Advantages and Disadvantages of Popular and Rare names

Popular names:


*Easier to pronounce and spell, usually

*Possibly less name-based teasing in school

*"Blank Slate" names, no weird assumptions from weird names

*Fit in with peers


*Have to use last initial/ last name

*If last name is common, can result in confusion with mail.

*You can feel like one of millions


Rare Names:


*Don't have to use last names/initials

*Name can be more memorable

*Gives you unique quality

*More interesting than common names


*Difficulty with spelling/pronunciation

*Possible name related teasing


Post what you think the advantages/disadvantages are of popular and rare names.


November 19, 2013 5:12 PM

Common name benefit: Ability to remain fairly anonymous online and in real life/Difficult for others to find you

con: Difficult to distinguish yourself with name recognition
email addresses can be difficult -- end up with number ie. msmith75@.....
Difficult for others to find you

Rare name benefits: Easy email addresses
You know when it's a telemarketer and can then honestly say, "No one lives here by that name!" when they butcher it.

Con: Unless you really know them, often you will be called the wrong name. ALL the time.