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Wow...the new tool is pure genius - could spend hours playing around with this :)

--Jessica M, Cheap Insurance Guru

The Name Matchmaker (available with the Expert Tools) has to be one of the coolest features on there. Just give it a few names that you like, and click "Match Names." It then gives you a fantastic list of names - some of which you may like even better than the ones you put in!

The Expert Tools do cost a little extra. It's $12.95 for one trimester, (which is a fantastic deal!), $29.95 for 9 months, or $34.95 for a full year. They are 100% worth it, though, no matter how long you decide to subscribe.

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I've been trying out Expert and really like the Name Matchmaker. It works! (Unlike Nymbler which gives responses that are all over the place stylistically.) There are other websites with tools to find names that match this or that criteria, but none that I've come across that can match a name or two or three so accurately. I've put in the first or first two names of some 3-child families where the parents have stayed with the same style, and the third child's name always comes up on the first page.


I just upgraded to expert, and I love it! I've been playing with the NameMatcher for the last hour, and it's brilliant.


It costs $12 to upgrade to Expert which gives you access to Name Matchmaker, Name Voyager Expert, Name Finder Expert. I think it's an inexpensive way to find that perfect name and a heck of a lot better than wasting your money on the "Böyrg" books.

--Pregnant Chicken