4 Weeks To Go And No Name!

Well, we need help. I'm in my final weeks and at baby name stalemate.


My daughter is Georgiana, we call her Georgie. I completely LOVE her name. 90% of people we meet seem to love her name. I think it hits many of the major style/trends of the moment, without being trendy. It's unique but stylish, and fits her perfectly.


But since I love it so much, (practically think it's the perfect name) I feel totally eh about other girl names. The formula for her name, feminine version of a male name, old fashioned, with a cute nickname, even a cute androgynous nickname is just about perfect for our style as well. But really, how many daughters can we have following that pattern? Two seems like too many, and I feel extra pressure with this name because it feels like setting our "family style" in stone.


Basically, I want to avoid another "boy" nickname, but want something that fits with Georgie, without being overshadowed. We don't even have much of a list! Here are some we like, but nothing we love yet.


Philippa (this is my frontrunner, with the nickname Pippa. Anyone want to weigh in on your thoughts with naming her the actually intended nickname vs. the full name? We never call Georgie by her full name.)


Louisa (I'm worried about it being shortened to Lou)




Elizabeth (so popular, but we like the nickname Betty--again, should we forget Elizabeth and just consider Betty?)








Really, I think I just haven't come across the perfect name yet. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated!


By EVie
October 12, 2014 11:39 PM

Philippa was the first thing that popped into my head, before I even got as far as your list of possibilities. I like how it's a feminized version of a male name, like Georgiana, but the nickname Pippa avoids another boyish nickname. I definitely prefer having a formal version on the birth certificate, and especially with a sister named Georgiana--Pippa alone just seems really lightweight in comparison.

I really love Georgiana & Beatrix as well. I don't think you even necessarily need a nickname for Beatrix, but just Bea is cute. Beadie is very quaint as well. And if you like Betty, I don't see why you couldn't use it for Beatrix. 

Louisa would be my next choice, then Frances. I'm not sure shortening to Lou would be much of a problem, unless your family are all inveterate nicknamers. 

Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with Elizabeth, but Georgiana & Elizabeth is all Pride and Prejudice. If that's deliberate, go for it. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan, and I have to say it's a bit much for me.

I usually really like Juniper, but I find it an odd match with Georgiana--it's much more eccentric and whimsical, while Georgiana is so stately and dignified. It also duplicates several of the prominent sounds of Georgiana, which I prefer not to do. Bellamy also strikes me as a total stylistic mismatch.

Other thoughts: Henrietta (Hattie), Winifred (Winnie), Augusta, Josephine (Josie), Wilhelmina (Willa, Mina), Matilda, Adelaide, Theodora or Dorothea (Thea, Dora), Rosamund, Thomasina (Tamsin), Gwendolen.

October 13, 2014 9:17 AM

I don't have much to add because I was so much on the same wavelength as EVie that the names that popped into my head were Louisa (before I saw it was on your list) and Thomasina. Georgiana is an Austen name to me, so you might want to google other names that she used in her novels for inspiration. I don't think Elizabeth and Georgiana would get you too many comments, because Georgiana Darcy is not so well-known that the general public will remember her. And besides, how could one talk too much Austen? 


Here are a few other Austen names: Elinor (or Eleanor--she used both), Augusta, Carolina, Catherine (called Kitty), Cecilia, Frederica, Harriet, Henrietta.

As for Philippa, I like it a lot. Pippa is a great nickname. And Philippa is apparently also an Austen name, taken from Love and Freindship [sic], a story she wrote at age fourteen.

October 25, 2014 9:40 PM

I too am late to this party, but it's such a great thread that I'm crashing anyway. I totally agree with EVie on almost every point. I agree that Philippa nn Pippa is pretty perfect for what you're trying to achieve. Beatrix isn't my favorite name, but I do love the nn Trixie, or Birdie, which somewhere along the way I seem to remember someone claiming MIGHT be a nn for Beatrice/-trix. Totally agree on both Juniper (a favorite of mine) and Bellamy feeling off in terms of your style with Georgiana and Georgie.

I also really like many of her suggestions, especially Josephine (Josie and Jojo are so cute). I think Harriet (Hattie) would be nice, too.

I am not a fan of Elizabeth or Louisa for you, because I just don't find them interesting enough, and Betty to me is Betty Draper from Mad Men (obviously not the only association, but it came immediately to my mind), and she is a pretty unappealing character. And Louisa doesn't work if you're not into Lou or Lulu as nicknames. 

I'm going to be honest and say that I am a complete fan of almost ALL boy-ish nicknames for feminine names, of which your daughter has such a wonderful example, and so I guess I would encourage you to consider those that have really lovely given names, so Wilhelmina or Willa or Sybil (Billie - how cute is that??), Frances or Francine (Frankie, another obsession of mine), Theodora (Teddy, also way cute), and then one that immediately had come to mind when I first read your post was Veronica (Ronnie). There's also Victoria (I prefer Tori over Vicky), which has similar British associations but a more feminine nn. If you aren't married to the "female version of a male name" then I also like Camilla (Millie - PLEASE not Cammie!), Genevieve (Viva - but it repeats the G initial), Marjorie (Jorie), Lavinia (Liv), Caledonia (Callie), Miranda (Mimi). 

But honestly, this is all probably a journey like the Wizard of Oz where you realize, "there's no name like Philippa with the nn Pippa," I just couldn't resist. Let us know what you decide! 

October 13, 2014 12:51 PM

Philippa/Pippa seems like a perfect fit with Georgiana/Georgie.  I like how both given names are feminized versions of masculine names.  However, the nickname Georgie is boyish, while Pippa is only ever used on girls.  It seems to give you everything you like, but without boxing you into the corner of feminized name/boyish nickname for both.  I would not use just Pippa, she may want more options later.  Since Georgie has options, I think it'd be best to make sure her sister does too.

Louisa is nice, and I think it fits really well with Georgiana.  I would also be concerned about Lou as a nickname, especially since it starts to set up the obvious theme you want to avoid.  Perhaps Eloise? That could potentially lead to the nickname Elle/Ellie, though that's much more popular.  I'll also suggest Lucinda/Lucille with the nickname Lucy. I really like the idea of Georgie and Lucy together and Lucinda/Lucille both seem like good style fits for Georgiana.

Frances is nice, but I would worry about Frankie as a possible nickname.  Though, you could always insist on Fran or Franny, at least while she's too young to have a say!

Elizabeth/Betty is fantastic!  It works just as well as Philippa/Pippa, just without the feminized masculine name.  It does strike me as a bit less themey (though the theme with Philippa/Pippa isn't too much).  I would vote for using the full Elizabeth instead of just Betty.  Again, she may appreciate having more options when she gets older.

Beatrix is nice, would you use Bea as a nickname?  I find I'm not quite as excited about it as Philippa or Elizabeth.  I also noticed the nicknames Georgie and Bea are a bit rhymey.  

Juniper is a suprising choice with the rest of your names, but it works.  I think it's a very good option if you want a more eclectic sibling set.  Georgie & Junie are also really cute together.  I think Juniper rounds out my top 3 for you.

Bellamy feels all wrong.  It strikes me as very much an outlier compared to your other name style.  Juniper is a different feel, but it has June/Junie which makes it work with the more classic/traditional style of Georgiana.  Bellamy strikes me as very modern/surname/trendy-and it just feels off next to all of your other names.


By nym
October 14, 2014 10:37 PM

One thing you might consider is that the name will morph to fit the person. Think of a name that you know several people with. Probably easiest to go with a common name like Michael, David, etc. More than likely those people are not super similar, but the name fits them just fine because it is a part of who they are and it morphs in your mind to fit the person. Georgie fits your daughter because your daughter is Georgie. Pick a name you love and it will fit because you will give it to your daughter who you love. If it's a name that you can say with love and tenderness then it is the perfect name.

By mk
October 13, 2014 2:29 PM

I like Pippa as a stand alone name because I'm not that fond of Philippa. I also think a Louisa can easily be just Louisa (though I do known one that goes by LuLu).

My favorite on your list is Frances and least favorites are Bellamy and Juniper.

October 13, 2014 3:23 PM

I think all of these have been mentioned already, but my immediate thoughts -- before I got to your list -- were Josephine (Josie, Seffy), Wilhelmina (Willa), Thomasina (Tamsin), Caroline (Carly, Lina) and Philippa (Pippa). Yes, there's a feminized-masculine-name theme with Georgiana, but if you mostly use nicknames, it's not too obvious, and it's also an easy theme to continue or deviate from, because the names are so classic.

I also think Elizabeth or one of the other ultra-classics (Catherine, Margaret, Mary) would work well, especially with a less-modern nickname (like Betty) for general use. I think I'd avoid the nicknames that are most famously found in Jane Austen, though (Lizzie, Kitty), because that could lock you into another theme.

I definitely vote for a "full" name on the birth certificate -- my personal tastes aside, if I had a sister named Georgiana but I had Betty or Pippa as my full and entire name, I'd feel seriously cheated.

October 13, 2014 4:45 PM

You've already gotten a lot of great feedback, but I have a few more options to throw into the pool. My first thought of a cute nickname that goes with Georgie was Millie, so perhaps Millicent? It's not a feminized male name, but it somehow fits well with Georgiana in my mind. Theodora (nn Thea?) would also be really great with Georgiana!

Of your current list, I vote Philippa and Beatrix.

By nym
October 13, 2014 9:19 PM

I really like Theodora myself. I like Phillipa and Josephine as well. If you like the feminized male names, Latin/Roman names are a good place to start. With that you could look at Julia/Julianna (Jules), Antonia (toni, tonia), Octavia (tavia, tavi), etc. You could also try Alexandra/Alexandria (alex, lex, ria),  Evangeline (eva)

By mac
October 14, 2014 9:20 AM

Thank you so much! Your suggestions have all been great and helpful to get our discussion going again. Part of the problem might be that I know Georgie, and am having a hard time "assigning" a name to a baby I don't know yet. But with all these great comments, we'll pick a great name for her and get to know her (soon!).

October 17, 2014 11:01 PM

Late to the party! I think Philippa/Pippa is my favorite of your suggestions in terms of harmonizing with Georgiana. Georgiana has very on-trend sounds even if it's largely undiscovered - the -iana ending is a big trend and the George part is just starting to lose its fustiness thanks to the English royal family. (Not that Americans have been flocking to the name since, but it just feels younger/fresher than it previously did.) And Georgie and Pippa are comparably sprightly and brisk in feel, even though one avoids being a male nickname.

I love the feminized masculine names (my daughter is a Thomasina, nicknamed Tamsin). Thomasina feels a lot clunkier than Georgiana, though, so it might not be for you.

The other angle to consider is that your daughter's name is a very British-skewing one. You might want to read Laura's latest blog post and see if any of the other names she mentions strike your fancy... many of them are already on your list.

I generally prefer full names rather than nicknames on the birth certificate. With Elizabeth, though, I'd be tempted to go for Betty just because so many other nicknames for Elizabeth are infinitely more expected right now. and you might lose the battle against Ellie or Lizzie when your daughter enters school age.

October 20, 2014 1:13 PM

What about Carlotta?  It is a feminized masculine name, but more unexpected than the French Charlotte.  It has obvious nicknames Carly/Carla and Lottie/Lotta, which are not "boy" nicknames.  And I think it sounds fine with Georgiana.

By ozy
November 4, 2014 10:48 PM

Pippa would also make a charming nickname for Penelope.

November 25, 2014 6:00 PM

I saw that someone suggested Eleanor- I think that is so beautiful! I knew a girl with this name in high school and she was very trendy and classy- had really gorgeous blonde hair and was all around a total Eleanor- she somehow totally avoided the nickname ellie! Fit her so well and I have always felt like it is one of those names that should really make a comeback. I think Georgina and Eleanor would sound so pretty together, and would be very classic without being overly trendy or girly. I also love the name Frances and really think Frannie could potentially be a great nickname for a certain little girl. Although it is easier than you may think to keep nicknames at bay- if your daughter doesn't like a certain nickname it should be fine for her to make it known that it isn't something she wants to be called and people will respect that. My mother is a Lauren and has successfully avoided the nickname Laurie, and I myself am an Amanda and have never been called Mandy a day in my life. I wouldn't let that hold you back, but I also wouldn't necessarily choose a name based on the nickname unless you really love the name itself and are okay with your daughter deciding at some point that she hates her nickname, feels she has outgrown it, or it simply hasn't stuck with friends. I love your choices and think any would be beautiful!!  :)