Yay! Just found out I'm pregnant again! Kind of not planned, since its been 6 years since I was last pregnant. That's why I'm having trouble coming up with names, since we thought really only these three would correlate:

Jace (rhymes with rAce) boy

Brynlea (as in bryn-lee) girl

Greyden (rhymes with aiden) boy

Please help!! Don't know the gender yet, but am hoping for a girl to continue the pattern :)


October 3, 2014 11:59 PM

For me, your names are very unique and cool, but not necessarily themed, which is great! 


Can you give us some ideas of names that you considered strongly but didn't use or styles that you strongly dislike? Are you opposed to re-using the same first letter as your other 3? Prefer not to have alliiteration with your last name (e.g., John Jacobs)?

I had a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure that they fit your style:

Juneu (June-O: boy or girl),

Sonaya (girl),

Hilton (either, but probably boy),

Marlow (I think I like this one with your sib set the best)

Tanner (boy)



October 4, 2014 12:55 PM

Your names all have a very modern feel.  Jace reads more boy, Brynlea girl, but Greyden strikes me as perhaps a bit unisex.  You might want to check out the Baby Name Wizard book, I think names in the "Bell-tone" category would likely appeal to you.  You might also want to check out the "liquid names" and "raindrop" names (Laura has done some blog posts on these, so perhaps you'd want to start there?)

For girls, I'll suggest Avery, Kelsey, Ainsley, Paisley, Reese, Quinlynn, Kaylyn & Addison.

For boys, Blaise, Zane, Blane, Baxter, Sayer, Keegan, Lincoln & Easton.