A Sibling for Henry and Peter

We are both excited and surprised to welcome a third little one into our family! What would you suggest to go with big brothers Henry and Peter...

Ideally I'd like to avoid names with the same ending-sound as big brothers (so some of my favorites like Walter, Oliver and Jasper are out). Our last name ends in a "s" sound so favorites like Thomas, Felix and Lewis are sadly too cumbersome when combined with our last name. Thanks in advance!

I'd love suggestions for both boys and girls. I feel like we've exhausted boy names at this point but am hoping to sway my hubby on Theodore (nn Theo) or Frederick (nn Freddie). For girls I absolutely adore Louisa and am having a hard time looking much further! What else would you suggest?



June 25, 2014 12:26 PM

I really like both Theodore and Frederick (I lean slightly towards Theodore for you).  Some other ideas for boys-August, Milo, Samuel, Isaac, Joseph, Nathanie.  The no S requirement is hard, I had to eliminate names like James, Miles, & Charles. 

For girls, my first thoughts were Eloise & Lucy, for just slight variations on Louisa.  For names a little further out, maybe Claire/Clara, Alice, Amelia, Helen(a), Lydia, Sylvie/Sylvia.