Alina - too similar to last name? and mn ideas?


I'm looking for a bit of advice. I love the name Alina.  To me, it sounds a little bit unusual but easily pronounced and with an international flavour.  It also has good nickname possibilities (Ali, Lin, Lina, or at a push, Nina).  However, I'm concerned that it's too similar to our last name, which sounds similar to the word learner.  Is the repeated "L-vowel-N" too close for comfort to your ears?  Do I need to give up on this beautiful name, or could we make this work?

I'm also struggling to think of middle names - I think one syllable names would work well (e.g., Grace, Rose) but either these feel like "filler" names to me or are they are names of friends/family that I wouldn't want to use. Other middle names I've considered all start and/or end with a vowel or have a very similar stress pattern (Melinda, Sofia, Delia, Elissa) which I think might be a bit much.  Other names I like are Leila, Liana, Joanna, Mariella, Samira, and Maira.  My goodness, I just realised that they all end in -a!  Maybe I need to branch out a bit....

If you have any thoughts, they would be gratefully received.





May 24, 2012 6:55 PM

Donne - Just trying Alina out with the word "learner" it does seem to flow together in a way that makes the name get lost a bit, I'm afraid.  It ends up feeling like a blur of Ls and vowels.  I wonder if it might be better to find a name that doesn't have the stress on the letter L.  It doesn't sound funny or anything, so if you really don't have any other girl names that you love, I don't think you're cursing your daughter, by any means, but I agree with you that it's not an ideal combo.  

I wonder if a longer name might work better with the last name.  Something that has more strength and harder consonants to balance out the vowel-heaviness of the last name.  Not that it's these - or this style - necessarily, but something more along the lines of Josephine, Genevieve, or Charlotte.  Even the L in Charlotte seems to make it a little tongue-twistery...

May 24, 2012 7:14 PM

I agree that the repeated L is a bit of a tongue twister.  Would you consider Amina?  Seems like a bit of a cross of Alina and Samira and without the L problem.  I think the flow is much nicer with "Learner".    Nicknames could be Ami, Mina, or Mia.  Or perhaps Annora or Amara?

Something with 2 syllables could work as well.  For example, with Adela Learner the L is a little difficult but I don't have the same problem with Adele Learner.  Aline or Alice maybe?  

Looking at your longer list, I think Sofia (or Sofie), Joanna and Maira sound nice with your last name.  Instead of Delia, maybe Cordelia?  You could use Delia or Cordy as nicknames.  



May 24, 2012 8:34 PM

It is definitely a tongue twister with 'learner'. I agree that something less L and vowel heavy might work better. I like many of the suggestions given above.

To me a 1 syllable or 3 syllable name sounds better.

Jane Learner or Grace Learner for example flow well.

Geveniveve Learner or Penelope Learner also work well.

I think if you want a two syllable name something without l sounds might be better?

Something similar to Alina might be Amara? Honora is also along the same lines.  

By hyz
May 24, 2012 9:52 PM

It's more repetitive than I would usually go, but I think it could work--after all, a very similar pattern seems to have worked fine for Tina Turner.  If that's really the name you'll always regret not using, I don't think you have to pass on it for that reason alone.

June 10, 2012 4:31 PM

Alina Charlotte or Alina Gretchen Rose sounds very pretty :)