly black hair, brown eyes, and a light tan that gets super dark in the summertime.
It's really annoying when people crack jokes about me, and, like the girl above me, i get called summer time, summer bummer, bummer, and even S!

My friends always think it's funny when they ask me to warm it up a little, in the middle of winter. I do love the summer, hate the winter, and i DO wish i could change the seasons.

But its kinda nice when my bestie calls me Summer Queen.

My name is Summer I was born Jan-29-02 I'm 12 and I'm a triplet! People always ask if they are autumn winter or spring but no they are named cammy and Brooke also I hate wham I'm called summer bummer.I have never met anyone else named summer but I have been called sum sum and it my nickname. -Summer

My names Summer and I am what you'd expect, I'm blonde and have grey/blue eyes. I'm 14 and I've met a few people with the same name. Though one was spelled differently, can't remember how though. All throughout school I was teased (still am) over my name the most recent rhyme they have come up with is 'Sum Sum says yum yum cos she got (*m (*m up her bum bum ( (=c *=u). My full name though, is Summer-jayne though I just go by Summer or Mer. I was born in the Summer in September. I do get called 'Winter' 'Spring' and 'Autumn' more than I am called Summer. But I like the name Autumn.

The girl above me sounds soooo much like me! 14, blue eyes, blonde hair, born in September. creepyyy

My name is Summer and through all of my years of life i have only met 3 people with my name! I have heard that the stereotypical Summer is Blonde but i'm Mixed with black and white with brown eyes and curly brown hair. I love my name because no one ever seems to forget it. Personally I am very bad with names so if someone has a unique name I am more likely to remember it, but if it is a name that is used alot I am more likely to Forget it. Every time I meet someone new they always ask if my sisters name is winter...which its not it's Sierra but its the joke everytime someone see's me. I remember when I was younger wanting to change my name to my middle name Alyssa because that was my Best friends name and I handed my dad a note saying "Can I change my name to alyssa check yes or no" I am glad he checked no because now I LOVE my name and every joke that comes with it.

My name is Summer and I do fit all the physical stereotypes of the name (though my hair is redder now than when I was a young and I was born in the spring). People say that it fits me perfectly because I'm very outgoing and really like to have fun(I graduated in theatre. I didn't like my name growing up either, but I love it now.
I think it was because it is so easy for little kids and teenagers to make fun of. Just beware that your child may not initially love their name. When we moved I really wanted to go by a different name, but my middle name is Lee and that wasn't "cool" enough. At any rate, I thought I'd list some of the jokes/nicknames you'll be encountering:
Being called every other season
Being asked hundreds of stupid questions about your ability to control the weather (Hey summer, why is it still winter?)
Summer Dumber
Summer Bummer
Summer Plumber (though I only ever heard this from a college friend who was trying to come up with something I'd never heared before)
My last name was a color so I got this a lot: Summer White, some are green, some are brown, some are, some aren't, Winter Green (I had a high school teacher that ALWAYS called me wintergreen, it was annoying to say the least).
Being asked if your sister is named one of the other seasons (though I do have cousins named Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter).

My name is Summer and I've still haven't met anyone with my name (I'm 16). When I was younger I remember hating my name because It wasn't popluar but now I love it because O don't get confused with other students and I'm the only one in my school with my name. It's a nice name goes well with my middle name of Lynn. the only thing I hate is that people ask me if I was born In the Summertime and I'm like no, I was born in the Autumn. And they ask why they didn't name me Autumn (Same name as my cousin, Autumn).

We had our second baby girl on August 3rd,2010 and we named her Summer Rose. Her sister is Lillie Mae and we wanted something that went well. We LOVE her name! We call her Summy or Summer-roo :) She is the happiest baby on earth and it TOTALLY fits!

I just wanted to say that my name is Summer and I am not blonde nor do I have blue eye' eye's change color's they are brown, blue, green, yellow, and orange...I have major curly Brown hair, I am white with a mix of a good amount of ethnicity's. (So not all summer's have blonde hair and blue eye's) I hear all the name's winter, fall, autumn, spring anything but my own name. I have the most bubbly personality ever, not many people see me mad or sad some time's I feel it comes with the name. Like another person who wrote on here I do not remember many names, I know face's but with a unique name like mine I only really remember names that interest me. The really special thing about my name is that the only reason I have it is because I was born June 21, the first official day of summer.

I named my beautiful baby girl Summer Sienna (she is lucky to also have a colour as her surname which is Golden!) in Febuary 2005 six months before birth after feeling a sense that I was having a baby girl when a portrait of a summer day's breeze stood out for me waiting to have my scan.
It was then that I had visualised my unborn baby as a real baby!

I pictured her with light brown blonde curly hair and huge blue eyes!
It was amazing when she came out she had curly hair all matted on top (the reason I had!) which was dark and got to a few days old she developed her blue eyes gradually they got lighter and brighter as she grew older her hair changed,fell out grew back lighter and curly!

My Summer isn't your stereotypical Summer either but some things other Summer's have wrote have made me smile!
I have set up an email account for my Summer when she gets older and I will add this link to a message after I post this so she can read all the comments posted and maybe in ten years or less she will herself comment as another Summer and compare her experiences!
My only wish is that her life grows to b a happy and a healthy one and fingers X'd she loves her name now,and agrees that the choices I have made for her so far have been the right ones,including her name!

Summertime,Summs,Summsy,Summy Sum Sum, Mer(maid) is a very happy smiley normal 6 yr old child who goofs about laughs at her own jokes which then infects you with her laughter especially at bedtime!! Summer is half Irish a quarter English and French with Gap kids model type feauture's and doesn't even know how beautiful she really is (despite my constant reminders and comments of her style and look by randoms) who makes friends wherever she goes often having made a strong friendship in a short space of time asking can they come for a sleepover erm, u just met!
Summer loves nature and animals even insects she would never let me stand on one even an ant!
Summer was home schooled from age 3 and 6months when nursery wasn't for her.
Unfortunately kids seem to be nasty towards her kind and gentle nature despite summers warm inviting personality.
I couldn't bear hearing her doubt herself and I didn't want it ruining her character which it had started to even at that young age! I removed her from the nursery to may parents disbelief and decided to home school! When I read that it is thought of that mothers who call their kids Summer or seasonal names must be hippies that home educate and eat organic made me really LOL!!

Some nicknames she has encountered at school have been mean like Summer Bummer,Summer Dummer and these got to her at a young age and have come back to haunt her as she's recently started in a school in year 2! Summer asked to change her name to her middle name Sienna a few moths back but now she thinks the Tooth Fairy and Seasonal Fairies who are all around us wished for her name to be Summer as she was born in August so she could become a Summertime fairy!!
Sshhhhh, they look after her teeth when they fall out!
Summer is a Virgo,very sensitive just like her Aquarian Mother which fits her Beautiful warm unique name!

Summer also gets called Sunshine and Mer (-Maid) by her cousin who is two and couldn't say Summer just Mer AGE 1! Summer loves it that he refers her to as Mer-maid as she has long naturally golden brown highlighted hair which curls at the end into ringlets.
We saw bits of the film Splash at Christmas (parental guided remote at the ready to switch scenes!)

I just wanted to add a young -ish (I turn 30 Monday jan 23rd 2012,eek!) mothers perspective to these beautiful comments about all you girls named Summer and I agree with all the above and can relate to because I named my baby that name and I truly believe she represents what I called her, all that she is My Dolly, Summertime!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My 9 year old is called summer, there are 3 other girls just in her year at school called summer also. My daughter often gets referred to as autumn or winter , don't think it bothers her though, she has a very sunny outlook on life so I guess her name suits her well, and she is always smiling x

My name is Summer and, to be honest, I really had no idea there were stereotypes for Summer's until I read this but I don't fit them either. I am twenty-one, pale with brown/hazel eyes, and curly hair so black it's almost unnatural. I don't dye it but everyone asks me if I do. I used to always hate my name and I've gone back and forth between my first and my middle (Leighann). Of course I'm OBSESSED with unique names and I refuse to give my children common/popular names because I don't think it gives them much of their own identity. I was born in the dead of winter which is (completely unpredictably) how I got settled with Summer to begin with. Presumably, my parents and my father's sister were all at the hospital after my mother gave birth to me and I guess my aunt thought it would be a good idea to name me Winter or maybe she was joking (I have no clue) but my dad just jumps in and says "Let's name her Summer." My mom agreed with it but I LOVE the names I would have had if she had named me. Either Rose or Alexandria Dawn but my dad refused, saying he wouldn't have me be called by a boys name. I'm artistic and creative, a writer, and also left-handed *AND* my siblings have told me for a long time that I'm adopted because I'm always the odd-one-out but I know I'm not.
Nicknames and Questions you'll be asked:
Summertime summertime (sing-song voice)
(Being an aunt to 4 nieces) "Bug Season" *Aunt(Ant) Summer*
When's Summer coming Summer?
Why is it still cold outside? What did you do?
"We have Summer all year long" - my parents favorite comment about it.
I was once in an art class at the same time as a girl named Snowy. My teacher got a lot of cracks out of that and I have considered giving a future daughter the middle name of Snow but can't decide for sure (fighting with myself over letting her be teased so much as I was.)

My name is summer and just like everyone else I was teased as a child and hated my name growing up. The joke " what's you sister's name?" got really old because my sister's name is Noelle. I still kinda have issues with my name especially when the older people call me summers. I was also called Sara Lee because my name is Summer Leigh and everyone thought it was hilarious. My family normally calls me Summer Leigh like its all one name and that's annoying because my name is just Summer. I also don't fit the stereotype of the name summer I am black but I was born July 3 do my mother named me Summer

My boyfriend's 5 year old sister (born in 2009) has blonde hair and green eyes she was born in July. She loves dancing and singing although she is shy she is sweet, intelligent and caring. She fits the name summer perfectly

My cousin's name is Summer but they spelled it "Somer", she has black hair, and is pinup girl goth-y. She was born in the summertime though.

I have a sister named Summer. They say that Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time, but my sister is crazy. She is pretty little still, but she runs around the house a lot, tackling me sometimes. I have no idea why, but we sometimes call her Summer-woo-hi. What I think is funny, is that her birthday is on December 27th! I like playing with her and seeing her friends play with her. They are so cute when they hug her goodbye! She gets a good amount of complements on her name and her appearance. She has brown hair and eyes, and a cute little curls that are starting to come in. When she smiles, her eyes squint up and shows all her teeth, it's adorable! Thank you for reading. Goodbye!

Hi yes if you managed all the way down here you deserve the truth. My name is Summer and I absolutly- hate it. The only people that think my name is pretty is middle aged women. I've hated it since I was 8. This name only suite bubbly and happy people. I am not. You get jokes constantly about "shouldn't your name be winter?" As it is winter and my reply is "no my name is summer and I will attack you with the rage of a thousand rabid dogs if you dont leave me be". To make matters worse my name is Summer Rose, a total hippie name, I dont mind the hippie aesthetic but it's not necessarily my dark and creepy vibe. Do make this short, unless you are certain your offspring will be a delight and have Gods blessings upon her. Dont even think about naming your child the dreaded name Summer. That's all.

Personal experiences with the name Summer

My first name is Summer. I don't fit the usual "Summer" characteristics that people expect before meeting me. I was born in January, and I am not blonde. I find people often expect that my parents were hippies (weren't) and that I would be a little spacey. (I have two master's degrees.)

Now that I am an adult, I am grateful to have a unique name. I receive compliments on it frequently, and I feel it distinguishes me from the crowd. No one forgets my name after meeting me. I enjoy having my own personal holiday on the Summer Solstice. As a child, however, I hated my name. I distinctly remember coming home from the first day of kindergarten and asking my parents to rename me Jessica or Kelly. Later on, I had to sit in front of a Winter in class and was forced to play before an Autumn at every single piano recital.

There are definite ups and downs with a seasonal name. I suggest doing as my parents did and adding a traditional middle name just in case.

I definitely don't think that you need to be born in the Summer to have this name. I know a Summer born in December and an Autumn born in August, so it doesn't really matter! It's a beautiful name.

My name is Autumn and I have a daughter Summer. I loved my unique name and wanted my daughter to also have one. She is not blonde and blue eyed (I actually am) and was born in February (I have the Summer birthday). I love her name and wouldn't change it!

I was born with the first name Summer, and I can totally relate to the others that have posted. Constantly in school, I would be asked if I had a sister named Winter, things about the seasons, if my favorite season was summer, etc. As a kid, I used to get really annoyed by the whole ordeal, especially in middle school and everyone signed my yearbooks with "HAVE A GOOD SUMMER, SUMMER". Needless to say, it got a little tiring, but now I consider it my own personal joke. I remember during my first day of meeting my guidance councilor in high school, he looked up my name on the computer and was amazed I was the only one with the name in that school. It's actually quite fun. :)

The best part about the whole thing is that, looking at it now, it actually fits my personality. Although I personally despise the heat, I spent much of my time down by the bay or one the shores of the ocean. I've also been described as very friendly, or lovable, and when I think of the name Summer, I would probably say it's suitable. I'm also a free thinker, so that goes hand in hand as well.

My favorite part though is that my friends will often say I look like Zooey Deschanel, and after I first heard that, a few months later, I saw the 500 Days of Summer trailer. Again, another joke to me. At this point in my life, I wouldn't change my name for everything. I'm glad to have grown to feel comfortable in my own skin, and the constant teasing has given me strength and the confidence to smile. :)

My name is also Summer, born in July, and I love it. I don't have the blonde hair expected with the name, but bright red which I've never seen another redheaded Summer! (Well, besides the one who died her hair red for a few months). I never really got much teasing for my name, but more so for my hair beside the usual "Hey Summer, why is it still winter?" jokes and all that- and of course people asking me if I change my name with each season. The only thing with the name Summer though is in elementary school, a lot of kids couldn't say their S's right, so I was often called "Stummer", "Fummer", or the name that still follows me, as a joke, "Scummer". Oh, and there is of course the twisting the words and meaning around of the beginning of the song "Summer Nights". ;D I think Summer is a lovely name, and though it is easy to think of cheesy jokes, you receive a lot of compliments, and it's a name that sticks out and is easy to remember.

Nicknames for Summer


Meanings and history of the name Summer

The name Summer is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Summer is: Born during the summer.

Famous real-life people named Summer

Summer Sanders (gold medal swimmer)
Summer Bartholomew (model on game show Sale of the Century, Miss USA 1975)
Summer Glau (American actress/primaballerina)
Summer Strallen (singer and actress)
Summer Phoenix (actress and fashion designer)
Summer Rain Rutler (Christina Aguilera's daughter born 2014)
Summer Swauger (PACyber Author)

Summer in song, story & screen

Summer is one of the students in the movie The School Of Rock
Summer Roberts from The O.C.
Summer Wheatley from Napoleon Dynamite, the popular girl that Pedro had a crush on
Summer Finn from the movie (500) Days of Summer
Summer Hugglemonster is the little sister on Disney Jr.'s Henry Hugglemonster
Summer from Palace Pets
Summer Quinn from the TV series and movie Baywatch

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