A middle name for Rose

We like the first name Rose with the nickname Rosie. We are looking for a beautiful middle name. We are the type of people who often call their kids by their full name. For example my other daughters name is Ella Lilly and we say the entire name (even when she is not in trouble).

We like names that are easy to say and spell. But we are stumped. As Rose tends to lend itself more toward being the middle name. 

I'd also be open unusual variations on Rose that we could still use the nickname Rosie for. We have looked through the traditional Rose variations and none of the Rosemary, Rosa, Rosalie variations are the winner. I did have someone suggest Roosevelt and I was interested in finding more unique Rose variations. 


November 25, 2018 10:12 PM

Primrose, perhaps? Although I do think that just Rose is a better fit with a sister called Ella. I'd use a 3 or 4 syllable middle name with Rose - my first thought was Rose Alexandra - but it might depend on the length of your last name.

November 26, 2018 12:44 AM

Rose Colette

Rose Olivia

Rose Elise

Rose Juliette

Rose Lucille

Rose Estelle

Rose Caroline

Rose Everly

Rose Ruby


I really love Rosalie but there's also Rosalind, Roselyn, Rosamund.  Ambrose, though strictly male in my head, has a more feminine form of Ambrosia, which Rose could be pulled from.  

November 26, 2018 3:09 AM

Primrose, Rosanne, Rosanne, Rosamund, Rosewyn, Rosebeth, Rosinda, Rosalind, Roselina, Roselinda, Rosaline, Roselya, Roselyn, Rosalia, Rosalene, Rosalba, Rosabel, Rosabella, Ambrosia, Ambrosine, Bellarose, Roseta, Rosette, Rosina, Rosita, Rosine, Roselle, Rosemarie

mn with Rose (is there family names you could use)

Catherine, Caroline, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Isabel, Josephine, Juliet, Julia, Genevieve, Vivienne, Alexa, Anastasia, Angelique, Bethany, Beatrix, Evangeline, Natalie, Gracelyn, Brooklyn, Ashlyn, Ashlea, Kathryn, Chelsea, Susannah


November 26, 2018 7:06 AM

I love Rose as a first name and think it goes well with a range of middles, giving preference to naems with more than one syllable. I personally know a Rose Frances, and think Rose Francesca has a nice ring to it too.

If you frequently use both as a call name, I suppose "good flow" partly depends on whether you're going to be using Rose or Rosie as the first element. For example, I think "Rosie Grace" sounds nice, whereas I'm less keen on the choppiness of "Rose Grace."

"Sounds good" is pretty personal, but I like Rose Charlotte, Rose Elise, Rose Louise/Louisa, Rose Olivia, Rose Catherine and Rose Victoria. Ranging further afield, I like Rose Valentine, Rose Diana, Rose Octavia, Rose Cordelia, Rose Eulalia (basically, Rose followed by a multisyllabic romantic sounding name).

My personal preference would be not to use a name that can typically be combined with Rose into one name -- So no Rose Mary, Rose Ann, Rose Linda, etc., and also not to combine Rose with other florals or botanicals (but I know Lily Rose is a popular combination so this is clearly not an accross-the-board preference).

I do also like Rosemary very much as a name in its own right.

November 27, 2018 1:47 AM

On the topic of unusual long forms for Rosie, I particularly love Rosetta. Roosevelt is interesting, but I definitely have heard that pronounced (probably mispronounced) as ROOse-velt as well as stuttering the O in the Rose sound, which might make it a more problematic choice.

As for middle names, I think it's always nice if there's a meaning behind the choice, besides just "sounds good": favorite artist, favorite literary character, a meaningful location or thing in your relationship, etc.

I'd stay away with botanical or color names, or even other word names, and I'd suggest also staying away from standard filler middle names, both because Rose is already so much more popular as a middle name and also because many of the standard filler middles are single syllable, which sounds choppy with Rose. I too like longer names with Rose. 

December 22, 2018 9:31 AM

Rose Olivia is my older daughter‘s name