26 Weeks And Reconsidering...

After telling lots of friends and family our baby girl's name, I'm having second thoughts. :( I can't decide if I really don't love the name, or if it's just that I've thought about it way too much. The name we had decided on was Edith Isla. I know Edith/Edie is a somewhat polarizing fn choice, but H and I both love it. I've never been completely sold on the flow of Edith Isla (I keep hearing "thigh" in there), and now it bothers me so much I think at least the mn has to change. Iris has always been a top choice for me, but H has waffled back and forth. I can't stop thinking about it, and wonder if maybe I should try and push him in that direction. :) 

Edith and Iris are definitely our top 2 first names, but we have trouble deciding on middles. Here's my short list: 

June (grandma's name)

Maybe Edith Imogen? Iris June? LN sounds like "choice," so I'm also trying to decide how much the two -s endings would bother me, if we went with Iris. Any thoughts/suggestions/comments are welcome, just no alternate FNs, please. I don't really want to widen the field again. :)


May 18, 2014 8:07 PM

Well, first, I wouldn't really be too concerned with the fact you've already announced the name to friends & family. Lots of people change their minds & you are still pretty early, you've only known the sex for certain for a few weeks. It's not a huge deal if you end up going with another name.  There is also nothing wrong with finding a back-up name or two, just in case.

It also sounds to me like you and your husband both still like the first name, it's only the middle name that you're really getting cold feet about. To be honest, "thigh" never occured to me with Edith Isla.  Now that it's been pointed out, I can sort of hear it.  But it's not really obvious, and I don't think it is necassarily a deal breaker.  Iris is very similar, but if your husband isn't sold you need to consider the name off limits for first or middle.  Edith Ivy has a very similar sound to Edith Isla, but without the "thigh" or husband issues.  

Honestly, my suggestion would be to table name talk for now.  Come back to it in a couple weeks and see how you feel then.  It's possible Edith Isla will be still be the one.  If not, you'll still have plenty of time to come up with something you like better.  

May 18, 2014 8:18 PM

A suggestion: the next time you're with a largish group of family and/or friends, do a quick poll: how many people know your middle name? How many people's middle names do you know?

I predict that the results will encourage you to stop worrying about middle name "flow".

I also like the another commenter's suggestion of a baby-naming-hiatus of at least a few weeks.

May 19, 2014 2:52 AM

I love Edith. I have it pegged to rise along with other Downton names, and I think it's a terrific choice. I would be more concerned about first-last flow, honestly, but having had the "thigh" issue pointed out I would probably be loath combine Edith with any I-sounding middle name (Isla, Iris, Ivy) because that is the sort of thing that one cannot unsee.

Changing the middle name is unlikely to present anyone with difficulty, honestly - I would just let people know that the middle name is perhaps up in the air now so as to avoid getting monogrammed baby gifts ordered now.

May 20, 2014 4:13 PM

Edith is a gorgeous choice! I love it. 

I hear the "thigh" sound (now that you've pointed it out...) in all the combos with a middle name starting with the "eye" sound. So Edith Iris doesn't actually fix the issues with Edith Isla, at least for me (ditto for Edith Ivy). (If you had another daughter someday I think Iris would make a great sister for Edith, though.)

Shortlist combos I especially like: 

Edith Imogen

Edith Claire

Edith Adele

Edith Audrey

By mk
May 21, 2014 1:54 AM

You chould just use both or your top choices as a first and middle: Edith Iris "Choice" sounds nice to me.

Out of the rest, I like Edith June, especially for the grandmother connection. Also Edith Ivy. But if you really like Isla then stay with that.

Lots of people change the baby's name before he/she is born, even if they told people. I would even worry about that.