5 letter first and middle name for sister of Brynn, Clara, Heidi...

Hi there,

so my husband and I are in a...situation. We named our first two daughters Brynn Paige and Clara Jules, not realizing that we were giving them both 5 letter first names and five letter 1 syllable middles (our last name is 3 syllabiles and starts with I). We didnt realize partly because we went in with Brynn deciding between her name and Rory, and with Clara, we werent sure until the last minute if we were going Jules or Juliet. Anyway, then I got pregnant with a third daughter and we figured, well we have this accidental pattern (and our names are Piper and James) this is our last kid, so why not? Hence, Heidi Leigh. 

Well, now we have another girl on the way (and we are Taking Steps to ensure that this our last one)! and we just have no idea what on earth her name should be. we definitely want the 5 letter pattern to continue and I think in this case--though thi is VERY OCD--I'd love it if both these girls names were 1 syllable since we have 2 kids with 2 syllable names. And our gang is quite close in age (4.5, 3, 18 mo as of now) so we will be saying their names all together for like 13 more years. But at this point we've just looked at every list on the planet and I think our eyes are just glazing over and we are likely missing names we'd actually like...please help! 


November 10, 2015 12:01 AM

Well, do you have a list of possibilities that you don't love but you don't hate either? So we can have some idea of what you might be leaning toward? Or maybe you can just give some names you absolutely dislike so we know not to suggest those. :)

November 10, 2015 12:11 AM

right i forgot that part of the post!


names we like but cant use for varying reasons (families/close friends kids, repeatingg initial or ending, wrong number letters, I'm a dr and DH is a teacher...whatever)


Grace (could use as a middle)












otherwise i swear...we just looked at another list of names and we were both just like WE NEED SOME FRESH IDEAS because we have three little kids, i am about to burst, and we feel like we've just seen every name so many times that we need someone to give us actual advice rather than us just starting at the screen, if that makes sense. 


November 10, 2015 12:20 AM

I totally understand the need to keep a pattern like this. Let's see what we can do:

Belle, Bette, Blair, Blake, Bliss, Britt, Brook, Bryce, Chase, Chris, Clove, Dream, Faith, Ferne, Fleur, Fliss, Gates, Gayle, Grace, Greer, Jayne, Jewel, Joyce, Layne, Lynne, Maeve, Marge, Maude, Nelle, North, Peace, Pearl, Queen, Quinn, Rayne, Reese, Rhine, Rogue, Scout, Shane, Shawn, Shaye, and Sloan. 

I would personally knock off all of the B and C names. With that many girls in quick succession, I would give them their own letter for labelling purposes. You can absolutely use them if you love them, but it's a good tiebreaker. 

I think Grace might be a good fit with your other sweetly feminine girls' names. (Also, for those of us who look for patterns, Brynn and Clara are consecutive letters, as would Grace and Heidi.) Reese could also be very nice. 

Do any of the other names catch your eye?

November 10, 2015 12:23 AM

I think I was typing my suggestion when you posted your reply. Since Grace is off the table, I'll bring Layne forward. :) 

November 10, 2015 1:02 AM

I know a family of five children, all of whom have names beginning with R and containing 4 letters. That seems quite challenging to me!

I think in your case, it wouldn't be bad if you end up giving your last daugther a 2-syllable name, because your husband still has a 1-syllable name. So Brynn wouldn't be the only one in the family. 

Carencarillo gave a great list to start off with! Though you'd probably need to stay away from names like Quinn for the first name since that rhymes with Brynn. For 1-syllable + 1-syllable combinations, what about:

  • Reese Jane
  • Reese Jade
  • Reese June
  • Reese Anne
  • Elle Faith
  • Elle Rose
  • Elle Brooke
  • Layne (or Laine) Grace
  • Rayne (or Raine) Pearl
  • Jayne Reese
  • Jayne Faith
  • Jayne Greer
  • Jayne Ruth


November 10, 2015 1:04 AM

Oh, whoops, just read your post again and caught the 5-letter middle name thing too. Well, some of the suggestions above fit that!

November 10, 2015 1:04 AM

Wow, that's quite the accidental pattern!

Clara and Heidi both have a German feel/connection, so to match the Welsh/Celtic(oid) feeling of Brynn, how about Maeve?

November 10, 2015 1:41 AM

Using the baby name finder with 5 letters and 1 syllable, you have pretty limited options! Here are some possibilities ...

Faith Belle, Faith Lynne, Faith Nelle

Brook Maude, Brook Layne, Brook Shaye

Reese Lynne, Reese Jayde 

Maeve Bliss, Maeve Belle

Pearl Maeve, Pearl Jayne

Grace Lynne, Grace Layne, Grace Ferne

I have kind of a hard time with two one-syllable names, a lot of them sound a bit awkward. I do like Brynn Paige, but it seems hard to find others that sound as nice!

November 10, 2015 2:08 AM

First of all I love all of your girls names and they have all been on my list at various times.

I like the suggestions of Blake, Maeve, and Maude. Other choices:

Blair, Britt, Paige, Greer, Reese,  and  Quinn. Sorry if these are repeats. Boy, 1 syllable is hard!

November 10, 2015 6:05 AM

Really like the suggestions of Scout and Fleur (perhaps not together) above.

Other thoughts:

1 syllable:



Niamh (or Nieve)



If you go to 2 syllables, using the Expert name finder there are loads of options, including things like Olive, Elise, Rosie, Tilly (a link to Matilda).

If it was me, I might try and overcome the one syllable thing!


November 10, 2015 9:42 AM

That's a really funny cooincidence!  Some ideas that fit your pattern and I think sound good with your daughters' names.


Viola Blair

Adele Lynne

Alexa Maeve

April Greer

Avery Belle

Ellis Joyce

Jenna Quinn

Lilac Faith

Liora Reese

Netta Blake

Olive Sloan

Sonia Bette

November 10, 2015 10:11 AM

I realized some of these aren't one syllable... This is hard! Most people have already taken my suggestions already haha. These are some 5-letter names:






















November 10, 2015 10:53 AM

Maude (variant on Matilda)? Maura (variant on Maureen)? Irene? Alice? Fiona?


November 10, 2015 12:08 PM

Laura Blyth

November 10, 2015 12:18 PM

Wow, thanks for the quick suggestons everyone! It helped a LOT to have these suggestions! 

Maeve is a name we came across a long time ago and we both remember liiking it and when we saw it again we both went OH MAEVE. So that's now a real contender. We also liked Laine, though Maeve Laine might be a bit much...hmm. We like both Greer and Grace as middle na,es. Others that popped out at us are Reese, Scout, Pearl...


November 10, 2015 12:45 PM

I think Maeve Grace is beautiful! It also flows really well compared to other single syllable first and middle names.

November 10, 2015 12:41 PM

Of names that fit your preferred criteria (one syllable, five letters, goes well with other daughters' names), I like:

Sloan Grace

Shaye Belle or Shaye Brook

Reese Laine

Blair Grace

Nelle Grace

Laine Grace

Faith Quinn (I don't think the fact that it rhymes with Brynn is an issue in the middle name spot)

November 11, 2015 12:20 AM

Hmm, Sloan is interesting. a little more surnamey than we are usually into but like it. 

Does Maeve Reese sound too weird? (Reese was almost Heidi's middle name, actually).  Maeve Blair? Reese Laine? (I think we are leaning toawards Maeve because it seems like it goes well w Heidi, especially)...

Any more suggetions are really wecome--we are so grateful!

November 11, 2015 2:10 AM

I think Maeve Reese is a great combo!

November 11, 2015 2:18 PM

Maeve is really nice!  Reese is just fine with it, not at all weird; though if I saw it on a class list I'd probably assume it was a maternal-line family name, but there's no harm in that assumption.

November 11, 2015 2:28 PM

I think Maeve goes perfectly with the sibling names, it's the first name that popped in my head for you....and I also really love the name although I wouldn't use it myself. I think Maeve Reese sounds just fine together, if it's what you prefer I think you should go for it!

November 11, 2015 2:37 PM

There's nothing weird about Maeve Reese, to my ear. I really like Maeve for you -- as I posted above, it matches the "Celticoid" feel of Brynn, and thus balances out the more Germanic feel of Heidi and Clara. I also like Reese as a middle name for you, because it matches the dual-gendered Jules, while Paige and Leigh are more traditional feminine middles.

November 11, 2015 3:09 PM

I like Maeve Reese. I might be tempted to nickname her Maverick, depending on her personality, but to me that's a bit of a plus.

November 12, 2015 1:34 PM

I think Maeve Reese is a great name! Especially since you've considered it in the past as a middle name.

Looks like you also like Blair and Laine in the middle name spot. Maeve Blair sounds nice (and MB is a cute nickname) and Maeve Laine is also very pretty.

Let us know what you choose!

By rooo
November 10, 2015 3:06 PM

1 syllable options: Faith, Gayle, Grace, Greer, Jayne, Joyce, Laine, Lynne, Maeve, Maude, Merle, Nieve, Pearl, Quinn, Rayne, Reese, Sloan

other options that begin with B, C or H for middles: Belle, Bette, Blair, Blake, Brook, Claire, Clove

I like these combos:
Laine Belle
Maeve Pearl or Maeve Joyce
Reese Laine
Pearl Jayne or Pearl Joyce
Sloan Grace

I might suggest opening up to 3 syllable names. It will keep things balanced among your daughters by not having 3 2-syl firsts, but give you some more options you might love more.

Here are some 3+ syllable options: Alana, Alara, Alexa, Alina, Avery, Delia, Diana, Elena, Eliza, Emily, Erica, Fiona, India, Irina, Leona, Lilia, Livia, Lucia, Lydia, Maria, Nadia, Naomi, Siena, Talia, Tania

My favorite combos for you:
Fiona Grace or Fiona Merle
Lucia Jayne or Lucia Blair or Lucia Pearl
Lydia Pearl or Lydia Joyce
Naomi Quinn or Naomi Greer
Talia Blake or Talia Jayne

One more thought... I noticed that your daugthers' names so far are in alphabetical order. Do you plan to continue that trend as well? I don't think you need to, but I might avoid names that start with A or D if you think it might make Heidi feel left out of the second pattern.

November 10, 2015 8:36 PM

How about -


Laura Grace

Laura Faith

Karin Grace

Karin Faith

Alice Faith

Lydia Grace

Megan Grace

Piper Joy

Tessa Grace

November 12, 2015 11:21 AM

Some combinations I like are:
 Maeve Claude, Maeve Belle, Maeve Tryst, Maeve Blair, Maeve Fayre, Maeve Dwyte, Maeve Finch, Maeve Brite, Maeve Glenn, Maeve Shore, Maeve Liese, Maeve Kirke, Maeve Lysse, Maeve Pearl, Lisle Rosse, Fliss Jayne, Tayte Firth, Tesse Wilde, Nieve Woolf, Nelle Greer 
And here's a list of all the 5-letter 1-syllable names I could think of! A lot of them probably aren't really your style (too surnamey/naturey etc), and some don't have one syllable in all pronunciations, but I thought since there's quite a limited amount out there I'd just list them all, and maybe they'll spark new ideas or something! 
 Marge, Bliss, Faith, Blair, Fliss, Snow, Clair/Clare, Jeann, Quinn, Madge, Raine, Myrte, Brook, Fleur, Niamh/Neeve/Nieve, Maeve, Greer, Blaze, Nelle, Lynne, Flyte, Kirke, Wren, Gwynn, Gwenn, Glenn, Bless, Fearn, Gayle, Vieve, Truth, Jayne, Verve, Blanc, Pearl, Rouge, Faire/Fayre, Finch, Laure, Kirke, Maude, Thife, Chess, Psalm, Claye, Beaux, Storm, Russe, Cloud, Vigne, North, Saige, Rooke, Peace, Rhyme, Shell, Britt, Caite, Jette, Moone, Trish, Frost, Scout, Light, Blyth, Mirth, Jayde, Sprig, Rhone/Roane, Earth, Noire, Shaye, Vance, Bloom, Heart, Glade, Seoul, Peach, Heath, Sweet, Night, Swift, Minsk, Thyme, Birch, Hayle/Haile, Mauve, Piers, Spens, March, Brave, Locke, Shore, Belle, Vayle/Vaile, Reeve, Slate, Shade, Miche, Stahl, Quill, Cress, Aiyre/Eiyre, Joyce, Merle, Swann, Fraye, Neige, Eames, Baird, Beach, Vogue, Beige, Berke/Burke, Besse, Field, Royal, Blake, Cayde, Bronx, Doone, Faune, Glynn, Firth, Jaune, Starr, Lorne, Chris, Flair/Flare, Tayte, Wynne, Loyal, Floyd, Maize, Maime, Jinks, Keats, Leith, Chime, Merce, Shawn, Royce, Slate, Wolfe/Woolf, Steel, Nysse, Trust, Floss, Steph, Ville, Blush, Stine/Stein, Myrrh, Trine, Worth, Lisle, Thorn, Reede/Reade, Firth, Deane, Phinn, Jeune, Liese, Dwyte, Seine, Lille, Wilde, Fitch, Nique, Freya/Frair, Gould, Flute, Calme, Eaves, Nance, Fraye, Niche, Hodge, Phife, Dwynn, Ligne, Fugue, Quest, Vince, Shade, Welsh, Riege, Spark, Waltz, Glyph, Blain, Ronce, Naomh, Sayge, Milne, Bronx, Rogue, Oakes, Maine, Tesse, Neith, Bryce, Coeur, Mayes, Fauve, Teale, Yates, Hilde, Drewe, Thais, Beale, Shane, Jacks, Fjord, Keane, Sylph, Thane, Vause, Charm, Zeale, Cliff, Reine, Kieve, Trude, Hymne, Magne, Braze, Rosse, Singh, Hythe, Knave, Rowan, Quint, Svaye, Nelle, Brite, Reign, Zaire, Neuve, Renne, Lysse  
If it's your style at all, it might be worth looking into French names/words/places. I think they have more more monosyllabic ones than we do in English.

November 12, 2015 10:11 PM

Thank yu so much! This was actually really helpful. We had already decided on Maeve as the first name (thanks to everyone who suggested it, it's PERFECT) and then we saw the name Lorne in your list and decided it goes well with our tastes AND it honors my cousin Lauren, whom I adore.

Luckily this was all just in time, because I am in active labor--early! We cant wait to welcome Maeve Lorne and we thank you for all of your help!


--Piper, James, Brynn, Clara, Heidi, and soon to be Maeve!

November 12, 2015 11:28 PM

I'm so glad that you found a name you love! Wishing you a smooth labor and delivery. :)

November 13, 2015 12:04 AM

Congratulations! Lorna is one of my very favorites, and Lorne is perfect for maintaining your theme AND honoring a cousin! Well done, and wishing you a swift and uncomplicated delivery!

November 13, 2015 8:43 AM

Beautiful choice! Congrats to you all!

November 13, 2015 3:22 PM

Congrats!! Love the name you chose. :)

November 14, 2015 1:17 AM

Let us know when she arrives!