Vanessa Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: vah-NEH-sə (key)

Origin of the name Vanessa:

An invention of satirist Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745), Vanessa is a partial anagram of the name of his intimate friend Esther Vanhomrigh. Swift used the name in his Cadenus and Vanessa, which led to its use as a female given name.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Vanesa, Venessa

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Comments and insights on the name Vanessa

My first and middle names, Vanessa Louise Love, were names from my ancestry. My great Aunt Anna, or A-Naner (southern dialect) was named Anna Vanessa. Carolyn Louise my material grandmother also shared this middle name with her mother Edna, and Love comes from my favorite grandfathers mother, Vera Love whos twin sisters name was Cigar Dove. I'm glad I was not named after her. I have not always loved how long my name was, also there Did not seem to be any related nicknames that suited me growing up other than silly, unprofessional terms of endearment. Now that I have married and my full name is now 30 characters, my signature has become, V. Longlastname. Loved ones can call me Nester, Mrs. Fude, or Vinny-haha and the rest can all take a deep breath to get out the rest! Lol.

My name is Vanessa Michelle, I really love my name, it is a great name for any child to grow into. Also, a classic name. My family nick name is Nessa. Friends call me Vaness or Van. I don't like when people call me V.

My name is Vanessa-Sarah, with a mn that starts with a V and a very German last name that starts with S. This gives me, I am happy to say, possibly the greatest initials ever :)
I go by Vanessa and I love it. Even as a kid I loved it--I'm usually the only Vanessa in my class/workplace/etc but people are familiar with the name and know how to pronounce it. They also usually know how to spell it. I HATE the nickname Nessa except when used occasionally by good friends in a joking fashion, but I am often called simply V, which I love. Sibs are Nicole and Ashley.
I new a girl called Vanessa, everyone used to call her Vanessa the undressa.
My name is Vanessa! I love my name i get compliments all the time. People call me Ness Nessa Nessi Vin Vinny Vanne Vanna Ane and V. But people often spell my name Vennesa. And with the sibling thing, i have Jenna Isabel Natalie Derek and Jason, and another sister on the way. They think they might call her haley. Hope this helps! :)

I am a Vanessa, too. I used to dislike it when I was young, but only because I am the oldest and after my parents had me they started naming all my siblings biblical names. When we were introduced it always go something like this: "This is Vanessa, Jacob, Sarah and Zechariah" "Oh, what nice strong biblical names, Vanessa huh? Where did you come up with that one?" But now that I am grown and it doesn't bother me that my name doesn't match or sound like my siblings. I love my name. It's feminine and just unique enough without being unusual. I have only met one other Vanessa in person, and that was in kindergarten.

Personal experiences with the name Vanessa

People constantly want to spell the name with two N's and one S or with an E instead of an A.

My best friend's daughter is Vanessa Marie, she is seven. I am a teacher and this year I have two Vanessa's, one spelled "Vanessa" and the other "Vanesa". I absolutely ADORE the name!! If my best friend's daughters name wasn't Vanessa my Isabella would have been Vanessa Grace! We also have an Asenav, which is Vanesa spelled backwards! Just thought I'd share that :)

I like my name. You don't hear it that often, and I think it sounds pretty.

I am 25 and My name is Vanessa Maria and I love my name. When i was at school I was the only Vanessa and i loved it. People always compliment me on my name.

My name is Vanessa Marie, I absolutely hate my middle name! Too many people I have met in my life such as friends, cousins, acquaintances have that middle name. I've always wanted my name to be different. Personally I've met some not so nice "Vanessa's". Some say it is a pretty name and yes you don't hear it very often. I do like the nicknames: Vaness, Van, Nessa, Vané, Vee.

Nicknames for Vanessa

Stupid Whore,

Meanings and history of the name Vanessa

The name Vanessa was invented by Irish writer Jonathan Swift for Esther Vanhomrigh. The name was created by taking "Van" from Vanhomrigh's last name and adding "Essa", the pet form of Esther.

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Famous real-life people named Vanessa

Vanessa Redgrave, English actress
Vanessa L. Williams, American singer and actress
Vanessa Downing, actress
Vanessa Carlton, singer
Vanessa Hudgens, American actress/singer
Vanessa Bell, Bloomsbury artist
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, American singer
Vanessa Bell Calloway, American actress
Vanessa Paradis, French singer and actress
Vanessa-Mae (born Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson), British-Chinese violinist
Vanessa Millano, TV correspondent
Vanessa Beecroft, Italian contemporary artist
Vanessa Amorosi, Australian singer/songwriter
Vanessa Vadim, daughter of Jane Fonda
Vanessa Zahorian, American ballerina, principle dancer for the San Francisco ballet

Vanessa in song, story & screen

Vanessa Baxter, Character In “Last Man Standing” television show, portrayed by Nancy Travis
Vanessa Huxtable, middle child on 1980s television show "The Cosby Show"
Vanessa Kensington, love interest of Austin Powers in the film "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", played by Elizabeth Hurley
Vanessa Abrams, character in the "Gossip Girl" books and TV series, played by Jessica Szohr
Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle, aka Copycat, character in Marvel
Vanessa named doll, Groovy Girls
Vanessa is the alter-ego of the villain, Ursula, in the Little Mermaid.

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