Suzanne Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: soo-ZAN (key)

Origin of the name Suzanne:

Derived from the Hebrew Soshana, a derivative of shōshannāh (a lily, a rose).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Azucena, Sue, Susana, Susannah, Suzann, Suzette, Suzie

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Comments and insights on the name Suzanne

I, too, am a Suzanne Marie born in 1965. I've always enjoyed it being unique but not bazaar. When I was born, my mom and dad had not settled on whether my name would be "Lisa Marie" (yes...think of Elvis' daughter!) or "Suzanne Marie". When it came time to fill out the hospital paperwork, my dad decided I looked more like a "Suzanne" and then updated my mom. ;) I was known as "Suzy" when I was young, "Sue" from about age 12-25 and then moved to "Suzanne" when I started working professionally. Now, many of my close non-work friends call me Sue or Suz - either of those are fine. However, like the other Suzanne's have mentioned, I do NOT answer to Susan. I'm not sure why, but the name Susan simply doesn't resonate with me at all. Like the reader next in the next entry, it baffles me when people look at the name "Suzanne" and call me "Susan". Because I've enjoyed growing into the name, we named my daughter Katherine and my son Alexander and they, too, are growing into their names. It's fun for my friends when they meet another friend of mine. They can always tell what period of life that I first met that person based on what name they call me!

I am a Suzanne born in 1946. Unbelievably one of THREE Suzanne Marie's in the neighborhood I grew up in--one of them became my best friend throughout grade school, junior high and high school. I, too, was named by my father and disliked my name growing up. My friends called me Sue, my family called me Suzy or Susu or an occasional Suzy Q. When I met the man who would become my husband at work, I had a desk nameplate which had been given to me as a gift by a former employer and it used Suzanne, so from then on, that's the name I used. I grew to love my name and I absolutely HATE it when someone calls me Susan. Not that I dislike the name, it just always baffles me when someone looks at the name Suzanne and pronounces it Susan! I think it's a great name.

I am a Suzanne born in 1964, my Dad named me and he gave me no middle name just like the lady in the comments below. He thought Suzanne was long enough of a name for a tiny little girl. He called me Suzy most of my life, it was an endearing nickname that was mostly only for family. I hated being called Susan (or Sue) and would not answer to it, although it is a perfectly nice name. I was the only Suzanne in school my whole life and I really liked having that uniqueness, but I actually didnt like my name as a kid......I didn't think it flowed with my last name, which was always mispronounced, so people tended to slaughter my whole name. To this day, people misspell it all the time and that is really annoying. The only nickname I'm called is Suze by a few close friends, and I'm totally fine with that nickname.....but people who I'm not close with strive to shorten it to a more familiar name, but I introduce myself as Suzanne so they quickly get the hint that they must call me my real name! Haha. Nice to read the other life experiences of Suzannes. PS - I named my only child a common name who no one would misspell or mispronounce..... Jacob! :)

I am also an Suzanne born in 1961 in the Southwest of French descent, so my name was chosen based on my heritage. I was given no middle name because my Dad thought that long first names and short last names or vice versa; were how names "should be" and Suzanne was too long. The funny thing about this is that my twin brother is named Richard and he has a middle name, ha. My personal opinion is that Suzanne is an elegant and unique name. I too have only encountered six other women with this name in 50 years. I found it very nice to be the only one, unlike very common names I always knew I was the one being spoken to and did not have to look around to see which person with my name someone was speaking to. I too, also never went by any shortened version of my name, only my Dad who called me

Sue when I was little, and my Grandpa who called me Suzy Q. I do not respond to shortened versions of my name because it is simply Not My Name, I was not named Sue, Suzy or Susan so why answer to them? I love my name, it's a beautiful name. And like someone else said, it's a cute name for a tiny girl and an elegant name for a woman.

I am also a Suzanne and I was born in 1990. When I was younger I always thought my name sounded to grown up for me. Now that I am older I really love my name, I think it's special because my grandpa named me and it's also my moms middle name. He wanted to name my mom Suzanne but my grandmother refused. My parents both wanted to name me Marissa but my grandpa begged my parents to name me Suzanne during my moms entire pregnancy. I think my name sounds professional and elegant. I have always hated when people called me "Susan." I feel like my name is unique. I have only met one other Suzanne so far. It is pretty annoying when people slaughter your name though. I have seen it written Susann Suzzane and many other ways. But what really gets under my skin is when people try to nickname me "Sue." For some reason I cannot stand that nickname. I do have other nicknames such as Suzie, Suzannie, Susu (courtesy of my older brother not being able to pronounce my name when he was little) and Susu Magoo (only my grandpa calls me that) My middle name is Marissa. I think it flows pretty well Suzanne Marissa. I think I would like to keep the name in my family. Make it a new tradition.

I am a Suzanne, born in 1970. My mother named after the line in James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" ("Suzanne the plans we made put an end to you") -- cheery, LOL. I, too, was often called Susan or Suzy-Ann (good Lord) growing up. I went by Suzy as a little girl (mainly a family name) but asked to be called Sue when I got to college because I was *so* tired of being called Susan. I regretted that later, and reverted back to using Suzanne professionally. Now only close friends call me Sue. If I had had a daughter, I'd planned to either name her Susannah or give her the middle name Suzanne or Susannah. But I only had one child, and he was a Jonah. I loved reading of other Suzannes; outside of songs (and we've inspired many) I've only personally known two other Suzannes.

Personal experiences with the name Suzanne

It is funny how similar other Suzanne's feel about their name as I do! I always felt like Suzanne Margaret made me feel like an old lady, especially because I only met a few women named Suzanne who were 3 times my age. At 29 (born in 1986) I really love my name! I love how each different friend group calls me a different variation such as: Zan, Suzy-Q, Suzy, Schwoozan, Schwooze, Zansue, Suzannie, Suz, Shazzam (which I always thought was awesome and wanted it to stick - its funny that was a teasing name for another Suzanne) and some of my friends will introduce me as Suzy which cracks me up because that's not my name. I just cannot stand Susan - my name is interesting and unique and I always felt like Susan was... well not as interesting as Suzanne. No one has tried to call me Sue but that would probably bug me too. I always thought it would be cool to be called Suzette. Despite the fun nicknames I love just being called Suzanne because it makes me feel special because so few people have that name. I was always told my name meant Graceful Lily and Pearl which I loved because it made me feel elegant!

I am also a Suzanne whose middle name is Michelle. Born in '69. I will admit, I have never really liked my name mostly because of the way it constantly gets miss pronounced and misspelled. Also as a kid, having other kids tease me and call me "shazzam" didnt help. I constantly have people spell it Suzzane, and Susan. As well as people who pronounce it as Susan. Never understood how someone could look at the anne at the end and still pronounce it Susan. Funny thing is - Susan was my mothers name ! I have gone by Susie since I was a teenager and I like it spelled Susie. Suzanne is a hard name to find personalized on anything. I do not like to be called Sue ! I have been called a couple of nicknames - Suz ( pronounced S-uh-z not Sooz ) & Buzz. And once in a blue moon I get someone that likes to serenade me with their rendition of Susie-Q. In school, there was only one other Suzanne besides me.

I too am a Suzanne! Born in '92. Always the only one. My middle name is Elizabeth. Blessed with two Z's in my name. I have only met one other Suzanne and her middle name was also Elizabeth, though she was well into her 60's. I also loathe the nickname Sue, Susan, Suzzan, Suzzanne, Suzannie, "Suh-zann". I have always been really puzzled as to how someone could be so wrong! I have almost exclusively gone by Suzy; it never really bothered me how it was spelled. When I was younger I preferred "y" then "ie" but in my high school days I played around with a phonetic spelling. My nicknames consisted also of Bluezanne, Boozy Q, Sushi, Suecheese, Soxanne, Boxanne, Squeezy, Scrunchy, Slushie... everything under the sun. My mom did pick the because she said it was versatile; sweet for a child but elegant for a woman. I think we should eliminate Susan's and keep Suzanne cause this constant battle has driven me crazy my whole life.

I am a Suzanne born in 1983. My middle name is Michelle. I like that the name is a recognizable, established name but is still somewhat unique. I have met three other women my age with the same name and a few others with Suzanne as a middle name. I would say, however, that Suzanne is what was referred to on another site as an "almost name." People commonly read the name as "Susan" and also almost always misspell it. "Suzzane," oddly, being one of the most common misspellings. One of the other Suzannes that I met was surprised that people did not call me "Boozanne" as they called her in college. I do not go by any nickname but have been called "Suzy," "Suzie," "Suz," and Suzie Q. I have also been called "Sue" which I dislike because it has connotations of being common and plain as well as old fashioned to me.

My name is Suzanne, and I was born in 1985. I was always the only student named Suzanne in my school, and I liked the uniqueness. I think Suzanne is a good name because it isn't as common, yet not completely obsure. It doesn't really rhyme with anything-- so I never got picked on for any of that stuff. The only thing that did annoy me was that a lot of people mistakenly call me Susan, and there's definitely a different. That always got on my nerves. Other than that you, good name :)

My name is also Suzanne, and I was born in 1962. My feelings and experiences are pretty much the same. I typically am mistakenly called Susan, and my name is often misspelled. With the nickname Suzy, people frequently spell it Suzie, which also annoys me, and then when corrected, people still can't get it right. I do enjoy being a Suzanne though, as I am sort of named after my Grandmother, Anne, but with some added flavor and elegance.

I'm another Suzanne, born in 1968. I have always enjoyed being a Suzanne as well, and have experienced frustration at being called "Susan" (a completely different name, I agree!) by people who can never seem to get it right. A classmate once told me that she thought that Suzanne was a pretentious version of Susan. And a French customer at an art supply store that I worked at told me that Suzanne was the French version of Susan. My father wanted to name me Suzy (with a Z and a Y), so they named me Suzanne for long. I met a woman whose nickname was "Zanne", short for Suzanne. Anyway, it's a great name, and I never had to compete with many other Suzanne's like all of the girls name Jennifer and Stephanie in my classes did by being Jennifer M., Jennifer B, Stephanie L. etc. It's a classic name.

My mother named me Suzanne after a doll she had with the same name. I also get called Susan and people often misspell my name. I was the only Suzanne in school from k-12 and the few Suzannes I have met always look as surprised as I do. My middle name is Marie and the three other Suzannes had Ann as a middle name. I always liked the fact I had a 'Z' in my name. Friends change my name depending on my mood or situation, such as Bluezanne, Fluzanne, Boozeanne,Jewzanne, Loseanne, etc. Heh, heh, heh...sad but true.

I am a Suzanne who was born in 1994, and I'm currently 20 years old. My middle name is Marie. I was named Suzanne because my mother's middle name is Sue. I, personally, have never been the biggest fan of the name because I always thought it sounded too old for me. I guess I'll grow into it, though. I've gone by Suzanne solely for most of my life, except my brothers and dad called me "Zanny" growing up because one of my brothers couldn't say my name. My dad also has called me "Zanadoo" (like Xanadu), or "Zan". Once I got to high school, people started calling me "Suz" which I didn't mind. My biggest pet peeve is definitely being called Susan.

Nicknames for Suzanne

Sue, Suzy, Suzie, Suzi, Susie, Suze, Suzy Q, Anne, Annie

Meanings and history of the name Suzanne

Hebrew: lily, rose, graceful lily

Famous real-life people named Suzanne

Suzanne Somers, American actress
Suzanne Pleshette, American actress
Suzanne Vega, American singer and songwriter
Suzanne Valadon, French impressionist artist (painter)
Suzanne Malveaux, American TV journalist
Suzanne Hager,Knabstrupper horse on howrse add me morgie1026

Suzanne in song, story & screen

Poem "Suzanne" (1966) in book "Parasites of Heaven" by Leonard Cohen
Song "Suzanne" (1967) in song by Leonard Cohen on his debut album
Song "Suzanne" (1967) performed by Judy Collins on "In My Life" album, written by Leonard Cohen
Song "Suzanne" (1967) in song by Josh White Jr. on "The Josh White Jr." album
Song "Suzanne" (1969) in song by Harry Belafonte on "Homeward Bound"
Song "Suzanne" (1969) performed by Nina Simone on "Tell It Like It Is" album, written by Leonard Cohen
Song "Fire and Rain" (1970) to whom the James Taylor song is addressed
Song "Suzanne" (1970) by Randy Newman on "Randy Newman" album
Song "Suzanne" (1971) in song by Neil Diamond on "Stones" album
Song "Suzanne" (1971) on three Joan Baez albums, including "Carry It On"
Song "Suzanne" (1978) in concert film by Bob Dylan in "Renaldo and Clara"
Song "Suzanne" (1980) by Journey on "Raised on Radio" album
Song "I Love You Suzanne" (1984) by Lou Reed on "New Sensations" album
Song "Susanne" (1994) by Weezer
Song "Sing for Me Suzanne" by David Easter
Song "Suzanne's Rain" by Loren Conners
Song "Suzanne Beware Of The Devil" by Dandy Livingston
Song "The Suzanne Accord" by SouthWest
Song "Suzanne Sunshine" by Blessed Light
Song "Looking For Suzanne" by Waylon Jennings
Song "Sweet Suzanne" by John Christoper
Song "My Darling Suzanne" by Cees Veerman
Emile Larochelle, Francoise Hardy, Fairport Convention, Rocket, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Jeff Klein, The Mighty Stars, Francoise Hardy, Nick Cave, The ACB's, Moose and Asobi Seksu all have songs titled "Suzanne"
Movie "Friends 'Til the End" (TV, 1997) "Zanne" is a character who is disturbed and tries to take over her friend's (Shannen Doherty) life.
TV Show "Designing Women" (1986) "Suzanne Sugarbaker" played by Delta Burke
Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, character on the TV series "Orange Is the New Black"

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